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Snakes of the Southeast U.S.

Snakes of the Southeast U.S.

For spottings of snake species in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia! Please only post photographs of snakes (and/or glass/legless lizards) and also include the date and location of your observations. Any descriptive notes you can provide (such as whether your snake is venomous or not) can be useful to others. Sign in to join mission

Snakes of the Southeast U.S.
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For spottings of snake species in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. If you spot a snake in the wild, post and submit your observation here! (Glass/legless lizards are also welcome, provided we identify them as such!)

Snakes of the Southeast U.S.

Lat: 28.78 Long: -81.27

Recent Spottings

Corn snake Clint3 3 2 Corn snake
Black racer herper99 1 0 Black racer
Rough green snake Maria dB 4 0 Rough green snake
Southern Ringneck Snake drew93 2 0 Southern Ringneck Snake
Black racer Maria dB 1 0 Black racer
Eastern (Yellow) Rat Snake Machi 0 2 Eastern (Yellow) Rat Snake
Brown Watersnake jansonjones 7 2 Brown Watersnake
Northern watersnake Maria dB 1 0 Northern watersnake
Western rat snake Maria dB 2 0 Western rat snake
Rough earth snake Maria dB 0 3 Rough earth snake
Southern Black Racer jansonjones 10 0 Southern Black Racer
Pine Woods Snake jansonjones 3 0 Pine Woods Snake
Mole Kingsnake Dan the Man 3 0 Mole Kingsnake
Southern Ringneck Snake jansonjones 3 0 Southern Ringneck Snake
Red-bellied watersnake Maria dB 6 2 Red-bellied watersnake
Snake skin Maria dB 1 0 Snake skin
Scarlet Kingsnake JeffreyDuby 4 0 Scarlet Kingsnake
Yellow Rat Snake JeffreyDuby 2 0 Yellow Rat Snake
Florida Brown Snake JeffreyDuby 1 0 Florida Brown Snake
Scarlet Kingsnake JeffreyDuby 1 0 Scarlet Kingsnake
Southern Black Racer JeffreyDuby 1 0 Southern Black Racer
Corn Snake JeffreyDuby 1 0 Corn Snake
Yellow Rat Snake JeffreyDuby 1 0 Yellow Rat Snake
Gray ratsnake KarenL 17 7 Gray ratsnake
Gray rat snake KarenL 5 0 Gray rat snake
Southern Copperhead TeresaBurke 6 4 Southern Copperhead
Copperhead snake Maria dB 2 2 Copperhead snake
Black racer Maria dB 2 0 Black racer
Yellow Rat Snake Ric3 2 0 Yellow Rat Snake
Speckled king snake Doug Sires 3 0 Speckled king snake
Black Racer Machi 1 0 Black Racer
Black Racer drew93 5 1 Black Racer
Juvenile Southern Black Racer Rosa Maria 1 0 Juvenile Southern Black Racer
Rough Green Snake drew93 2 0 Rough Green Snake
Northern water snake drew93 6 0 Northern water snake
Coachwhip Rosa Maria 1 0 Coachwhip
Corn Snake JeffreyDuby 1 0 Corn Snake
Florida Cottonmouth LivanEscudero 10 2 Florida Cottonmouth
Eastern ribbonsnake KarenL 2 0 Eastern ribbonsnake
Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake NC_N8 2 0 Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake
Black king snake drew93 2 0 Black king snake
Gray ratsnake KarenL 1 1 Gray ratsnake
Pygmy Rattlesnake Rosa Maria 2 0 Pygmy Rattlesnake
Northern water snake drew93 3 0 Northern water snake
Florida Cottonmouth LivanEscudero 6 2 Florida Cottonmouth
Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake JeffreyDuby 1 0 Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake
Eastern indigo snake herper99 1 1 Eastern indigo snake
Southern black racer herper99 1 0 Southern black racer
Florida Banded Watersnake Rosa Maria 0 0 Florida Banded Watersnake
Corn Snake JeffreyDuby 1 0 Corn Snake

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