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Fruiting Bodies of the World

Fruiting Bodies of the World

Please submit only pictures of the fruiting body itself. If you have additional pictures of the plant it is growing on, submit them, too, but the initial picture should always be the fruiting body. Thank you and have fun on this mission. Best regards, Lars Korb Sign in to join mission

Fruiting Bodies of the World
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This mission is about mapping all the different kinds of fruiting bodies around the world. This doesn't necessarily mean to focus on common fruits (like apple or bananas) only. It's a mission created explicitly for the fruiting body of any type of plant; like nuts, vegetables or even the cones of conifers e.g.

Fruiting Bodies of the World

Lat: 51.16 Long: 10.47

Recent Spottings

Crimped Gill Christine Y. 7 2 Crimped Gill
Deadly Galerina Christine Y. 3 4 Deadly Galerina
Hairy Trumpet Neil Ross 12 8 Hairy Trumpet
Multigoblet Slime mold flowntheloop 2 2 Multigoblet Slime mold
Serpula Himantioides Christine Y. 4 3 Serpula Himantioides
Violet-toothed Polypore Christine Y. 3 0 Violet-toothed Polypore
Pink Spider Flower Neil Ross 9 6 Pink Spider Flower
Two-colored Bolete Christine Y. 1 0 Two-colored Bolete
Split Gills Christine Y. 3 0 Split Gills
Green Elfcup Christine Y. 4 0 Green Elfcup
Bonnet Mushroom Christine Y. 1 0 Bonnet Mushroom
Late Fall Oysters Christine Y. 1 0 Late Fall Oysters
Grey Spider Flower Neil Ross 3 0 Grey Spider Flower
White Fairy Lily flowntheloop 6 0 White Fairy Lily
Beech Woodwart Christine Y. 2 0 Beech Woodwart
Purple Jellydisc Christine Y. 1 0 Purple Jellydisc
Fluted Bird's Nest Christine Y. 11 0 Fluted Bird's Nest
Brick Cap Christine Y. 4 0 Brick Cap
Sarcodontia setosa Christine Y. 6 2 Sarcodontia setosa
Psilocybe Zlatan Celebic 5 0 Psilocybe
Wood Ear Christine Y. 3 0 Wood Ear
Turkey Tail Christine Y. 1 0 Turkey Tail
Mollisia Disco Fungus Christine Y. 1 0 Mollisia Disco Fungus
Crepidotus Mushrooms Christine Y. 4 4 Crepidotus Mushrooms
Hypocrea sulphurea Christine Y. 2 0 Hypocrea sulphurea
Jelly Fungus Christine Y. 3 0 Jelly Fungus
Chlorencoelia Cup Fungus Christine Y. 3 0 Chlorencoelia Cup Fungus
Olive Salver Christine Y. 3 0 Olive Salver
Wood Ear Christine Y. 4 2 Wood Ear
Witch's Butter Christine Y. 4 0 Witch's Butter
Elfcups Christine Y. 16 15 Elfcups
Late Fall Oysters Christine Y. 2 0 Late Fall Oysters
Chlorosplenium chlora Christine Y. 2 0 Chlorosplenium chlora
Brick cup Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Brick cup
Stalked Hairy Fairy Cup Christine Y. 2 0 Stalked Hairy Fairy Cup
Turkey Tail Christine Y. 1 0 Turkey Tail
Western tube lichen Brian38 1 0 Western tube lichen
Wood Blewit Christine Y. 1 0 Wood Blewit
Split Gills Christine Y. 2 0 Split Gills
Late Fall Oyster Christine Y. 3 2 Late Fall Oyster
False Turkey Tail Christine Y. 3 0 False Turkey Tail
Unknown spotting Zlatan Celebic 4 0 Unknown spotting
Purple Jellydisc Christine Y. 1 0 Purple Jellydisc
Witches' Butter Christine Y. 1 0 Witches' Butter
Inky Caps Christine Y. 10 4 Inky Caps
Unknown spotting Brian38 1 0 Unknown spotting
Sinewed Bushy Lichen Brian38 1 0 Sinewed Bushy Lichen
Psathyrella Mushroom Christine Y. 3 0 Psathyrella Mushroom
Smoky Polypore Christine Y. 2 3 Smoky Polypore
Honeysuckle Tania17 1 0 Honeysuckle

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