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Dandenong Ranges - fauna & flora

Dandenong Ranges - fauna & flora

Searching for the elusive native wildlife & unique plants who share my patch in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia Sign in to join mission

Dandenong Ranges - fauna & flora
Created by

Paw Printz

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Australian native wildlife & plants found in the Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong Ranges - fauna & flora

Lat: -37.81 Long: 144.96

Recent Spottings

Little Corella Leuba Ridgway 5 1 Little Corella
Small Chalcid Wasp Leuba Ridgway 3 3 Small Chalcid Wasp
Cortinarius mushroom Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Cortinarius mushroom
Unknown Mushroom Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Unknown Mushroom
Squamulose Lichen Leuba Ridgway 3 0 Squamulose Lichen
Lepiota Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Lepiota
Giant Bolete Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Giant Bolete
Cranberry Heath Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Cranberry Heath
Gum Leaf Skeletoniser eggs Leuba Ridgway 9 1 Gum Leaf Skeletoniser eggs
Small sawfly Mark Ridgway 1 1 Small sawfly
Lepiota mushroom Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Lepiota mushroom
Saunder's Case Moth Johanna Bush 4 3 Saunder's Case Moth
Yellow Jelly fungus Leuba Ridgway 5 4 Yellow Jelly fungus
Leaf Galls Leuba Ridgway 1 4 Leaf Galls
Eucalyptus Leaf Gall Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Eucalyptus Leaf Gall
White Punk -rotting Leuba Ridgway 1 0 White Punk -rotting
Acacia horned treehoppers Mark Ridgway 21 12 Acacia horned treehoppers
Unknown spotting Vinny 3 0 Unknown spotting
Mushroom with two stipes Leuba Ridgway 5 9 Mushroom with two stipes
Banks' Brown - male Leuba Ridgway 2 2 Banks' Brown - male
Muscid Fly Leuba Ridgway 1 3 Muscid Fly
Peruvian Lily gone wild Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Peruvian Lily gone wild
Tortricid Moth Leuba Ridgway 5 0 Tortricid Moth
Tower Case Moth Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Tower Case Moth
Imperial Blue Leuba Ridgway 10 1 Imperial Blue
Galahs at home Leuba Ridgway 9 3 Galahs at home
Unknown Leafhoopper Leuba Ridgway 1 2 Unknown Leafhoopper
Blueblack Hairy Flower WAsp Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Blueblack Hairy Flower WAsp
Ichneumon Wasp Cocoon Leuba Ridgway 5 1 Ichneumon Wasp Cocoon
Lichen Case Moth - male Leuba Ridgway 4 1 Lichen Case Moth - male
Winged Male Ant (alate) Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Winged Male Ant (alate)
Concealer Moth Larval shelters Leuba Ridgway 6 1 Concealer Moth Larval shelters
Blue Flower Wasp Paw Printz 2 0 Blue Flower Wasp
Blueblack hairy flower wasp Mark Ridgway 7 1 Blueblack hairy flower wasp
Saunder's Case Moth johanna 6 3 Saunder's Case Moth
Imperial Blue -life cycle Leuba Ridgway 6 0 Imperial Blue -life cycle
Torymid wasp Mark Ridgway 6 3 Torymid wasp
Beautiful Dark Deliochus moulting Mark Ridgway 6 4 Beautiful Dark Deliochus moulting
Jumping Spider Leuba Ridgway 3 0 Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider Leuba Ridgway 6 0 Jumping Spider
Green Grass-dart Mark Ridgway 6 3 Green Grass-dart
Clouded Footman johanna 1 0 Clouded Footman
Saw fly -female Leuba Ridgway 3 0 Saw fly -female
Unknown spotting Mark Ridgway 1 0 Unknown spotting
Jumping spider attacks Mark Ridgway 24 14 Jumping spider attacks
Hoary Servaea Leuba Ridgway 5 0 Hoary Servaea
Melbourne Trap-door Spider johanna 1 0 Melbourne Trap-door Spider
Cixiid bug Mark Ridgway 6 2 Cixiid bug
Wingia Mark Ridgway 2 0 Wingia
Wasp head Mark Ridgway 1 3 Wasp head

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