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California Coastal Wildlife Watch

California Coastal Wildlife Watch

Take photos of coastal wildlife and document any pollution you might come across. Add detailed notes. Sign in to join mission

California Coastal Wildlife Watch
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Around the world, coastal ecosystems are known for their unique wildlife. From sea birds to native plant life, every coast has its assortment of interesting organisms. We want to bring awareness to California's beautiful coastal wildlife and also help protect these areas by documenting organisms and reporting any pollution.

California Coastal Wildlife Watch

Lat: 37.00 Long: -120.00

Recent Spottings

Elephant Seal (mixed population) Marta RubioTexeira 6 0 Elephant Seal (mixed population)
Elephant Seal (youngsters) Marta RubioTexeira 5 2 Elephant Seal (youngsters)
Elephant Seal (Males) Marta RubioTexeira 4 2 Elephant Seal (Males)
Harbor Seal Marta RubioTexeira 4 0 Harbor Seal
Gull and Heron coopboop 3 2 Gull and Heron
Eastern black swallowtail caterpillar Marta RubioTexeira 3 0 Eastern black swallowtail caterpillar
White-crowned Sparrow Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 White-crowned Sparrow
Willet Marta RubioTexeira 4 0 Willet
Brown Pelican Marta RubioTexeira 3 0 Brown Pelican
Long-billed curlew Marta RubioTexeira 9 7 Long-billed curlew
Monarch Butterfly coopboop 1 1 Monarch Butterfly
Hermann's gull Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Hermann's gull
American Bushtit Marta RubioTexeira 2 4 American Bushtit
Sea Otter (mom with baby) Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Sea Otter (mom with baby)
California Sea Lions Marta RubioTexeira 2 1 California Sea Lions
Elephant Seals coopboop 1 1 Elephant Seals
California Poppy Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 California Poppy
Great Blue Heron Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Great Blue Heron
Unknown spotting Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Unknown spotting
Seaside fleabane Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Seaside fleabane
Starbust anemone Marta RubioTexeira 3 0 Starbust anemone
Striped shore crab Marta RubioTexeira 3 1 Striped shore crab
California ground squirrel Marta RubioTexeira 18 7 California ground squirrel
Fig Opuntia Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Fig Opuntia
Olive Rockweed Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Olive Rockweed
House Finch npfares 2 0 House Finch
Sea Otters Marta RubioTexeira 19 10 Sea Otters
Red Seaweed Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Red Seaweed
Longhorned beetle? Marta RubioTexeira 3 0 Longhorned beetle?
Great Egret Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Great Egret
Fennel Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Fennel
Black Turban Snail Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Black Turban Snail
Acorn Barnacle Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Acorn Barnacle
Mermaid's Bladder Marta RubioTexeira 7 2 Mermaid's Bladder
Grey Haistreak Butterfly Marta RubioTexeira 8 4 Grey Haistreak Butterfly
Marbled Godwit Marta RubioTexeira 6 5 Marbled Godwit
Blueband Hermit Crab Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Blueband Hermit Crab
Western Gull adults Marta RubioTexeira 5 2 Western Gull adults
Brown Pelican Desmond.E.S.O 12 4 Brown Pelican
gray whale GarySkipper 3 6 gray whale
Unknown spotting Marta RubioTexeira 1 0 Unknown spotting
Brown Pelican Desmond.E.S.O 10 4 Brown Pelican
Black Skimmer Jellis 4 4 Black Skimmer
Gopher Chris Ince Jr. 1 0 Gopher
Bufflehead JAG 4 3 Bufflehead
Seagull Chris Ince Jr. 1 1 Seagull
Northern elephant seal BrunoMoller 3 0 Northern elephant seal
California ground squirrel Desmond.E.S.O 4 1 California ground squirrel
Desert Cottontail Desmond.E.S.O 4 2 Desert Cottontail
Great white shark Chris Ince Jr. 2 1 Great white shark

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