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Butterflies & Moths of the World

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Submit photographs of butterflies and moths you encounter. Add descriptive notes about where you made your discovery. Sign in to join mission

Butterflies & Moths of the World
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Butterflies and Moths are insects of the order Lepidoptera. Their brilliant colors have inspired artistic depictions dating back to the Egyptians and their wing structure continues to inspire scientists and engineers today. Help us document their amazing diversity.

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Recent Spottings

Green Dragontail Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 3 0 Green Dragontail
Double-Banded Judy Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 2 0 Double-Banded Judy
Azure Sapphire Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 2 0 Azure Sapphire
Manipur Argus Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 2 0 Manipur Argus
Marbled white; Medioluto norteña arlanda 2 0 Marbled white; Medioluto norteña
Geometer Moth Felix Fleck 4 0 Geometer Moth
Yellow-banded Skipper KostasZontanos 4 0 Yellow-banded Skipper
Colour Sergeant Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 1 0 Colour Sergeant
Bronze Duke Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 1 0 Bronze Duke
Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro arlanda 3 0 Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro
High Brown Fritillary; Adipe arlanda 1 0 High Brown Fritillary; Adipe
Arctiid Moth JordiPrats 2 0 Arctiid Moth
Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro arlanda 8 3 Scarce Copper; Manto de Oro
Grizzled Skipper KostasZontanos 1 0 Grizzled Skipper
Chalkhill blue; Niña coridon arlanda 1 0 Chalkhill blue; Niña coridon
Moonseed Fruitpiercer Felix Fleck 1 0 Moonseed Fruitpiercer
Tussock Moth Felix Fleck 1 0 Tussock Moth
Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly Joseph R. Godreau 7 0 Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly
Hylesia Moth Francisco Ramírez 3 0 Hylesia Moth
Great Eggfly Marek Koszorek 2 0 Great Eggfly
Small White Butterfly Ava T-B 4 0 Small White Butterfly
Pale Ringlets AlbertKang 9 0 Pale Ringlets
Tiny Grass Blue pamsai 11 15 Tiny Grass Blue
Princely Tiger Moth Felix Fleck 17 13 Princely Tiger Moth
Imperial Moth Nature Nerd 2 1 Imperial Moth
Large Wall Brown; Pedregosa arlanda 1 0 Large Wall Brown; Pedregosa
Dirce Beauty Diaz José Miguel 6 6 Dirce Beauty
Muntvlinder Davinas Observations 2 0 Muntvlinder
Mangrove Skipper LivanEscudero 2 0 Mangrove Skipper
Common Buckeye Butterfly Joseph R. Godreau 2 0 Common Buckeye Butterfly
Southern Cyan Tiger Moth Felix Fleck 8 2 Southern Cyan Tiger Moth
Crimson Rose Butterfly SukanyaDatta 1 1 Crimson Rose Butterfly
Silver-washed Fritillary; Nacarada arlanda 1 0 Silver-washed Fritillary; Nacarada
Crimson Tip pamsai 3 0 Crimson Tip
Plain Tiger pamsai 4 0 Plain Tiger
Mesosemia butterfly Diaz José Miguel 4 0 Mesosemia butterfly
Io Moth suzybousa 2 0 Io Moth
Hedge Blue Butterfly AlbertKang 1 2 Hedge Blue Butterfly
Unknown spotting KarlaT 3 1 Unknown spotting
pale palm dart JordiPrats 3 0 pale palm dart
Eastern Black Swallowtail Caterpillar Joseph R. Godreau 3 0 Eastern Black Swallowtail Caterpillar
Common Pierrot pamsai 1 0 Common Pierrot
Monarch Butterfly (Male) Joseph R. Godreau 1 0 Monarch Butterfly (Male)
Oleander Hawk-moth Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 2 1 Oleander Hawk-moth
Burmese Sailer JordiPrats 2 0 Burmese Sailer
Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly AMB777 1 0 Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly
Cossid Moth -16 Leuba Ridgway 5 0 Cossid Moth -16
Bardee Leuba Ridgway 4 0 Bardee
The Malayan Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 2 5 The Malayan
wasp moth JordiPrats 1 0 wasp moth

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