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Interaction between different species of Arthropods

Interaction between different species of Arthropods

Try to find any PAIR of DIFFERENT species of arthropods (insects, spiders, crustaceans, etc) interacting with each other. Tente localizar um par de arthrópodes (insetos, aranhas, crustáceos, etc) de diferentes espécies interagindo um com o outro. Sign in to join mission

Interaction between different species of Arthropods
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The objective of this mission is to collect pictures of the interaction between different species of arthropods. This interaction could be of any type, including predators eating other species (example: a spider eating a fly). Interação entre artrópodes. O objetivo desta missão é coletar fotos da interação entre diferentes espécies de arthrópods. Essa interação pode ser de qualquer tipo, incluindo predadores comendo outras espécies (exemplo: uma aranha comendo uma mosca). Mãos a obra!

Interaction between different species of Arthropods

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Recent Spottings

Dewdrop spider Sergio Monteiro 15 6 Dewdrop spider
Ladybug Sergio Monteiro 2 0 Ladybug
Banded Argiope LivanEscudero 1 0 Banded Argiope
Wood Stork LivanEscudero 1 0 Wood Stork
Parasite: Sea lice. Parásito: Piojo de mar eulalia rubio 1 0 Parasite: Sea lice.  Parásito: Piojo de mar
Unknown spotting Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 2 0 Unknown spotting
Firefly Sckel 7 0 Firefly
Eastern Comma flowntheloop 7 1 Eastern Comma
Green Lynx spider flowntheloop 4 0 Green Lynx spider
Man-of-War Fish LivanEscudero 1 0 Man-of-War Fish
Dog Stinkhorn S_Maurizi 2 0 Dog Stinkhorn
Unknown spotting Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 5 1 Unknown spotting
Wasp Tunjung Seto 2 0 Wasp
Asian Long-Legged Fly Tunjung Seto 3 0 Asian Long-Legged Fly
Unknown spotting Aaron_G 1 2 Unknown spotting
Spitting Spider jodydf 1 0 Spitting Spider
Millipedes Flavio Oliveira 3 0 Millipedes
Unknown spotting Vinny 7 4 Unknown spotting
common clownfish JordiPrats 9 3 common clownfish
Polished lady beetle Aaron_G 1 0 Polished lady beetle
Rainforest Scorpion Tunjung Seto 7 2 Rainforest Scorpion
Orb-Weaver Spider Tunjung Seto 6 2 Orb-Weaver Spider
Rabid Wolf Spider Emily Newman 5 0 Rabid Wolf Spider
Ichneumonid Wasp Cocoon Michael Strydom 10 8 Ichneumonid  Wasp Cocoon
Asian Tiger Mosquito NickKing 3 0 Asian Tiger Mosquito
Blue Moon Butterfly Tunjung Seto 4 2 Blue Moon Butterfly
Common Lime Butterfly Tunjung Seto 4 2 Common Lime Butterfly
Praying Mantis (with prey: Cicada) tmvdh 3 0 Praying Mantis (with prey: Cicada)
Danaid Eggfly Tunjung Seto 4 2 Danaid Eggfly
Unknown Jumping Spider and Cricket ColinJoMo 0 0 Unknown Jumping Spider and Cricket
Esfingido Lina Restrepo 1 0 Esfingido
Red-tailed Hawk mobbed by Crows Tom15 1 1 Red-tailed Hawk mobbed by Crows
Ectophasia parasitic fly eggs DespinaTsafetopoulou 2 0 Ectophasia parasitic fly eggs
Fungi Tunjung Seto 3 0 Fungi
Unknown spotting Bella123 1 0 Unknown spotting
Leaf Insect Tunjung Seto 16 1 Leaf Insect
Dead leaf mantis nymph Sergio Monteiro 5 6 Dead leaf mantis nymph
Sedge Sprite dferris 2 0 Sedge Sprite
Unknown spotting FredericoMartins 1 1 Unknown spotting
Little Maplet kalar kalahari 3 0 Little Maplet
Predation in Action AndréAlves 2 0 Predation in Action
Ghost Grasshopper Tunjung Seto 2 2 Ghost Grasshopper
Chinche del tomate Lina Restrepo 2 1 Chinche del tomate
Common Green Mantid And Prey Michael Strydom 3 2 Common Green Mantid And Prey
Robber Fly Michael Strydom 1 0 Robber Fly
Unknown spotting Sergio Monteiro 7 1 Unknown spotting
Ants farming Aphids Knsculpt 1 0 Ants farming Aphids
Crocus portiere1217 2 0 Crocus
Earth Worm Tunjung Seto 2 1 Earth Worm
Achaea Serva Tunjung Seto 3 0 Achaea Serva

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