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Moths of the World

Moths of the World

There is still time to submit your National Moth Week spottings from this past year, July 19-27, 2014! Sign in to join mission

Moths of the World
Created by

Jacob Gorneau

Website 2,432 participants 28,135 spottings

Moths? Yes: a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door, or perhaps in your home. What will you find next, a wonderful Luna Moth, or a fearsome Io Moth? All stages of moths are welcome in this quest to find some of the most unique moths known to Earth, and maybe discover something new! No moth will ever be judged as drab in this mission!! Let's get rid of the stereotype that moths are gray, drab creatures!

Moths of the World

Lat: 42.36 Long: -74.05

Recent Spottings

Geometrid Moth triggsturner 15 5 Geometrid Moth
Unknown spotting triggsturner 15 1 Unknown spotting
Giant Leopard Moth magazhu 5 1 Giant Leopard Moth
Silkmoth Jason Alexander 9 1 Silkmoth
Amaxia Moth triggsturner 5 2 Amaxia Moth
Porina moth AnnvanWijgerden 3 7 Porina moth
Gaudy Leopard Moth triggsturner 5 4 Gaudy Leopard Moth
Concealer Moth Larval shelters Leuba Ridgway 3 1 Concealer Moth Larval shelters
Giant Leopard Moth magazhu 1 2 Giant Leopard Moth
Full Life Cycle - Giant Leopard Moth magazhu 11 7 Full Life Cycle - Giant Leopard Moth
Unknown spotting Jason Alexander 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting triggsturner 1 0 Unknown spotting
Geometridae larva MartinL 20 10 Geometridae larva
Moth Jason Alexander 1 0 Moth
Moth Jason Alexander 1 0 Moth
White-lined Sphinx JoshuaGSmith 11 5 White-lined Sphinx
Geometrid Moth Jason Alexander 0 0 Geometrid Moth
Geometrid Moth Jason Alexander 0 0 Geometrid Moth
Wave Moth JoshuaGSmith 2 4 Wave Moth
Unknown Caterpillar magazhu 1 0 Unknown Caterpillar
Unknown Moth magazhu 1 0 Unknown Moth
Clouded Footman johanna 1 0 Clouded Footman
Mitre Satin Moth lori.tas 5 3 Mitre Satin Moth
Orange-rimmed satin moth lori.tas 4 1 Orange-rimmed satin moth
Atlantarctia tigrina arlanda 2 2 Atlantarctia tigrina
Unknown spotting BrunoMoller 1 0 Unknown spotting
Moth SukanyaDatta 1 0 Moth
Spun Glass Slug Moth ForestDragon 2 0 Spun Glass Slug Moth
Tineid Moth JoshuaGSmith 0 0 Tineid Moth
Holomelina Moth Machi 2 2 Holomelina Moth
Varied Sword-sedge Brown Vinny 3 2 Varied Sword-sedge Brown
Saunder's Case Moth johanna 5 3 Saunder's Case Moth
Bog Lygropia Fyn Kynd 2 0 Bog Lygropia
Pleasant Dagger Fyn Kynd 1 0 Pleasant Dagger
Unknown spotting Vinny 2 0 Unknown spotting
Southern Old Lady Moth twolittletoddies 1 0 Southern Old Lady Moth
Marbled-green Leuconycta Fyn Kynd 1 0 Marbled-green Leuconycta
Legume Podborer Tiz 2 0 Legume Podborer
Moth LaurenZarate 6 1 Moth
Yellow Spot Epicoma Moth Vinny 0 0 Yellow Spot Epicoma Moth
Salt-and-Pepper Looper Fyn Kynd 2 0 Salt-and-Pepper Looper
Arched Hooktip Fyn Kynd 2 0 Arched Hooktip
White Flannel Moth LaurenZarate 5 6 White Flannel Moth
Double-banded Grass-Veneer Fyn Kynd 1 0 Double-banded Grass-Veneer
Unknown spotting Vinny 0 2 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting RobinGraves 10 2 Unknown spotting
Spotted golden looper AdamBT 3 1 Spotted golden looper
Ypsolophid Moth JoshuaGSmith 0 0 Ypsolophid Moth
Protothordes Owlet Moth Machi 0 0 Protothordes Owlet Moth
Crambid Moth Vinny 3 4 Crambid Moth

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