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Moths of the World

Moths of the World

Mothapalooza attendees, this is the mission you can submit your spottings to. Remember to enter "Mothapalooza 2014" in the notes section as well as one of the five locations you found the moth. For questions about the mission, please email me at Sign in to join mission

Moths of the World
Created by

Jacob Gorneau

Website 2,302 participants 24,702 spottings

Moths? Yes: a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door, or perhaps in your home. What will you find next, a wonderful Luna Moth, or a fearsome Io Moth? All stages of moths are welcome in this quest to find some of the most unique moths known to Earth, and maybe discover something new! No moth will ever be judged as drab in this mission!! Let's get rid of the stereotype that moths are gray, drab creatures!

Moths of the World

Lat: 42.36 Long: -74.05

Recent Spottings

Crambid Moth Lanzz 20 7 Crambid Moth
Sheep Moth dominique.eghlidi 24 13 Sheep Moth
Geometrid moth NuwanChathuranga 8 0 Geometrid moth
Saturniid Moth J.Girón 33 9 Saturniid Moth
Geometridae Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 10 0 Geometridae
Geometridae Jatishwor Singh Irungbam 10 0 Geometridae
Rosy Maple Moth ceherzog 37 12 Rosy Maple Moth
moth EduardoFrick 4 0 moth
Dot-lined White Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 41 36 Dot-lined White
Arctiid Moth Lanzz 17 2 Arctiid Moth
Oleander hawk-moth FotisAngel 5 1 Oleander hawk-moth
Owl Moth AshleyT 3 1 Owl Moth
Oleander Hawk Moth Philippine Lepidoptera 7 0 Oleander Hawk Moth
Tussock Moth LisaPowers 6 1 Tussock Moth
Neotropical Oospila sp. LeonardoMB 3 4 Neotropical Oospila sp.
Wild Forget-me-not Moth dominique.eghlidi 8 4 Wild Forget-me-not Moth
Io Moth James A McNair 2 3 Io Moth
Unknown spotting VincentVanur 2 0 Unknown spotting
Jersey Tige MikeUnderwater 4 1 Jersey Tige
Unknown spotting VincentVanur 2 0 Unknown spotting
Ailanthus webworm LuckyLogan 2 0 Ailanthus webworm
Rosy Maple Moth suzmonk 3 2 Rosy Maple Moth
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 2 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 2 0 Unknown spotting
The Blue Tiger Moth VincentVanur 4 3 The Blue Tiger Moth
Pellucid Hawk Moth Seema Swami 4 4 Pellucid Hawk Moth
Moth Frederic Ansermoz 4 0 Moth
Rhodometra StavrosApostolou 4 0 Rhodometra
Black-veined White Pochempie 3 0 Black-veined White
Moth Philippine Lepidoptera 27 10 Moth
Shanded Gold Spot KimBurnham 5 1 Shanded Gold Spot
Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar BeckyMader 3 0 Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar
Hieroglyphic moth LuisStevens 11 7 Hieroglyphic moth
Geometrid Moth Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 4 4 Geometrid Moth
Orizaba Silkmoth J.Giron 2 0 Orizaba Silkmoth
Luna Moth suzmonk 2 4 Luna Moth
Noctuid Moth LaurenZarate 5 0 Noctuid Moth
Orange-spotted Flower Moth Machi 5 3 Orange-spotted Flower Moth
Erebid Moth LindaAlisto 6 3 Erebid Moth
Unknown spotting ColtMooney 2 0 Unknown spotting
Pandorus Sphinx CourtneyHubler 12 2 Pandorus Sphinx
Moth LindaAlisto 3 0 Moth
Garden Tortrix ForestDragon 1 0 Garden Tortrix
Unknown spotting suzmonk 2 2 Unknown spotting
Monkey Slug (Moth) Sckel 37 27 Monkey Slug (Moth)
Crotalaria pod borer LeanneGardner 2 0 Crotalaria pod borer
Oak Yellow Underwing ChristosMaroulis 2 0 Oak Yellow Underwing
American Dagger Moth Dragonfly Woman 2 0 American Dagger Moth
Boxwood Leaftier ForestDragon 1 0 Boxwood Leaftier

Recently joined

ChiefRedEarth KostasZontanos MikeUnderwater ChristosMaroulis
StavrosApostolou RachelSorin Arya TeraDoty-Blance
Tristan Pragnell JKbugGirl CathelineRofloManalili Stephanie Rainwater
C. Hedstrom dominique.eghlidi ivanrey969 zaidirazak
SummerSchultz edielayfield Thalíta Morais Rote VaishaliKain
J.Giron ChicaMc buteobuteo ErikG.H.Meade
Muckpuk 10iscrusher YJunio Willetton
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HeatherChatfieldFikel Pradeep Kumar celestialprincess101 SooJin
CourtneyHubler jchandler333 IvanPancic DianaBPhotography
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