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Peruvian Amazon: Species Spotlight

Peruvian Amazon: Species Spotlight

Help us document the amazing biodiversity found in a 50 mile radius around the confluence of the Amazon and Napo rivers in the Loreto District of the Peruvian Amazon. Join this mission if you are a local resident or an international visitor to our area of focus. Naturalists, researchers and taxonomy specialists are invited to participate and lend their expertise to our mission. You can join us in Peru July 1-11, 2014 for our Amazon Educator Academy and help us document even more biodiversity! Sign in to join mission

Peruvian Amazon: Species Spotlight
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A citizen science biodiversity assessment project for students, educators, naturalists, and researchers interested in cataloging the biodiversity near the confluence of the Amazon and Napo rivers in the Peruvian Amazon. Share photos of your Amazon wildlife spottings. Add descriptive habitat and behavior notes. Please nclude GPS coordinates. Approximate GPS coordinates for major study sites: Explorama Lodge = Lat: -3.45, Long: -72.853 Napo = Lat: -3.258, Long: -72.917 Ceiba Tops= Lat: -3.510, Long: -73.062 ACTS = Lat; -3.249, Long: -72.909

Peruvian Amazon: Species Spotlight

Lat: -3.35 Long: -72.78

Recent Spottings

Black-bellied Cuckoo philkahler 12 2 Black-bellied Cuckoo
Many-banded Aracari philkahler 3 1 Many-banded Aracari
Slender-footed Tyrannulet philkahler 1 1 Slender-footed Tyrannulet
Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher philkahler 1 0 Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher
Paradise Tanager philkahler 1 0 Paradise Tanager
Blue-spotted Firewing philkahler 4 0 Blue-spotted Firewing
Unknown spotting philkahler 6 5 Unknown spotting
Scale-breasted Woodpecker philkahler 15 1 Scale-breasted Woodpecker
Spiny Weevil philkahler 25 9 Spiny Weevil
Gray-winged Trumpeter philkahler 8 1 Gray-winged Trumpeter
Urodus Moth philkahler 52 22 Urodus Moth
White-fronted Nunbird philkahler 3 0 White-fronted Nunbird
One-spotted Prepona philkahler 4 3 One-spotted Prepona
Noble Leafwing philkahler 2 1 Noble Leafwing
Green Honeycreeper philkahler 19 1 Green Honeycreeper
mimic coral snake JenniferRichardson 1 3 mimic coral snake
Unknown spotting AmazonWorkshops 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting AmazonWorkshops 2 0 Unknown spotting
Spot- winged Antbird Andy Whittaker and Jaque Fortuna 1 0 Spot- winged Antbird
Common Morpho (female) ViSarancha 8 6 Common Morpho (female)
Unknown spotting GeoffreyPalmer 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting AmazonWorkshops 3 0 Unknown spotting
Troschel's tree frog rustic41 2 0 Troschel's tree frog
Red Hibiscus JenniferRichardson 1 0 Red Hibiscus
Theobroma sp. ? AmazonWorkshops 1 0 Theobroma sp. ?
Unknown spotting MelissaJordan 3 1 Unknown spotting
White-bellied spider monkey Rustic 41 7 2 White-bellied spider monkey
Unknown spotting AmazonWorkshops 2 0 Unknown spotting
Red-bellied piranha Rustic 41 2 2 Red-bellied piranha
Scarlet macaw rustic41 4 1 Scarlet macaw
Unknown spotting GeoffreyPalmer 3 0 Unknown spotting
South American tapir rustic41 3 0 South American tapir
Poison dart frog rustic41 4 5 Poison dart frog
Torch ginger Rustic 41 4 0 Torch ginger
Laughing frog Terrierteacher 4 1 Laughing frog
Round-eared bat GeoffreyPalmer 2 7 Round-eared bat
Unknown spotting key_man 2 4 Unknown spotting
Woolly monkey rustic41 4 0 Woolly monkey
Rainbow Katydid canopyphil 8 1 Rainbow Katydid
Woolly Monkey Terrierteacher 3 1 Woolly Monkey
Tortoise beetle Rustic 41 2 2 Tortoise beetle
Dusky Titi monkey Rustic 41 5 1 Dusky Titi monkey
Tailless whip scorpion Rustic 41 7 8 Tailless whip scorpion
Unnamed spotting Kari4 5 3 Unnamed spotting
Unknown spotting Rustic 41 2 2 Unknown spotting
White-bellied spider monkey rustic41 15 3 White-bellied spider monkey
Convict tree frog Terrierteacher 33 17 Convict tree frog
Black-capped squirrel monkey Rustic 41 3 5 Black-capped squirrel monkey
Amazonian catfish rustic41 4 0 Amazonian catfish
Achiote Rustic 41 3 1 Achiote

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