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Our Story: Built with for Wildlife

Project Noah is an award-winning software platform designed to help people connect with the natural world and learn about wildlife. Launched out of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program in early 2010, the project began as an experiment to mobilize citizen scientists and build a digital butterfly net for the 21st century. The original Project Noah platform was founded by Yasser Ansari, Martin Ceperley, Peter Horvath, and Bruno Kruse with support from New York University and the Joan Ganz Conney Center.

Project Noah enables amateurs and professionals alike to create and share multimedia nature journals. Our community is harnessing the power of new mobile technologies to collect important ecological data and help preserve global biodiversity.

The Project Noah community includes 350,000+ nature journals, 825,000+ wildlife spottings and 1.5 million+ geotagged wildlife photographs.

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By developing tools to help the public share their encounters with nature, we are building a powerful force for crowdsourcing ecological data collection and an important educational tool for wildlife awareness. We hope you’ll support us on this mission by joining Project Noah today!

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Your Personal Nature Journal

The spirit of Project Noah is to embrace the joy of discovery and the learning process. Whether you are a newbie, student, in college, a seasoned naturalist or a scientist, we welcome you into our community with open arms!

Your nature journal is completely personal and entirely your own. Whether you would like to share your thoughts about a spotting, reflections on the moment, wildlife features, a species identification, or anything else, your description is entirely up to you.

Wildlife Journal Spottings from Ranger Scott Frazier

Imagine your nature journal as a reflection of your personal connection with nature. Only you can bring a voice to this connection.

And, if you would like assistance identifying your spottings, Rangers and the broader Noah community are here to help!

Partner & Sponsors

Project Noah is actively looking for a primary Institutional Partner to help support and grow our platform. Project Noah is also seeking Sponsors. We would love to work with educational institutions, non-for-profit organizations, environmentally-minded corporations and foundations. With 825,000+ geotagged wildlife spottings worldwide, Project Noah is one of the largest citizen science platforms in the world. Please email us to begin a discussion:

A Note on our Mobile Applications

Our iOS and Android Applications need to be rebuilt from the ground up to be compatible with the latest software. Thank you for your patience while we build new mobile applications. We will announce on our social media pages when our new mobile applications are ready in the respective AppStores.


Michael Sarill, Managing Director

Michael Sarill leads product development and partnerships for Project Noah. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy from Brown University in 2006 and engaged in the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program at UC Berkeley in 2016. Michael is incredibly passionate about wildlife, biodiversity and exploring ways for people to live in harmony with nature. Prior to Project Noah, he built a popular wildlife game called Baboon. Michael's early career began in digital where he managed product development for an online investing community at The Motley Fool. He also worked at a digital agency in NYC where he built up skills in website development and online marketing.