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2023 Featured Mission

The Lost Ladybug Project

For 2022, Project Noah's featured mission is the Lost Ladybug Project!

One of our most popular missions, the Lost Ladybug Project is dedicated to exploring global ladybug ecology and biology.

Join the other 5,000+ Project Noah community members who have contributed 3,000+ ladybug spottings around the world!

Popular Missions

Birds of the World

Birds of the World is Project Noah's most popular mission! Over 12,500 Project Noah members have contributed over 100,000 bird spottings into Birds of the World.

Moths of the World

Moths of the World is the official Mission for National Moth Week every July! The focus of this mission is to promote appreciation of the diversity, aesthetic value and ecological importance of moths.

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Butterflies & Moths of the World is another Project Noah favorite. Join over 8,000 members contributing over 70,000 butterfly and moth spottings!

The Lost Ladybug Project

Search and photograph ladybugs! Join the Lost Ladybug Project and 5,446 members contributing over 3,000 ladybug spottings.

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies has over 4,000 members contributing over 11,000 dragonfly and damselfly spottings.

International Spider Survey

Share photos of orbs, weavers, tarantulas, wolf, jumping, fishing, funnel web spiders or any other eight-legged Aranea!

Project Squirrel

Contribute observations of squirrels from home, the office, school, a park, or anywhere you are and help us better understand the ecology of our neighborhoods.

WILD Cities: Urban Biodiversity

Cities are home to impressive biodiversity! Share your encounters with species dwelling in the urban environment, enriching our lives and connecting us to nature!

Mushroom Mapping

Mushroom ecology is a pivotal orientation point for exploring urban systems. Help us gather important data and spread knowledge about mushrooms by documenting their locations in your area. The Mushroom Mapping project is a collaborative effort between Columbia’s Urban Landscape Lab, Spatial Information Design Lab and StrataSpore.

Nests, Hives, Bowers, Webs and other Animal Architecture

Share your favorite birds nests, bee hives, wasp nests, bird bowers, gorilla and chimp sleeping nests, spider webs, and any other animal-created structures!

Signs of Wildlife

Signs of wildlife live everywhere. From subtle animal tracks and abandoned spider webs, to weathered bones and shells. This mission has been created to highlight some of the signs we've come across while out in the field.

The Color Red

The color red is a bold color that represents passion. We created a collection of wildlife images based on the color red to show our passion for nature and the preservation of ecosystems worldwide.

Flowers of North America

Flowers of North America features beautiful flower photography along with field notes. Join the most popular plant mission on Project Noah!

Galapagos Biodiversity

Our Galapagos Biodversity mission showcases the stunning beauty and special ecology of the Galapagos Islands.

The Hoppers

Led by Ranger CindyBinghamKeiser, share your favorite Hoppers photographs! Add only Froghoppers/Spittle Bugs, Leafhoppers, Sharpshooters, Planthoppers, Lanternflies, Peanut-head flies, Treehoppers, Piglet Bugs and Cicada spottings. Please do not add grasshoppers, crickets, katydids, frogs, spiders & other non Auchenorrhyncha suborder organisms.

Marvelous Mantids of the World

Led by Ranger ForestDragon, our Marvelous Mantids of the World mission celebrates these amazing insects! Unusual and alien-looking, these predatory creatures are loved by many and considered good luck in some cultures. Mantids are sold as beneficial insects for gardens, though they are not picky about what they eat and will prey on butterflies as easily as grasshoppers. Some species of mantids get large enough to catch and eat frogs, lizards and even hummingbirds!

Backyard Habitats of the World

Some of the most remarkable nature and wildlife can be seen right in your own backyard! The focus of this mission is to share pictures of any and all wildlife that you observe in your own backyard or garden.

Regional Missions

Insects of the Western Cape

Photograph insects in the Western Cape of South Africa!

Reptiles in Greece

A mission dedicated to the beautiful Reptiles of Greece

Spiders of Greece

Observe, record and photograph species of the order Araneae in Greece

Butterflies and Moths of Greece

Identify, conserve and protect the amazing dainty world of Greek lepidoptera species!

Spiders of India

Share spottings and information on Spiders photographed only in India!

Butterflies and Moths of Croatia

Share photos of the beauty of Croatian butterflies and moths

Flowers of Europe

A stunning collection of flower photographs across Europe

Philippines Missions

Moths in the Philippines

Photograph moths and/or larvae in the Philippines

Butterflies in the Philippines

Document endemic, native or introduced butterflies in the Philippines

Odonata in the Philippines

Pictures of Dragonflies and Damselflies from the Philippines!

Endemic Species of the Philippines

Photograph endemic species of the Philippines. Endemic refers to species which can only be found in one specific region.

Plants of the Philippines

All Plants of the Philippines are welcome :)

Philippines Flowers

Share your favorite photographs of Philippines flowers

United States Missions

Raptors of California

Share your love of Raptors on the West Coast

Shorebirds of the Gulf Coast

Photograph shorebirds, including all birds in the order Charadriiformes, from any location bordering the Gulf of Mexico

Snakes of the Southeastern US

Spottings of wild snakes in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia!

Turtles of the Southeastern USA

Help to spot and identify the 42 turtle species found in the southeastern United States

Caterpillars of Eastern North America

Caterpillars in Northeastern United States and southeastern Canada

Caterpillars of the Southeastern USA

Caterpillars only located in the southeastern United States

Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Share photos of caterpillars, moths and butterflies in the Pacific Northwest

Spiders of Tennessee

Photos of Spiders and Arachnids in the State of Tennessee!

Fauna and Flora of Froghaven Farm

Spearheaded by Ranger Lisa Powers, this mission features spottings of wildlife and plants on Froghaven Farm in Tennessee.

Florida's Native Bees and Wasps

Photograph Florida's incredible native bees that pollinate our gardens and crops!

Wasps of Colorado

Help us to identify Wasps in Colorado State

Fungi of Louisiana

Explore the world of Fungi in Louisiana!

Edible and Medicinal Plants of Colorado

Identify hundreds of edible and medicinal plants in the beautiful state of Colorado

Minnesota Edible and Medicinal Plants

Have fun foraging wild edible plants in Minnesota!

Mushroom Hunting in New England

Photograph mushrooms in New England - New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island!

Oklahoma Wildflowers

Share sightings of wildflowers found in Oklahoma

Poisonous Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Photos and information about poisonous plants and fungi in the Pacific Northwest

Native Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Find native edible and medicinal plants in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and British Columbia

Past Missions

2020 Best Wildlife Photo

2019 Best Wildlife Photo - Species Interactions Special!

Mission WILD

Seeds and Seed Pods

Poisonous and Deadly Fungi of Arizona

Fungi of Tennessee

Caterpillars and Larvae of the Southwestern United States

Wildflowers of New York State

Moths of Maine

Moths of Western Ghats

Butterflies and Moths of the Southeast USA

Mushrooms of Northern Ontario and Quebec

Aves del Eje Cafetero Y Region Andina

Mushrooms of Appalachia

Wildflowers of Wisconsin

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