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Mission WILD

Mission WILD

We want you to submit your spottings of organisms in wilderness areas throughout the world! What qualifies as wilderness, you ask? 1. A place that is mostly biologically intact; and 2. A place that is legally protected so that it remains wild, and free of industrial infrastructure, and open to traditional indigenous use, or low impact recreation. Some examples include State & National Parks, National Forest, Nature Reserves, Open Space, etc. Learn more about wilderness areas Sign in to join mission

Mission WILD
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The WILD Foundation works to protect & interconnect at least half of the planet’s land & water to sustain the health, function & diversity of all life. We want to see your spottings of organisms located in wilderness areas all across the world! We will feature selected spottings on our WILD Foundation Facebook page. Learn more about The WILD Foundation

Mission WILD

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Recent Spottings

Greenfinch Zlatan Celebic 5 0 Greenfinch
Shaggy Ink Cap Zlatan Celebic 2 1 Shaggy Ink Cap
Grey Heron Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Grey Heron
Broadleaf stonecrop mauna Kunzah 5 2 Broadleaf stonecrop
Desirable Flabellina AlbertKang 14 6 Desirable Flabellina
Diamond Squid AlbertKang 12 0 Diamond Squid
Gray-footed chipmunk Brian38 4 0 Gray-footed chipmunk
Hairy Seahare AlbertKang 5 2 Hairy Seahare
pink spotted hawkmoth ornithoptera80 1 1 pink spotted hawkmoth
Fly agaric Zlatan Celebic 7 0 Fly agaric
Dark-eyed junco Jae 2 0 Dark-eyed junco
Eastern gray squirrel Jae 2 0 Eastern gray squirrel
Spindle Cowrie AlbertKang 1 0 Spindle Cowrie
Pacific banana slug Jae 2 0 Pacific banana slug
Admirable bolete Jae 8 2 Admirable bolete
Western columbine Jae 2 0 Western columbine
Garry oak Jae 2 0 Garry oak
Lungwort lichen Jae 4 0 Lungwort lichen
Northern Harrier Josh Asel 5 2 Northern Harrier
Hairy woodpecker Jae 3 0 Hairy woodpecker
Pacific madrone Jae 2 0 Pacific madrone
Great egret (adult) mauna Kunzah 4 2 Great egret (adult)
Black-spotted longhorn beetle Jae 2 0 Black-spotted longhorn beetle
Gooseneck barnacles mauna Kunzah 6 5 Gooseneck barnacles
Northern water snakes mauna Kunzah 5 2 Northern water snakes
orange sulpher ornithoptera80 1 2 orange sulpher
Spotted ground squirrel Brian38 20 14 Spotted ground squirrel
Purple-shot Copper; Manto púrpura arlanda 1 0 Purple-shot Copper; Manto púrpura
Iberian Marbled White; Medioluto Ibérica arlanda 1 0 Iberian Marbled White; Medioluto Ibérica
Chimney Sweeper; arlanda 1 0 Chimney Sweeper;
Bullwhip kelp mauna Kunzah 2 0 Bullwhip kelp
Iberian Marbled White; Medioluto Ibérica arlanda 3 0 Iberian Marbled White; Medioluto Ibérica
Viviparous lizard Jae 4 4 Viviparous lizard
Violet Carpenter Bee; Abejorro Carpintero arlanda 2 0 Violet Carpenter Bee; Abejorro Carpintero
Cinnabar moth; Polilla cinabrio arlanda 1 1 Cinnabar moth; Polilla cinabrio
Variegated meadowhawk mating ornithoptera80 2 1 Variegated meadowhawk mating
European Peacock; Mariposa pavo real arlanda 7 0 European Peacock; Mariposa pavo real
Queen of Spain Fritillary; Sofia arlanda 1 0 Queen of Spain Fritillary; Sofia
White-faced ibis Brian38 2 0 White-faced ibis
Two-banded longhorn beetle Jae 2 0 Two-banded longhorn beetle
Niobe Fritillary; Niobe arlanda 2 0 Niobe Fritillary; Niobe
Red slug Jae 3 0 Red slug
Dog rose; Escaramujo arlanda 3 0 Dog rose; Escaramujo
Holy flax; Botonera arlanda 6 2 Holy flax; Botonera
Central Bearded Dragon twolittletoddies 0 0 Central Bearded Dragon
Common toad Jae 3 0 Common toad
Black stink bug ornithoptera80 5 2 Black stink bug
Niobe Fritillary; Niobe arlanda 3 0 Niobe Fritillary; Niobe
Beefsteak fungus Jae 9 6 Beefsteak fungus
Guanaco josecardenasvejar 14 2 Guanaco

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