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Classroom Missions

Missions include challenging and meaningful investigation of wildlife science - from symbiotic relationships to mimetic animals and biodiversity! Browse our list of ongoing missions. Find one that inspires you to create an educational exercise for your students.

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz
2,830 participants
5,281 spottings
All wildlife

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

A collection of wildlife observations from schoolyards around the world!

Symbiotic Relationships
170 participants
324 spottings
All wildlife

Symbiotic Relationships

Symbiosis is a close and often long-term interaction between different species.

Mimetic Animals of the World
224 participants
559 spottings
All wildlife

Mimetic Animals of the World

One of thhe most striking survival strategies of animals is mimicking their environment.

Teaching Materials

Introductory teacher resources to explore ways to use Project Noah in your classroom.

Project Noah iBook

Our Wild Planet

Project Noah iBook
Tracking Alien Species

Sample lesson plan (PDF)

K-6 Lesson Plan
Writing Goes Wild

Sample lesson plan (PDF)

Middle School Plan
Self-guided Tree Tour

Sample lesson plan (PDF)

Homeschool Plan
Educational Posts on Social Media

Project Noah publishes weekly educational posts on wildlife, nature, ecology and citizen science across social media. Follow us on social media and introduce your classroom to our popular wildlife and nature writings!

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Project Noah Blog!

Introduce your classroom to Project Noah's nature blog! Project Noah has a multimedia Nature Blog where we write about wildlife, nature and citizen science!