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Project Noah is actively looking to connect with Sponsors to help support our platform. We would love to work with environmentally conscious businesses, educational institutions, non-for-profit organizations and foundations. With 825,000+ geotagged wildlife spottings worldwide, Project Noah is one of the largest crowsourced environmental platforms in the world.

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The Project Noah Story: A Global Community who Wildlife

Project Noah launched out of New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program in early 2010. The project began as an experiment to mobilize citizen scientists and build a digital butterfly net for the 21st century!

Our platform has grown into a global community of wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The Noah community has contributed 800,000+ wildlife spottings and 1.5 million+ global wildlife photographs from 196 countries!

Project Noah has also been honored to receive the following awards:

  • WSIS Prizes: 2017 champion in e-science category
  • World Summit Award: 2013 winner in mobile e-learning category
  • Cooney Prize in Innovation in Children’s Learning

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