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WILD Cities: Urban Biodiversity

WILD Cities: Urban Biodiversity

Cities are home to impressive biodiversity around the world. We want to see YOUR encounters with species dwelling in the urban environment, enriching our lives and connecting us to nature! Learn about WILD Cities here! Sign in to join mission

WILD Cities: Urban Biodiversity
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Millions of city-dwellers walk their local streets every day, but many overlook the multitude of animals and plants they pass. With this mission, in collaboration with The WILD Foundation, we are trying to build awareness and appreciation for our urban biodiversity. Join us and let’s get urban nature on the map!

WILD Cities: Urban Biodiversity

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Recent Spottings

ladybird beetle ekbellinger 1 2 ladybird beetle
Spotting ekbellinger 1 0 Spotting
Eurasian Jay Zlatan Celebic 6 1 Eurasian Jay
Turkey Vulture Dawn Lopez-Garanzuay 2 0 Turkey Vulture
Backswimmer Zlatan Celebic 3 1 Backswimmer
Rook Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Rook
Pied crow KarenSaxton 1 0 Pied crow
Large Milkweed Bug Ava T-B 2 0 Large Milkweed Bug
White-cheeked Pintail Zlatan Celebic 1 0 White-cheeked Pintail
Striated Grassbird SukanyaDatta 1 0 Striated Grassbird
Climbing Asparagus Fern Neil Ross 2 0 Climbing Asparagus Fern
Weevil with mite SukanyaDatta 1 0 Weevil with mite
Rufous-backed Shrike SukanyaDatta 1 0 Rufous-backed Shrike
Brown-headed Barbet SukanyaDatta 3 3 Brown-headed Barbet
Ants and Planthopper mutualism SukanyaDatta 3 0 Ants and Planthopper mutualism
Treehopper-ant mutualism SukanyaDatta 3 1 Treehopper-ant mutualism
Banana Skipper SukanyaDatta 2 1 Banana Skipper
Central Bearded Dragon twolittletoddies 0 0 Central Bearded Dragon
Black stink bug ornithoptera80 5 2 Black stink bug
White-breasted Waterhen (chick) SukanyaDatta 1 2 White-breasted Waterhen (chick)
Common Jezebel Butterfly SukanyaDatta 3 0 Common Jezebel Butterfly
Black kite Saturniidae27 3 0 Black kite
Cucumber moth ornithoptera80 4 3 Cucumber moth
Bird-poop Caterpillar SukanyaDatta 4 6 Bird-poop Caterpillar
Snail SukanyaDatta 1 0 Snail
Lent lily mauna Kunzah 1 0 Lent lily
Little yellow ornithoptera80 1 0 Little yellow
Thundercloud cherry plum tree mauna Kunzah 1 0 Thundercloud cherry plum tree
Australian Brush Turkey (mound-building) Neil Ross 7 9 Australian Brush Turkey (mound-building)
False parasol Tukup 5 0 False parasol
Hackberry emperor ornithoptera80 1 0 Hackberry emperor
Robin's eggshell mauna Kunzah 1 0 Robin's eggshell
Great Cormorant Zlatan Celebic 3 0 Great Cormorant
Two-Lined Spittlebug Matthew Hammond 1 0 Two-Lined Spittlebug
Eurasian Magpie; Urraca común arlanda 2 0 Eurasian Magpie; Urraca común
Purple-striped Grasshopper Mark51 1 0 Purple-striped Grasshopper
Insect SukanyaDatta 1 0 Insect
Great Blue Skimmer Matthew Hammond 1 2 Great Blue Skimmer
Alianthus webworm moth ornithoptera80 1 1 Alianthus webworm moth
Leafhopper Assassin Bug Nymph Matthew Hammond 1 0 Leafhopper Assassin Bug Nymph
Stinkbug Eggs Matthew Hammond 1 0 Stinkbug Eggs
Achemon sphinx moth ornithoptera80 1 0 Achemon sphinx moth
Southern flannel moth caterpillar ornithoptera80 1 0 Southern flannel moth caterpillar
Potter Wasp Brood Cells Matthew Hammond 3 0 Potter Wasp Brood Cells
Tersa sphinx moth ornithoptera80 1 1 Tersa sphinx moth
Eastern giant swallowtail caterpillar ornithoptera80 1 0 Eastern giant swallowtail caterpillar
Spined Micrathena Matthew Hammond 2 0 Spined Micrathena
Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle Matthew Hammond 2 0 Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle
Comb Footed Spider Matthew Hammond 0 5 Comb Footed Spider
Carolina Mantis Nymph Matthew Hammond 2 0 Carolina Mantis Nymph

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