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Moths of the World

Moths of the World

The official mission for National Moth Week! National Moth Week 2019 is July 20-28. Please do not add spottings of butterflies to this mission. The focus of this mission is to promote appreciation of the diversity, aesthetic value, and ecological importance of moths. Register a public or private event for free: http://nationalmothweek.org/register-a-nmw-event-2019/ Sign in to join mission

Moths of the World
Created by

Jacob Gorneau

Website 2,856 participants 38,495 spottings

Moths? Yes: a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door. In order for the best chances of identification, please provide: Sharp images of dorsal and ventral views (dorsal = right side up; ventral = upside down), when possible. Pictures of the head (the projections that resemble horns are called labial palps and can often be the key to family identification). A description of the approximate or exact size of the moth (wingspan, etc.).

Moths of the World

Lat: 42.36 Long: -74.05

Recent Spottings

False Tiger Moth Manoj Samuel Grg 4 2 False Tiger Moth
Automeris rectilinea Marquinhos Aventureiro 6 0 Automeris rectilinea
Geometrid Moth Felix Fleck 7 5 Geometrid Moth
Caterpillar of Cup/Limacodid Moth AlbertKang 13 2 Caterpillar of Cup/Limacodid Moth
Walker's moth Sckel 7 6 Walker's moth
Spiny-oak slug moth Tracey12 6 1 Spiny-oak slug moth
Bagworm Moth Richard Ong 8 7 Bagworm Moth
Wasp Moth Marquinhos Aventureiro 3 0 Wasp Moth
Moth Sckel 3 0 Moth
Morning-glory Plume Moth IvanPancic 2 2 Morning-glory Plume Moth
Sugarcane looper Sckel 3 0 Sugarcane looper
Imperial moth Tracey12 2 3 Imperial moth
Artichoke Plume Moth LaurenZarate 10 6 Artichoke Plume Moth
Dull Swirled HawkMoth Manoj Samuel Grg 3 0 Dull Swirled HawkMoth
Dark Hummingbird Hawkmoth Marek Koszorek 1 0 Dark Hummingbird Hawkmoth
Red Underwing Moth StephenLindsey 3 0 Red Underwing Moth
Oval-based Prominent Tracey12 2 0 Oval-based Prominent
Eastern Owlfly Marek Koszorek 1 2 Eastern Owlfly
Blinded Sphinx JimJohnson2 1 1 Blinded Sphinx
Yam Hawk Moth AlbertKang 5 0 Yam Hawk Moth
Spiny oak slugs moth ornithoptera80 1 0 Spiny oak slugs moth
Silver Y IvanPancic 1 0 Silver Y
Hawk moth Sckel 1 0 Hawk moth
Imperial moth Kaley2 1 0 Imperial moth
Imperial moth Jessica77 1 0 Imperial moth
Eubergia argyrea Francierlem 8 1 Eubergia argyrea
Clearwing Moth AlbertKang 2 5 Clearwing Moth
Hawk Moth AlbertKang 4 0 Hawk Moth
Tussock Moth SukanyaDatta 1 0 Tussock Moth
Tussock Moth SukanyaDatta 1 0 Tussock Moth
Spotting AntónioGinjaGinja 1 0 Spotting
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth Greg Shchepanek 5 0 Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
Calonotos aurifera Marquinhos Aventureiro 1 0 Calonotos aurifera
Automeris illustris Marquinhos Aventureiro 1 0 Automeris illustris
Spotted Phosphila Moth robert emond 1 0 Spotted Phosphila Moth
Geometrid moth DanielePralong 1 0 Geometrid moth
White Plume Moth Gaia80 1 0 White Plume Moth
Erebid moth Brian38 1 0 Erebid moth
Meal Moth Brian38 1 0 Meal Moth
Emerald Moth LaurenZarate 2 0 Emerald Moth
False Crocus Geometer Moth robert emond 1 0 False Crocus Geometer Moth
Spotting kiikurokuma 0 0 Spotting
Straight-lined plagodis Tracey12 1 0 Straight-lined plagodis
Small Eyed Sphinx BrittanieMcCormack 1 0 Small Eyed Sphinx
Synaphe punctalis Ioannis 1 0 Synaphe punctalis
Dotted Gray Moth Eduardo Axel Recillas Bautista 1 0 Dotted Gray Moth
Owlet Moth Caterpillar RichardOng 9 0 Owlet Moth Caterpillar
False Tiger Moth RichardOng 7 2 False Tiger Moth
Tobacco Cutworm Moth SukanyaDatta 1 0 Tobacco Cutworm Moth
Crotalaria Pod Borer Moth SukanyaDatta 1 2 Crotalaria Pod Borer Moth

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