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Moths of the World

Moths of the World

The official mission for National Moth Week! National Moth Week 2020 is July 18-26. Please do not add spottings of butterflies to this mission. The focus of this mission is to promote appreciation of the diversity, aesthetic value, and ecological importance of moths. Register an event for free here: Sign in to join mission

Moths of the World
Created by

Jacob Gorneau

Website 2,907 participants 39,492 spottings

Moths? Yes: a world of sphinxes, hawks, owls, tigers, and scary eyes, all waiting for you outside your door. In order for the best chances of identification, please provide: Sharp images of dorsal and ventral views (dorsal = right side up; ventral = upside down), when possible. Pictures of the head (the projections that resemble horns are called labial palps and can often be the key to family identification). A description of the approximate or exact size of the moth (wingspan, etc.).

Moths of the World

Lat: 42.36 Long: -74.05

Recent Spottings

Red slug caterpillar Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 5 3 Red slug caterpillar
Indomitable Melipotis Ornithoptera80 3 0 Indomitable Melipotis
Spotting SofiaD 4 3 Spotting
Common Spring Moth roshanvignarajah 1 0 Common Spring Moth
White Spring Moth roshanvignarajah 1 0 White Spring Moth
Blackberry looper moth Ornithoptera80 2 0 Blackberry looper moth
Spotting momsavang 1 0 Spotting
Birch Dagger roshanvignarajah 1 1 Birch Dagger
Common Eupithecia roshanvignarajah 1 0 Common Eupithecia
Garden Carpet Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Garden Carpet
Philippine Atlas Moth Sir Kokoy 7 9 Philippine Atlas Moth
Merry melipotis moth Saturniidae27 2 0 Merry melipotis moth
Amata Wasp Moth Sir Kokoy 2 0 Amata Wasp Moth
Soybean Looper Moth ForestDragon 2 1 Soybean Looper Moth
Ailanthus webworm ornithoptera80 2 0 Ailanthus webworm
Inornate pyrausta moth ornithoptera80 3 2 Inornate pyrausta moth
Subgothic Dart Moth ForestDragon 1 0 Subgothic Dart Moth
Discolored Renia Moth ForestDragon 1 0 Discolored Renia Moth
Golden Arches moth Ornithoptera80 2 0 Golden Arches moth
Chlorosea banksaria libtech0 6 6 Chlorosea banksaria
Inornate pyrausta moth ornithoptera80 1 0 Inornate pyrausta moth
Virginian tiger moth Maria dB 6 0 Virginian tiger moth
Great Oak dagger moth ornithoptera80 1 0 Great Oak dagger moth
Bagworm Moth sunnyjosef 5 7 Bagworm Moth
Black snout moth ornithoptera80 2 2 Black snout moth
Geometer Moth Manoj Kumar Grg 1 0 Geometer Moth
Pellucid Hawk Moth / Coffee Bee HawkMoth / Coffee Clearwing Manoj Kumar Grg 10 9 Pellucid Hawk Moth / Coffee Bee HawkMoth / Coffee Clearwing
Spotting momsavang 1 0 Spotting
Unknown moth momsavang 0 0 Unknown moth
Argyrosticta FernandoMSoares 3 1 Argyrosticta
Agreeable Tiger Moth ForestDragon 1 0 Agreeable Tiger Moth
Asimina Webworm Moth ForestDragon 1 0 Asimina Webworm Moth
White-speck moth Saturniidae27 0 0 White-speck moth
Geometer Moth Manoj Kumar Grg 10 0 Geometer Moth
Noctuid Moth Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Noctuid Moth
Erebid moth Sergio Monteiro 8 2 Erebid moth
Spotting Sergio Monteiro 2 1 Spotting
Salt marsh moth (♂) ornithoptera80 7 0 Salt marsh moth (♂)
Lichen Moth Richard Ong 1 0 Lichen Moth
Thyas honesta i_munasinghe 2 0 Thyas honesta
Common grass moth Saturniidae27 1 2 Common grass moth
Eye Looper Moth Manoj Kumar Grg 1 0 Eye Looper Moth
Marbled White Moth Manoj Kumar Grg 1 0 Marbled White Moth
Crambid moth Nature_Observer 2 0 Crambid moth
Spotting Sergio Monteiro 2 1 Spotting
Grass moth Nature_Observer 1 0 Grass moth
Large Lace Border Nature_Observer 1 0 Large Lace Border
Tussock Moth Manoj Kumar Grg 1 0 Tussock Moth
Geometer Moth Manoj Kumar Grg 1 0 Geometer Moth
Saturniid moth Sergio Monteiro 4 6 Saturniid moth

Recently joined

SofiaD Sir Kokoy Trajon Dewan
Photomadden CharleneBurgess Suchandra Das ninorecariomape
mwaltner Andrea Lim Nature_Observer Patrick Regoniel
Sachin Zaveri 2.0 Meera Sabu Puja Upadhyay umair3
Ampics shanuel bob5 FernandoMSoares
John Alaban - biodiversity capiz Raksha girleight izodstales
bugbren rocknrolltofu Tracey12 StephenLindsey
Alex C. EntomologyForKids roshanvignarajah 29xingl
Heatherbees libtech0 Georgina3 Pradeep
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