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Moths in the Philippines

Moths in the Philippines

Document moths in the Philippines by taking photographs and adding descriptive notes of moths and/or its larvae taken in the Philippine islands. Sign in to join mission

Moths in the Philippines
Created by

Leana Lahom-Cristobal

Website 102 participants 2,228 spottings

Moths play an important role in the natural ecosystem as pollinators and as food in the food chain. The tropical location and once extensive areas of rainforest in the Philippines resulted in high moth species diversity and very high level of endemism. Many moth species are yet to be described. Help us document moths in the Philippines by submitting your photos of moths taken in the Philippines and adding descriptive notes. * Data gathered from this mission are shared at Philippine Lepidoptera (PhiLep) community and are part of PhiLep's database of butterflies and moths in the Philippines.

Moths in the Philippines

Lat: 12.88 Long: 121.77

Recent Spottings

Oleander Hawk-Moth Caterpillar Dia Leor Paule 4 0 Oleander Hawk-Moth Caterpillar
Oleander Hawk-Moth Caterpillars Dia Leor Paule 1 0 Oleander Hawk-Moth Caterpillars
Lichen moth TajSALDO 6 4 Lichen moth
Wasp moth arne.roysland 1 0 Wasp moth
Sigela brauneata Moth TajSALDO 1 0 Sigela brauneata Moth
Tussock Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 1 0 Tussock Moth
Bagworm moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 3 0 Bagworm moth
Amata Wasp Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 2 0 Amata Wasp Moth
Sugarcane Looper ninorecariomape 1 0 Sugarcane Looper
Bagworm Moth (male) Leana Lahom-Cristobal 3 2 Bagworm Moth (male)
Moth AlbertKang 1 0 Moth
Vine or Silver-Sriped Hawk Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 6 0 Vine or Silver-Sriped Hawk Moth
Vine Hawk Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 6 1 Vine Hawk Moth
Plume Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 3 1 Plume Moth
Spotting Tricia Mae2 1 3 Spotting
Orgyia Tussock Moth (Caterpillar) arne.roysland 1 3 Orgyia Tussock Moth (Caterpillar)
Lime butterfly chrysalis TajSALDO 1 0 Lime butterfly chrysalis
Agaristine moth arne.roysland 1 3 Agaristine moth
Geometrid Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 1 0 Geometrid Moth
Geometrid Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 2 0 Geometrid Moth
Caterpillar of Oleander Hawk Moth AlbertKang 14 7 Caterpillar of Oleander Hawk Moth
Erebid Moth AlbertKang 2 0 Erebid Moth
Uraniid Moth AlbertKang 3 0 Uraniid Moth
Fruit-piercing moth Sean Cannon 1 0 Fruit-piercing moth
Oleander Hawkmoth Sean Cannon 1 0 Oleander Hawkmoth
Monkey Moth Noel Buensuceso 2 0 Monkey Moth
Oleander Hawk-moth Noel Buensuceso 1 0 Oleander Hawk-moth
Oleander Hawk Moth AlbertKang 3 1 Oleander Hawk Moth
Vine Hawk Moth Noel Buensuceso 1 0 Vine Hawk Moth
Erebid Moth Philippine Lepidoptera 1 0 Erebid Moth
Lined ruby tiger cocoon TajSALDO 1 2 Lined ruby tiger cocoon
Large yellow underwing chrysalis TajSALDO 1 2 Large yellow underwing chrysalis
Moth AlbertKang 1 2 Moth
Moth Reynaldo2 2 0 Moth
Erebid Moth Leana Lahom-Cristobal 1 0 Erebid Moth
Giant Silk Moth Noel Buensuceso 2 0 Giant Silk Moth
Privet Hawk Moth Noel Buensuceso 2 0 Privet Hawk Moth
Noctuid Moth AlbertKang 1 0 Noctuid Moth
Metalmark Moth AgnesAdiqueTalavera 7 2 Metalmark Moth
Callidula Butterfly-moth AgnesAdiqueTalavera 2 0 Callidula Butterfly-moth
Tiger Moth Noel Buensuceso 5 0 Tiger Moth
Impatiens hawkmoth or taro hornworm IvanLee 3 0 Impatiens hawkmoth or taro hornworm
Grass moth IvanLee 2 0 Grass moth
Geometer moth IvanLee 1 0 Geometer moth
Snouted Tiger Moth Grab 2 0 Snouted Tiger Moth
Erebid Moth AlbertKang 8 2 Erebid Moth
Green Pergesa Hawkmoth AlbertKang 6 0 Green Pergesa Hawkmoth
Hawkmoth AlbertKang 3 0 Hawkmoth
Geometrid Moth LindaAlisto 4 0 Geometrid Moth
Erebid Moth AlbertKang 3 0 Erebid Moth

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