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Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Please submit spottings of caterpillars, moths and butterflies at all stages of their development that are found outside and wild in the described area. Do not post spottings of lepidoptera in Butterfly Houses, cages or aquariums,etc. Thanks for keeping this a WILD mission! Sign in to join mission

Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest
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Website 63 participants 525 spottings

To record the present population of moths and butterflies in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest region of North America, including BC, Washington and northern Oregon.

Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Lat: 49.18 Long: -122.56

Recent Spottings

Western bruce spanmorm Brian38 3 0 Western bruce spanmorm
Mourning cloak Brian38 1 0 Mourning cloak
Mourning cloak Brian38 7 2 Mourning cloak
Alfalfa looper Brian38 2 0 Alfalfa looper
Mormon metalmark Brian38 6 2 Mormon metalmark
Blackberry clearwing borer moth Brian38 10 6 Blackberry clearwing borer moth
Melissa Blue Brian38 2 0 Melissa Blue
Jagged-border skipper Brian38 3 2 Jagged-border skipper
Two-tailed swallowtail Brian38 5 2 Two-tailed swallowtail
Mylitta crescent Brian38 1 0 Mylitta crescent
Silver-spotted skipper Brian38 2 0 Silver-spotted skipper
Sagebrush white Brian38 2 0 Sagebrush white
isabella tiger moth KarenSaxton 2 1 isabella tiger moth
Melissa blue (male) Brian38 1 0 Melissa blue (male)
Erebid moth Brian38 3 1 Erebid moth
Satyr Anglewing Brian38 3 0 Satyr Anglewing
Sagebrush white Brian38 3 0 Sagebrush white
Anise swallowtail Brian38 5 2 Anise swallowtail
West Coast lady Brian38 1 0 West Coast lady
California tortoiseshell Brian38 1 0 California tortoiseshell
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Western tiger swallowtail
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Western tiger swallowtail
Red admiral Brian38 1 0 Red admiral
Coronis Fritillary Brian38 2 0 Coronis Fritillary
Lorquin's admiral Brian38 3 2 Lorquin's admiral
Small white (mating) Brian38 3 0 Small white (mating)
Pink-edged Sulpher Brian38 7 0 Pink-edged Sulpher
Acmon Blue Brian38 3 2 Acmon Blue
Gray Hairstreak Brian38 9 2 Gray Hairstreak
Anise swallowtail Brian38 4 0 Anise swallowtail
Clouded sulphur (puddling) Brian38 4 0 Clouded sulphur (puddling)
Painted lady Brian38 2 0 Painted lady
Painted Fritillary Brian38 2 0 Painted Fritillary
Western Comma Brian38 7 2 Western Comma
Rocky Mountain clearwing Brian38 2 0 Rocky Mountain clearwing
Grizzled skipper Brian38 2 0 Grizzled skipper
Persius Duskywing Brian38 2 0 Persius Duskywing
Small Magpie Moth Brian38 1 0 Small Magpie Moth
Pale Tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Pale Tiger swallowtail
Western Tailed-Blue Brian38 3 0 Western Tailed-Blue
Painted lady Brian38 1 0 Painted lady
Two-tailed swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Two-tailed swallowtail
Silvery Blue Brian38 1 0 Silvery Blue
Anise Swallowtail Brian38 3 0 Anise Swallowtail
Edith's checkerspot Brian38 4 0 Edith's checkerspot
Mourning cloak Brian38 1 0 Mourning cloak
Anise swallowtail Brian38 2 2 Anise swallowtail
Large white (female) Brian38 2 0 Large white (female)
Margined white Brian38 2 0 Margined white
Western White-Ribboned Carpet Brian38 4 2 Western White-Ribboned Carpet

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