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Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Please submit spottings of caterpillars, moths and butterflies at all stages of their development that are found outside and wild in the described area. Do not post spottings of lepidoptera in Butterfly Houses, cages or aquariums,etc. Thanks for keeping this a WILD mission! Sign in to join mission

Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest
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To record the present population of moths and butterflies in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest region of North America, including BC, Washington and northern Oregon.

Moths and Butterflies of the Pacific Northwest

Lat: 49.18 Long: -122.56

Recent Spottings

Mormon Fritillary Brian38 3 0 Mormon Fritillary
Silvery Blue Brian38 1 0 Silvery Blue
Great Arctic Brian38 3 0 Great Arctic
Barberry geometer moth Brian38 2 0 Barberry geometer moth
Becker's White Brian38 1 0 Becker's White
California tortoiseshell Brian38 7 0 California tortoiseshell
Tebenna moth Brian38 4 2 Tebenna moth
Satyr Anglewing Brian38 2 0 Satyr Anglewing
Cabbage White (female) Brian38 1 0 Cabbage White (female)
Fall webworm (caterpillar) Brian38 1 3 Fall webworm (caterpillar)
Woodland skipper Brian38 3 0 Woodland skipper
Colorful Zale Moth Brian38 3 0 Colorful Zale Moth
Arctic fritillary Brian38 7 0 Arctic fritillary
Edith's checkerspot Brian38 7 0 Edith's checkerspot
Arctic fritillary Brian38 4 0 Arctic fritillary
Anna's Blue Brian38 3 0 Anna's Blue
Butterflies feeding on carrion Brian38 7 0 Butterflies feeding on carrion
Douglas-fir tussock moth Brian38 3 2 Douglas-fir tussock moth
Simple wave moth Brian38 2 0 Simple wave moth
White-banded black moth Brian38 1 0 White-banded black moth
Pacific fritillary Brian38 4 0 Pacific fritillary
California tortoiseshell Brian38 2 0 California tortoiseshell
California Tortoiseshell Brian38 3 2 California Tortoiseshell
Two-banded Checkered-Skipper Brian38 1 0 Two-banded Checkered-Skipper
Blue copper Brian38 2 0 Blue copper
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 5 3 Western tiger swallowtail
Dark wood-nymph Brian38 1 0 Dark wood-nymph
Square-spotted blue Brian38 3 0 Square-spotted blue
Large marble Brian38 6 0 Large marble
Great Arctic Brian38 3 0 Great Arctic
Coronis fritillary Brian38 1 0 Coronis fritillary
Coronis fritillary Brian38 7 2 Coronis fritillary
Lorquin's admiral Brian38 4 2 Lorquin's admiral
Lorquin's admiral Brian38 3 0 Lorquin's admiral
Clouded sulphur Brian38 1 0 Clouded sulphur
Boisduval's blue Brian38 1 0 Boisduval's blue
Northern cloudywing Brian38 1 0 Northern cloudywing
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 5 0 Western tiger swallowtail
Two-banded Checkered Skipper Brian38 1 0 Two-banded Checkered Skipper
Chequered skipper Brian38 4 0 Chequered skipper
Lorquin's admiral Brian38 2 0 Lorquin's admiral
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 2 3 Western tiger swallowtail
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 3 Western tiger swallowtail
Pale swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Pale swallowtail
Mylitta crescentspot Brian38 1 0 Mylitta crescentspot
Boisduval's blue (female) Brian38 1 0 Boisduval's blue (female)
Mylitta Crescent Brian38 4 0 Mylitta Crescent
Cinnabar moth Brian38 2 0 Cinnabar moth
Stella Orangetip Brian38 2 0 Stella Orangetip
Western pine elfin Brian38 2 0 Western pine elfin

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