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Backyard Habitats of the World

Backyard Habitats of the World

Please post pictures that you have personally taken of organisms from any of the 9 wildlife categories that you have seen in your own yard, including your garden. No Pets, please. In your own words, include as many details as you can, writing a brief description of the organism, the habitat in which it was seen, and any personal notes about your encounter. Sign in to join mission

Backyard Habitats of the World
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Some of the most remarkable nature and wildlife can be seen right in your own backyard! The focus of this mission is to share pictures of any and all wildlife that you observe in your own yard.

Backyard Habitats of the World

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Recent Spottings

Common Spring Moth roshanvignarajah 1 0 Common Spring Moth
Birch Dagger roshanvignarajah 1 1 Birch Dagger
Common Eupithecia roshanvignarajah 1 0 Common Eupithecia
Eastern leaf-footed bug Ornithoptera80 7 0 Eastern leaf-footed bug
False Bombardier Beetle Watson5 2 1 False Bombardier Beetle
Longhorn beetle /Черный пихтовый усач IrinaSh 0 1 Longhorn beetle /Черный пихтовый усач
Black Witch Moth LilianaCampozano 3 0 Black Witch Moth
Common Crow Richard Ong 4 0 Common Crow
Question mark butterfly, (laying eggs) ornithoptera80 1 0 Question mark butterfly, (laying eggs)
Halloween pennant ornithoptera80 4 0 Halloween pennant
Western Giant Swallowtail LilianaCampozano 3 0 Western Giant Swallowtail
Fiery skipper ornithoptera80 2 0 Fiery skipper
Mexican Sunflower LilianaCampozano 1 1 Mexican Sunflower
Spotting Sergio Monteiro 8 6 Spotting
Asian ladybeetle pupae ornithoptera80 1 0 Asian ladybeetle pupae
Sleepy orange ornithoptera80 1 0 Sleepy orange
Brown Longtail Butterfly LilianaCampozano 0 0 Brown Longtail Butterfly
Inca Dove LilianaCampozano 0 0 Inca Dove
Fiery skipper ornithoptera80 2 0 Fiery skipper
Common buckeye ornithoptera80 8 0 Common buckeye
Mexican finch (male) ornithoptera80 6 0 Mexican finch (male)
Grey hairstreak, (♂) ornithoptera80 3 0 Grey hairstreak, (♂)
Phaon crescent ♀ ornithoptera80 3 0 Phaon crescent ♀
Black snout moth ornithoptera80 2 2 Black snout moth
White Peacock LilianaCampozano 4 0 White Peacock
Widow skimmer, (♀) ornithoptera80 3 0 Widow skimmer, (♀)
Gulf fritillary butterfly ornithoptera80 3 0 Gulf fritillary butterfly
Red-tailed flesh fly ornithoptera80 1 0 Red-tailed flesh fly
Banded Peacock LilianaCampozano 2 0 Banded Peacock
Southern House Wren LilianaCampozano 1 1 Southern House Wren
Inkcap Saturniidae27 2 0 Inkcap
Eastern Rat Snake albear1960 1 0 Eastern Rat Snake
Two lined spittlebug ornithoptera80 1 0 Two lined spittlebug
Hooded skunk cobalttoad 4 0 Hooded skunk
Leafhopper assassin bug Saturniidae27 5 2 Leafhopper assassin bug
Fiery skipper (female) ornithoptera80 1 0 Fiery skipper (female)
Gulf fritillary, (♀) ornithoptera80 3 0 Gulf fritillary, (♀)
Wild turkey male cobalttoad 1 0 Wild turkey male
Salamander cobalttoad 1 0 Salamander
Gulf fritillary butterfly ornithoptera80 3 0 Gulf fritillary butterfly
Large Brown Mantid (female) Neil Ross 3 8 Large Brown Mantid (female)
Mexican Fritillary LilianaCampozano 7 1 Mexican Fritillary
Southern Black Widow Spider Tukup 2 0 Southern Black Widow Spider
Blue flatworm Mark Ridgway 6 3 Blue flatworm
Spotting Nature_Observer 3 0 Spotting
White Four Ring Nature_Observer 3 0 White Four Ring
Harefoot mushroom ornithoptera80 2 4 Harefoot mushroom
Gulf fritillary ornithoptera80 2 0 Gulf fritillary
Monkey Puzzle Nature_Observer 2 0 Monkey Puzzle
Question mark caterpillar, (3rd instar) ornithoptera80 11 4 Question mark caterpillar, (3rd instar)

Recently joined

Dawn D. Lopez Garanzuay Trajon cobalttoad Watson5
tb Nature_Observer Vividha Naik Saturniidae27
Ornithoptera80 robert emond Brian38 Sachin Zaveri 2.0
Tukup Sergio Monteiro Richard Ong MichaelS
Life Is Like a Lime Tom33 Matthew Hammond Raksha
i_munasinghe sciencegeyser Roy Arun Neil Ross
Zlatan Celebic Oscar Neto Mauron Kelly37
flowntheloop Tania17 MeaganKeefe Katydid5299
Lainey Homegrown Healthy Matthew Eppihimer anna mitelberg
KellyD.Gallo jodydf KarlaT monkey-mind and nana-puppet
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