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Global Dragonflies & Damselflies

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies

Share your photos of dragonflies and damselflies from around the world. Add descriptive habitat and behavior notes. We are especially interested in documenting swarm behavior which peeks in North America from July to September. Sign in to join mission

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies
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Dragonflies and damselflies are agile insects of the order Odonata. With a worldwide distribution and over 5,000 described species, these speedy and colorful Odonates are fascinating to study. Help us collect more information about these interesting insects, their behavior, and the habitats in which they are found. Join the Dragonflies and Damselflies of the World mission today!

Global Dragonflies & Damselflies

Recent Spottings

Tropical Berlandii drepanostc Deny 1 0 Tropical Berlandii drepanostc
Senegal Bluetail Deny 1 0 Senegal Bluetail
Flavohamatus - Hocktail Deny 2 0 Flavohamatus - Hocktail
Golden gem Deny 2 0 Golden gem
Indigo Dropwing Deny 2 0 Indigo Dropwing
Rainforest Elf Deny 1 0 Rainforest Elf
Saffron - faced blue dart Deny 2 0 Saffron - faced blue dart
Golden gem Deny 1 0 Golden gem
Golden gem Deny 1 0 Golden gem
Drepanosticta berlandi Deny 1 0 Drepanosticta berlandi
Crimson – Marsh Glider Deny 1 0 Crimson – Marsh Glider
Blue – Tailed Green Darner Deny 3 0 Blue – Tailed Green Darner
Senegal Golden Dartlet Deny 1 0 Senegal Golden Dartlet
Scarlet Skimmer Deny 1 0 Scarlet Skimmer
Common Darter RikMartin 1 0 Common Darter
Brown Dusky Hawk Deny 2 0 Brown Dusky Hawk
Sumbana Jewel Deny 1 1 Sumbana Jewel
Crimson – Marsh Glider Deny 1 0 Crimson – Marsh Glider
Ida’s Cascader Deny 1 0 Ida’s Cascader
Robust dropwing Deny 1 0 Robust dropwing
Black – Ringed River – Hawk Deny 1 0 Black – Ringed River – Hawk
Rufous Marsh Glider Deny 1 1 Rufous Marsh Glider
Fulvous Forest Skimmer Loux 1 0 Fulvous Forest Skimmer
dragonfly JAMES EDWARD MADDOX 1 1 dragonfly
Fulvous Forest Skimmer Loux 1 0 Fulvous Forest Skimmer
Neon Skimmer Dawn D. Lopez Garanzuay 3 3 Neon Skimmer
Blue Skimmer (male) armadeus.4 1 0 Blue Skimmer (male)
Widow Skimmer dragonfly Dawn D. Lopez Garanzuay 3 0 Widow Skimmer dragonfly
Black-tailed skimmer Marek Koszorek 0 0 Black-tailed skimmer
Blue Dasher Dawn D. Lopez Garanzuay 1 2 Blue Dasher
Libélula (carmine skimmer) kozoga 4 2 Libélula (carmine skimmer)
Globe Skimmer (male) armadeus.4 1 1 Globe Skimmer (male)
Slaty Skimmer tomk3886 3 2 Slaty Skimmer
Halloween pennant ornithoptera80 4 0 Halloween pennant
Gold-fronted River Damsel twolittletoddies 1 0 Gold-fronted River Damsel
Unidentified Gaia80 0 0 Unidentified
Blue-fronted dancer Saturniidae27 2 4 Blue-fronted dancer
Twelve-spotted skimmer (female) Brian38 2 0 Twelve-spotted skimmer (female)
Azure Darner Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Azure Darner
Spotting Georgina3 0 0 Spotting
Fiery Skimmer (male) Nature_Observer 3 0 Fiery Skimmer (male)
Marsh Skimmer - female Nature_Observer 3 2 Marsh Skimmer - female
California darner Brian38 9 5 California darner
Common picture wing Debabrata Karmakar 1 0 Common picture wing
Tapered-Tail Darner LauraLOVESbirds 0 1 Tapered-Tail Darner
Common Whitetail mature male ForestDragon 1 0 Common Whitetail mature male
Saffron-faced Blue Dart SharaN 1 3 Saffron-faced Blue Dart
Pacific forktail Brian38 1 0 Pacific forktail
Australian Tiger (male) Neil Ross 3 0 Australian Tiger (male)
Shining Gossamerwing Sachith Peiris 1 0 Shining Gossamerwing

Recently joined

LilianaCampozano 7LakesCitizenScientistsTeam Deny JAMES EDWARD MADDOX
Lori-Ann Vinayak Gilbile Dawn D. Lopez Garanzuay Trajon
Loux tomk3886 Saturniidae27 Suchandra Das
Nature_Observer Sachin Zaveri 2.0 Chris79 Puja Upadhyay
Ampics Harvey Salaga SharaN Sachith Peiris
SapoLocoCR Bittu Baidya bikeusa2010 Ornithoptera80
Mansi Matthew Hammond Pieter_vR Grey Catsidhe
Rocky Reviko T. Lembah Richard Ong robert emond i_munasinghe
Dawn Lopez-Garanzuay arne.roysland Senda Kala remkinloch
Tukup Michael Strydom smaurizi Morton1905
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