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2019 Best Wildlife Photo - Species Interactions Special!

2019 Best Wildlife Photo - Species Interactions Special!

Select your best wildlife photos from anywhere in the world for this global mission with a special theme, and enter as many times as you like. Please first read the mission description and discover our special theme for 2019. The mission is only for spottings submitted in 2019 fitting in that theme. While pictures taken earlier than 2019 are eligible, the spotting must have been created in 2019. Sign in to join mission

2019 Best Wildlife Photo - Species Interactions Special!
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We're calling for your best wildlife photos! The mission is for spottings submitted in 2019 fitting in our special theme. Pictures taken earlier than 2019 are eligible. Ineligible spottings will be removed. Winners will be announced for each organism category. Following our Habitat theme last year, this year we wish to bring attention to the “N” in Noah (Networked organisms and habitats), and we want you to emphasize interactions between species. We've all heard of the Web of Life: ecosystems are made up of living organisms and non-living matter, where all life forms depend on other elements for continued survival. Whether it’s symbiotic relationships, predation, food supply, pollinators in action or other type of interaction, show it in your shots, and/or describe it in your notes. Winners will be announced on social media and will receive some serious bragging rights! Mission photo by Tiz. See her spotting here!

2019 Best Wildlife Photo - Species Interactions Special!

Lat: 47.62 Long: 8.25

Recent Spottings

Red-eyed Treefrog Jonathan Sequeira 8 4 Red-eyed Treefrog
Green Peafowl Mona Pirih 3 2 Green Peafowl
Fungi Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Fungi
White-faced Capuchin eating a scorpion Jonathan Sequeira 1 1 White-faced Capuchin eating a scorpion
Texas spiny softshell turtle Brian38 5 0 Texas spiny softshell turtle
Spiny orb-weaver sunnyjosef 8 2 Spiny orb-weaver
eggplant leaf roller ornithoptera80 1 4 eggplant leaf roller
Finch Single D 1 0 Finch
Pied crow KarenSaxton 1 0 Pied crow
Bold Jumping Spider Matthew Hammond 8 8 Bold Jumping Spider
Bigleaf maple Jae 1 0 Bigleaf maple
Desirable Flabellina AlbertKang 14 6 Desirable Flabellina
Red and Silver Dewdrop Spider Richard Ong 16 14 Red and Silver Dewdrop Spider
Queen (butterfly) Brian38 4 0 Queen (butterfly)
Douglas Squirrel Glanecia 7 1 Douglas Squirrel
Wild olive tortoise beetle (larvae) Brian38 11 3 Wild olive tortoise beetle (larvae)
Dark-eyed junco Jae 2 0 Dark-eyed junco
Eastern gray squirrel Jae 2 0 Eastern gray squirrel
Spindle Cowrie AlbertKang 1 0 Spindle Cowrie
Pacific banana slug Jae 2 0 Pacific banana slug
Western columbine Jae 2 0 Western columbine
Garry oak Jae 2 0 Garry oak
Lungwort lichen Jae 4 0 Lungwort lichen
Northern Harrier Josh Asel 5 2 Northern Harrier
Cactus coreid Brian38 3 1 Cactus coreid
Pennate Diatom Machi 2 0 Pennate Diatom
Rotifer Machi 3 0 Rotifer
Hairy woodpecker Jae 3 0 Hairy woodpecker
Pacific madrone Jae 2 0 Pacific madrone
Smith's Bush Squirrel KarenSaxton 1 0 Smith's Bush Squirrel
Black-spotted longhorn beetle Jae 2 0 Black-spotted longhorn beetle
Sand Wasp bayucca 12 2 Sand Wasp
Fairy Barf Machi 1 0 Fairy Barf
North American River Otter Josh Asel 16 8 North American River Otter
Weevil with mite SukanyaDatta 1 0 Weevil with mite
White-patched skipper Brian38 1 0 White-patched skipper
Cactus coreid nymph Brian38 0 1 Cactus coreid nymph
Lion Mel11 1 3 Lion
Spotting twolittletoddies 4 2 Spotting
Viviparous lizard Jae 4 4 Viviparous lizard
Angle Shades Malcolm Wilton-Jones 0 1 Angle Shades
American white ibis Brian38 7 0 American white ibis
Ants and Planthopper mutualism SukanyaDatta 3 0 Ants and Planthopper mutualism
Treehopper-ant mutualism SukanyaDatta 3 1 Treehopper-ant mutualism
Marbled Gecko twolittletoddies 3 0 Marbled Gecko
African Elephant Mel11 10 0 African Elephant
European Peacock; Mariposa pavo real arlanda 7 0 European Peacock; Mariposa pavo real
Kodiak Brown Bear Machi 3 0 Kodiak Brown Bear
Two-banded longhorn beetle Jae 2 0 Two-banded longhorn beetle
Niobe Fritillary; Niobe arlanda 2 0 Niobe Fritillary; Niobe

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