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Butterflies & Moths of the World

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Submit photographs of butterflies and moths you encounter. Add descriptive notes about where you made your discovery. Sign in to join mission

Butterflies & Moths of the World
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Butterflies and Moths are insects of the order Lepidoptera. Their brilliant colors have inspired artistic depictions dating back to the Egyptians and their wing structure continues to inspire scientists and engineers today. Help us document their amazing diversity.

Butterflies & Moths of the World

Recent Spottings

Common Archduke ♀ Manoj Samuel Grg 4 0 Common Archduke ♀
Cloanthe Pirate Stephen Wain 5 3 Cloanthe Pirate
Contiguous Swift Manoj Samuel Grg 1 0 Contiguous Swift
Spotting Senda Kala 1 0 Spotting
Palamedes Swallowtail robert emond 2 0 Palamedes Swallowtail
Spotting Shou 1 0 Spotting
Common Brimstone(female) Gaia80 4 2 Common Brimstone(female)
Anise swallowtail Brian38 5 2 Anise swallowtail
Abbott's Sphinx abcoblentz 2 1 Abbott's Sphinx
Lorquin's admiral Shou 4 0 Lorquin's admiral
Southern Cloudywing robert emond 1 0 Southern Cloudywing
Mottled Pyrausta Moth robert emond 1 0 Mottled Pyrausta Moth
Gemmed Satyr robert emond 1 0 Gemmed Satyr
Dot-lined Wave robert emond 1 0 Dot-lined Wave
Erebid Day Flying moth Ruth Spigelman 1 0 Erebid Day Flying moth
Silver-washed Fritillary(male) Gaia80 2 0 Silver-washed Fritillary(male)
Red Admiral Gaia80 4 2 Red Admiral
Satyr Anglewing Brian38 2 0 Satyr Anglewing
Pearl Crescent robert emond 1 0 Pearl Crescent
Indian Owlet-Moth Manoj Samuel Grg 3 0 Indian Owlet-Moth
Great Eggfly Manoj Samuel Grg 3 0 Great Eggfly
Sagebrush white Brian38 2 0 Sagebrush white
Falcate Oakblue Manoj Samuel Grg 1 0 Falcate Oakblue
Common Yeoman Manoj Samuel Grg 3 0 Common Yeoman
Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger Manoj Samuel Grg 2 0 Ceylon Blue Glassy Tiger
Spring Azure GhostBurglar 1 0 Spring Azure
Owlet Moth Manoj Samuel Grg 5 4 Owlet Moth
Tiny Grass Blue or Gaika Blue Leana Lahom-Cristobal 1 0 Tiny Grass Blue or Gaika Blue
Australian/Yellow Admiral Butterfly JamesPriest2 1 0 Australian/Yellow Admiral Butterfly
Common Mormon i_munasinghe 1 0 Common Mormon
Clouded Silver Gaia80 1 0 Clouded Silver
Thicket hairstreak mauna Kunzah 1 4 Thicket hairstreak
Lymantriid moth caterpillar i_munasinghe 1 0 Lymantriid moth caterpillar
West Coast lady Brian38 1 0 West Coast lady
California tortoiseshell Brian38 1 0 California tortoiseshell
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Western tiger swallowtail
Western tiger swallowtail Brian38 1 0 Western tiger swallowtail
Red admiral Brian38 1 0 Red admiral
Chestnut Angle (Skipper) Manoj Samuel Grg 3 0 Chestnut Angle (Skipper)
Silver Y Gaia80 1 0 Silver Y
Common Yellow Swallowtail Gaia80 1 0 Common Yellow Swallowtail
Small Moth Gaia80 1 0 Small Moth
Common Carpet Gaia80 1 0 Common Carpet
Lappet Moth Larvae Manoj Samuel Grg 1 0 Lappet Moth Larvae
Tawny Rajah Manoj Samuel Grg 1 0 Tawny Rajah
Staff Sergeant Manoj Samuel Grg 1 0 Staff Sergeant
Ringlet arne.roysland 4 0 Ringlet
Erebid Moth Manoj Samuel Grg 2 2 Erebid Moth
Monkey puzzle i_munasinghe 3 0 Monkey puzzle
Horase's Duskywing robert emond 1 0 Horase's Duskywing

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Jolie Rocky Reviko T. Lembah ornithoptera80 Saturniidae27
i_munasinghe Ruth Spigelman arne.roysland Senda Kala
David_Reedman Sneha Katjusch Tukup
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CEJ jimmyboy Holly M fernams
calo.hk Tardigradehunter Manoj Samuel Grg Pieter_vR
Rinzy Doren B Life Is Like a Lime AkshayGawade
Sally9 SeanGY Alex C. robert emond
Stephen Wain myrto Jamie Grant Marinus Dominus
Roman Nenashev Oscar Neto Odette.b Morton1905
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