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Mushroom Mapping

Mushroom Mapping

If you see a mushroom, take a picture of it and submit your data. Make sure to include a habitat description and applicable notes on nearby tree types, the presence of other mushrooms, odor, spore print color, and whether the cap is slimy or dry. Sign in to join mission

Mushroom Mapping
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Mushroom ecology is a pivotal orientation point for exploring urban systems. Help us gather important data and spread knowledge about mushrooms by documenting their locations in your area. The Mushroom Mapping project is a collaborative effort between Columbia’s Urban Landscape Lab, Spatial Information Design Lab and StrataSpore.

Mushroom Mapping

Recent Spottings

Earthstar; Estrella de tierra arlanda 4 0 Earthstar; Estrella de tierra
Split Gills Christine Y. 2 0 Split Gills
Orange peel fungus shebebusynow 8 1 Orange peel fungus
Chippewa Boletus Christine Y. 6 0 Chippewa Boletus
Trichaptum Fungus Christine Y. 1 0 Trichaptum Fungus
Earthstar; Estrella de tierra arlanda 3 2 Earthstar; Estrella de tierra
olive wax cap shebebusynow 4 1 olive wax cap
cort vanduzerensis mushroom shebebusynow 5 0 cort vanduzerensis mushroom
Corrugated-cap Milky Machi 2 0 Corrugated-cap Milky
Candlesnuff fungus shebebusynow 10 0 Candlesnuff fungus
Unknown spotting Christine Y. 1 0 Unknown spotting
Cortinar Mushroom Christine Y. 2 0 Cortinar Mushroom
Violet-toothed Polypore Christine Y. 1 0 Violet-toothed Polypore
Ridged Tooth Christine Y. 4 0 Ridged Tooth
Soapy Knight Christine Y. 1 0 Soapy Knight
Hairy Long Stem Marasmius Christine Y. 11 3 Hairy Long Stem Marasmius
Coker's Lavender Staining Amanita Christine Y. 2 0 Coker's Lavender Staining Amanita
Petticoat Mottlegill Machi 1 0 Petticoat Mottlegill
Golden Scalycap Christine Y. 1 0 Golden Scalycap
Agrocybe Mushrooms Machi 1 0 Agrocybe Mushrooms
Bracket Fungus Machi 1 0 Bracket Fungus
Earthy inocybe Brian38 7 1 Earthy inocybe
Gypsy Mushroom Christine Y. 2 0 Gypsy Mushroom
Scarlet fairy helmet Brian38 2 0 Scarlet fairy helmet
Questionable Stropharia Brian38 3 0 Questionable Stropharia
Hongo Blanco TonyHdz 1 0 Hongo Blanco
Mushroom SukanyaDatta 1 0 Mushroom
Split Gills Christine Y. 4 0 Split Gills
Unknown spotting Brian38 1 0 Unknown spotting
Decorated Mop Brian38 1 0 Decorated Mop
Stalked Puffball Machi 3 0 Stalked Puffball
Unknown spotting shebebusynow 2 0 Unknown spotting
conifer witch's butter shebebusynow 2 0 conifer witch's butter
Foul Clitocybe Christine Y. 3 0 Foul Clitocybe
Climacocystis Borealis Christine Y. 4 2 Climacocystis Borealis
Shaggy parasol Brian38 8 4 Shaggy parasol
Herald of Winter flowntheloop 3 2 Herald of Winter
Orange-Yellow Marasmius Christine Y. 3 0 Orange-Yellow Marasmius
Spindle-shaped Fairy Club Christine Y. 10 1 Spindle-shaped Fairy Club
Suillus Mushroom Christine Y. 4 0 Suillus Mushroom
Honey Mushrooms Christine Y. 2 0 Honey Mushrooms
Bird's Nest Fungus Machi 5 0 Bird's Nest Fungus
Cortinar Mushroom Christine Y. 1 0 Cortinar Mushroom
Luminescent Panellus Christine Y. 5 4 Luminescent Panellus
Ramaria Coral Fungus Christine Y. 7 4 Ramaria Coral Fungus
Rollrim Mushroom Christine Y. 2 0 Rollrim Mushroom
purple edge bonnet shebebusynow 1 0 purple edge bonnet
Gold-flecked Woodwax Christine Y. 2 0 Gold-flecked Woodwax
Warted Puffball Christine Y. 2 0 Warted Puffball
Unknown Resupinate Polypore flowntheloop 3 3 Unknown Resupinate Polypore

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