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Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture

Please add you pictures of birds nests, bee hives, wasp nests, bird bowers, gorilla and chimp sleeping nests, spider webs, and any other animal intentionally created structure. Sign in to join mission

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture
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Ava T-B

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This mission is to document the incredible architectural abilities of animals from all genera.

Nests, hives, bowers, webs & other animal architecture

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Recent Spottings

Bagworm Moth Richard Ong 5 5 Bagworm Moth
Baya Weaver Richard Ong 2 2 Baya Weaver
Paper Wasp Gaia80 1 0 Paper Wasp
Spotting GinniBaggettRadford 2 0 Spotting
Common Hornet Nest Manoj Samuel Grg 6 2 Common Hornet Nest
Spotting Neil Ross 9 13 Spotting
Trash Line Spider LaurenZarate 10 2 Trash Line Spider
Trash-line Spider LaurenZarate 7 0 Trash-line Spider
Trash Line Spider LaurenZarate 1 0 Trash Line Spider
Bagworm SukanyaDatta 1 0 Bagworm
Nest of Olive-backed Oriole Neil Ross 2 0 Nest of Olive-backed Oriole
Lacewing Larva with its Trash Packet LaurenZarate 1 0 Lacewing Larva with its Trash Packet
Leaf Curling Spider Neil Ross 8 8 Leaf Curling Spider
Spotting JordiPrats 1 0 Spotting
Pacific Wren: successful nesting near man KarenSaxton 1 1 Pacific Wren: successful nesting near man
Bushtit nest Shou 2 0 Bushtit nest
Great Blue Heron Machi 2 0 Great Blue Heron
Spotting mauna Kunzah 1 0 Spotting
Paper Wasp Zlatan Celebic 4 0 Paper Wasp
European Starling Zlatan Celebic 4 1 European Starling
Cicada Chimney Tukup 9 5 Cicada Chimney
Spider Ava T-B 1 1 Spider
Pipe Organ Mud Dauber Machi 1 3 Pipe Organ Mud Dauber
Sandhill Crane Machi 12 6 Sandhill Crane
Nesting Birds SukanyaDatta 2 2 Nesting Birds
Evergreen Bagworm Case Christine Y. 5 3 Evergreen Bagworm Case
Blue-spotted Mudskipper(turret) SukanyaDatta 6 3 Blue-spotted Mudskipper(turret)
Wood Mouse Zlatan Celebic 4 0 Wood Mouse
Spider SukanyaDatta 0 0 Spider
Jackdaw Malcolm Wilton-Jones 4 1 Jackdaw
Red Dwarf Honey Bee Nest Bernadette S 5 0 Red Dwarf Honey Bee Nest
Laughing dove nest Senda Kala 2 0 Laughing dove nest
Great Kiskadee Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 2 4 Great Kiskadee
Icicle Wasp Tukup 1 0 Icicle Wasp
Warrior wasp Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 5 3 Warrior wasp
Dwarf honey bee Senda Kala 1 2 Dwarf honey bee
Common Paper Wasp (and nest) Neil Ross 1 0 Common Paper Wasp (and nest)
Cribellate Spider Atul 1 0 Cribellate Spider
Praying Mantis Egg Case Senda Kala 0 3 Praying Mantis Egg Case
Osprey KarenSaxton 0 2 Osprey
Lynx spider Wild Things 1 0 Lynx spider
Wasp Tukup 4 0 Wasp
Old Woodpecker Tracks Tukup 0 2 Old Woodpecker Tracks
Wasp Tukup 3 1 Wasp
Bald eagle Brian38 4 0 Bald eagle
Wasp Tukup 1 0 Wasp
Yellow Brown Paper Wasp (and nest) Neil Ross 3 0 Yellow Brown Paper Wasp (and nest)
Bird’s Nest mauna Kunzah 0 4 Bird’s Nest
Western Osprey mauna Kunzah 2 0 Western Osprey
Hummingbird's nest Ali Fear 6 2 Hummingbird's nest

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