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Spiders of Tennessee

Spiders of Tennessee

Please post good clear photos of spiders and other arachnids found in the state of Tennessee only. Photos should be sufficiently detailed to enable the species to be identified. Sign in to join mission

Spiders of Tennessee
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The state of Tennessee boasts a huge variety of spiders and other arachnids such as harvestmen, ticks and mites. Lets see how many different species we can collect through this mission!

Spiders of Tennessee

Lat: 35.46 Long: -87.02

Recent Spottings

Spotted Orbweaver Julie36 1 0 Spotted Orbweaver
Unknown Drill Sergeant 2 3 Unknown
Unknown spotting JDMallory 1 3 Unknown spotting
Giant Lichen Orbweaver LisaPowers 7 0 Giant Lichen Orbweaver
Unknown spotting NoamFossi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Two-band Ant Mimic NoamFossi 1 0 Two-band Ant Mimic
Jumping Spider NoamFossi 1 0 Jumping Spider
Carolina Wolf Spider NoamFossi 1 0 Carolina Wolf Spider
Woodlouse Spider NoamFossi 1 0 Woodlouse Spider
Trap door Spider JDMallory 1 0 Trap door Spider
Unknown spotting chesterbperry 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting chesterbperry 1 0 Unknown spotting
Black and Yellow Garden Spider rohanberg 3 0 Black and Yellow Garden Spider
Spotted Orbweaver NoamFossi 3 0 Spotted Orbweaver
Carolina wolf spider PhotoginTN 4 6 Carolina wolf spider
Unknown spotting willsmith51892 2 1 Unknown spotting
Black and Yellow Argiope ms.harris.the.math.genius 1 0 Black and Yellow Argiope
Spotted orbweaver PhotoginTN 1 2 Spotted orbweaver
Brown Recluse/Violin Spider hourglasstym 2 4 Brown Recluse/Violin Spider
Unknown spotting chesterbperry 3 1 Unknown spotting
Cribellate Orb Weaver LisaPowers 4 0 Cribellate Orb Weaver
Cardinal Jumping Spider EricHillstrom 3 1 Cardinal Jumping Spider
Jumping spider vs aphid KarenL 7 0 Jumping spider vs aphid
Unknown spotting Melissa_M 1 1 Unknown spotting
Star-bellied Orbweaver Melissa_M 0 0 Star-bellied Orbweaver
Recluse Spider KimberlyDuran 1 0 Recluse Spider
Striped Lynx Spider, female KimberlyDuran 1 0 Striped Lynx Spider, female
Garden Orb Weaver Cindyloohoo 1 0 Garden Orb Weaver
Jumping Spider KimberlyDuran 1 0 Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider Cindyloohoo 4 1 Jumping Spider
Crab Spider LisaPowers 3 0 Crab Spider
Crab spider - female LisaPowers 1 1 Crab spider - female
Six Spotted Fishing Spider Cindyloohoo 1 0 Six Spotted Fishing Spider
Orchard Orbweaver Cindyloohoo 1 0 Orchard Orbweaver
Jumping Spider LisaPowers 1 0 Jumping Spider
Hentzia Jumping Spider KimberlyDuran 1 0 Hentzia Jumping Spider
Ant-Mimicking Spider KimberlyDuran 2 1 Ant-Mimicking Spider
Slender Crab Spider KimberlyDuran 1 3 Slender Crab Spider
Triangulate Cobweb Spider KimberlyDuran 1 0 Triangulate Cobweb Spider
Ravine trap-door spider (juvenile male) KarenL 4 2 Ravine trap-door spider (juvenile male)
Green jumping spider ThomasCaelifera 4 0 Green jumping spider
Black widow ThomasCaelifera 2 0 Black widow
furrow spider ThomasCaelifera 2 0 furrow spider
grass spider ThomasCaelifera 1 0 grass spider
Orchard spider ThomasCaelifera 1 0 Orchard spider
Spined micrathena ThomasCaelifera 1 0 Spined micrathena
Bold jumper (immature) KarenL 7 0 Bold jumper (immature)
Goldenrod Crab Spider PhotoginTN 2 6 Goldenrod Crab Spider
Spined Micrathena Cindyloohoo 2 0 Spined Micrathena
Jumping spider KarenL 6 0 Jumping spider

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