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Florida's Native Bees and Wasps

Florida's Native Bees and Wasps

America's native bees and wasps are finally getting the attention they have long deserved- they have been pollinating our crops and gardens for eons- and doing it better, faster, and more efficiently than the imported european honeybee! Florida has some incredible wasps and native bees- we just need to stop and pay attention to them. Don't worry- most of them are not aggressive unless deliberately harrassed. (Only the yellow-jackets and bald-faced hornets are undeniably hot-headed!) So, keep your eyes open, and your camera in hand, keep a cool head, and get some fantastic photos of our amazing wasps and bees! Sign in to join mission

Florida's Native Bees and Wasps
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Document as many of Florida's NATIVE wasp and bee species as possible. (The honeybee is a European import.... stick to our natives, please.)

Florida's Native Bees and Wasps

Lat: 29.11 Long: -82.01

Recent Spottings

Weevil wasp RickBohler 8 3 Weevil wasp
Cuckoo Wasp RickBohler 8 2 Cuckoo Wasp
Paper Wasp dcslaugh 2 1 Paper Wasp
Metallic Green Sweat Bee ♀ Machi 16 12 Metallic Green Sweat Bee ♀
Black and Yellow Mud Dauber nest KarenPuracan 2 1 Black and Yellow Mud Dauber nest
Ichneumon Wasp Machi 2 0 Ichneumon Wasp
Thynnid Wasp Machi 3 3 Thynnid Wasp
Scoliid wasp ♂ Machi 0 1 Scoliid wasp ♂
Spotting Machi 0 2 Spotting
Southern Carpenter Bee Rosa Maria 2 0 Southern Carpenter Bee
Ichneumon Wasp Machi 0 0 Ichneumon Wasp
Striped-Sweat Bee palhofm 0 0 Striped-Sweat Bee
Paper Wasp Machi 0 2 Paper Wasp
Red Wasp RickBohler 4 4 Red Wasp
Evaniidae or Ensign Wasp RickBohler 7 4 Evaniidae or Ensign Wasp
Cuckoo wasp RickBohler 14 7 Cuckoo wasp
Mud dauber nest FoxExplorer 2 0 Mud dauber nest
Paper wasp zoomiamics 4 2 Paper wasp
Paper Wasp BrianStephens 0 1 Paper Wasp
Spotting Musephotos 0 0 Spotting
Velvet Ant/Cow Killer Ant male RickBohler 4 0 Velvet Ant/Cow Killer Ant male
Paper Wasp Kayleigh Douglass 2 1 Paper Wasp
Red velvet ant or Cow Killer Ant RickBohler 14 16 Red velvet ant or Cow Killer Ant
Spotting BrianStephens 3 2 Spotting
Bumble Bee salamander425 0 1 Bumble Bee
Spotting BrianStephens 1 1 Spotting
Cicada Killer Karen Hileman 2 5 Cicada Killer
Spotting Musephotos 1 2 Spotting
Yellow Jacket BrianStephens 2 2 Yellow Jacket
Honey Bee l0c0tez 1 1 Honey Bee
cuckoo wasp RickBohler 6 0 cuckoo wasp
Sand Live Oak WASP GALL KarenPuracan 0 4 Sand Live Oak WASP GALL
Yellowjacket RickBohler 17 6 Yellowjacket
Spotting KarenPuracan 0 0 Spotting
Florida Scarab Hunter KarenPuracan 0 0 Florida Scarab Hunter
Black and Yellow Mud Dauber KarenPuracan 0 0 Black and Yellow Mud Dauber
Mason Bees?? KarenPuracan 0 0 Mason Bees??
Mason Bee? KarenPuracan 0 0 Mason Bee?
Oleander Caterpillar Matthew McCann 0 0 Oleander Caterpillar
Wild Honey Bees msp05f 0 1 Wild Honey Bees
Spotting BrianStephens 0 0 Spotting
Scarab-Hunter KarenPuracan 0 1 Scarab-Hunter
Organ Pipe Mud Dauber Nests KarenPuracan 0 0 Organ Pipe Mud Dauber Nests
Steel-blue Cricket Hunter zoomiamics 0 0 Steel-blue Cricket Hunter
Spotting DraperJones 0 0 Spotting
Paper Wasp SharonMagner 0 0 Paper Wasp
Spotting klmoore21 0 0 Spotting
Spider Wasp SharonMagner 0 0 Spider Wasp
Chalcidid Wasp Machi 0 0 Chalcidid Wasp
Spotting Machi 0 0 Spotting

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