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The Color Red

The Color Red

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The Color Red
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The color red is a bold color that represents passion. We would like to create a collection of wildlife images based on the color red to show our passion for nature and the preservation of ecosystems worldwide.

The Color Red

Recent Spottings

Red-eyed Treefrog Jonathan Sequeira 12 5 Red-eyed Treefrog
Northern cardinal Brian38 5 0 Northern cardinal
Coral-pink Merulius Matthew Hammond 3 1 Coral-pink Merulius
Cinnabar Polypore Matthew Hammond 3 0 Cinnabar Polypore
Painted Lady Muckpuk 1 0 Painted Lady
Vine cactus Brian38 1 0 Vine cactus
Desert Christmas cholla Brian38 4 0 Desert Christmas cholla
Peter's twinspot KarenSaxton 5 3 Peter's twinspot
green anole ornithoptera80 1 0 green anole
Red Paper Wasp Brian38 1 0 Red Paper Wasp
Variegated meadowhawk mating ornithoptera80 2 1 Variegated meadowhawk mating
Yellow woolly bear ornithoptera80 3 1 Yellow woolly bear
Common buckeye ornithoptera80 1 0 Common buckeye
Spotting Summer8 1 2 Spotting
Unknown IvanPancic 0 1 Unknown
Red Spider Lily Matthew Hammond 6 4 Red Spider Lily
Hackberry emperor ornithoptera80 1 0 Hackberry emperor
Himalayan Cinquefoil Atul 3 0 Himalayan Cinquefoil
Red admiral Brian38 2 0 Red admiral
Cow Killers (Mating, with Nest) Matthew Hammond 4 0 Cow Killers (Mating, with Nest)
Dwarf Gulf fritillary ornithoptera80 2 0 Dwarf Gulf fritillary
Autumn meadowhawk JimJohnson2 0 2 Autumn meadowhawk
Zelia Vertebrata Matthew Hammond 8 8 Zelia Vertebrata
Snail-killer Carabid Brian38 13 13 Snail-killer Carabid
Red Harvester Ant Steven Sheppard 1 0 Red Harvester Ant
Common Honeysuckle; Madreselva de los Bosques, arlanda 9 2 Common Honeysuckle; Madreselva de los Bosques,
Gulf fritillary ornithoptera80 1 0 Gulf fritillary
Gulf Fritillary (Caterpillar) Matthew Hammond 3 1 Gulf Fritillary (Caterpillar)
Giant Spear Lily Neil Ross 3 0 Giant Spear Lily
Cherry-faced Meadowfly Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Cherry-faced Meadowfly
Atlantic Puffin Muckpuk 3 0 Atlantic Puffin
Red Headed Woodpecker KarenSaxton 1 0 Red Headed Woodpecker
Red shield bug Pieter_vR 3 2 Red shield bug
Naked Tachinid Fly Brian38 3 0 Naked Tachinid Fly
Blood-vein IvanPancic 1 0 Blood-vein
Purple starfish Pieter_vR 4 0 Purple starfish
Winterberry Gary17 1 0 Winterberry
Thimbleberry Brian38 1 0 Thimbleberry
Western Spotted Coralroot Gary17 1 0 Western Spotted Coralroot
Thick encrusting scarlet sponge Brian38 2 0 Thick encrusting scarlet sponge
Red rock crab (premating hug) Brian38 2 0 Red rock crab (premating hug)
Band-winged meadowhawk Brian38 4 2 Band-winged meadowhawk
Black And Red Bug Gaia80 4 3 Black And Red Bug
Burrowing Wasp (female) Brian38 1 0 Burrowing Wasp (female)
Spotting JimJohnson2 0 0 Spotting
European Peacock Gaia80 3 0 European Peacock
Minstrel Bug Gaia80 4 2 Minstrel Bug
Red-breasted sapsucker Shou 10 1 Red-breasted sapsucker
Red Admiral Gaia80 4 2 Red Admiral
Great golden digger wasp Brian38 2 0 Great golden digger wasp

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