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2020 Best Wildlife Photo

2020 Best Wildlife Photo

Share your 2020 best wildlife photos from anywhere in the world in this global mission! Select the 2020 Best Wildlife Photo Mission when submitting. Enter as many times as you like! Please read the mission description. Sign in to join mission

2020 Best Wildlife Photo
Created by

Michael Sarill

Website 31 participants 185 spottings

Project Noah is calling for your best wildlife photos! This mission is open to members from all over the world and will run all of 2020. The mission is for wildlife pictures submitted in 2020. The best photo will be decided by popularity and final voting by our Rangers. Together with the quality of your shots, Rangers will also take into account a combination of factors including the quality of original information provided in the habitat and description sections. The winners will be announced on Facebook and Twitter and will receive some serious bragging rights!

2020 Best Wildlife Photo

Lat: 40.76 Long: -73.97

Recent Spottings

Ostrich mating behavior KarenSaxton 3 0 Ostrich mating behavior
Spotted Hyena KarenSaxton 3 0 Spotted Hyena
Variegated cutworm moth ornithoptera80 2 0 Variegated cutworm moth
Ground lizard Mel11 2 1 Ground lizard
Peacock Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Peacock
Buzzard Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Buzzard
Teal soldier fly ornithoptera80 1 0 Teal soldier fly
Jackdaw Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Jackdaw
Egyptian Goose Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Egyptian Goose
Cape Starling Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Cape Starling
White crab spider sunnyjosef 1 0 White crab spider
African Queen Zlatan Celebic 1 0 African Queen
Earthworm Cocoon Muckpuk 11 16 Earthworm Cocoon
Pale Chanting Goshawk KarenSaxton 1 0 Pale Chanting Goshawk
Kenyan rock agama KarenSaxton 1 0 Kenyan rock agama
Rüppell's korhaan Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Rüppell's korhaan
Red-crested Korhaan Zlatan Celebic 1 1 Red-crested Korhaan
Rook Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Rook
Two-tailed Pasha Zlatan Celebic 2 2 Two-tailed Pasha
Silver long jawed orb-weaver ornithoptera80 1 0 Silver long jawed orb-weaver
Rufous-crowned Roller Zlatan Celebic 3 0 Rufous-crowned Roller
Common Blunt-headed Vine Snake dandoucette 8 3 Common Blunt-headed Vine Snake
Gray tree frog Earthling 1 0 Gray tree frog
Swallow-tailed Bee-eater Zlatan Celebic 2 1 Swallow-tailed Bee-eater
Slug mama and eggs Muckpuk 7 5 Slug mama and eggs
Grey go-away-bird Zlatan Celebic 7 2 Grey go-away-bird
Zinnia Saturniidae27 1 0 Zinnia
Common pheasant (female) Marek Koszorek 5 0 Common pheasant (female)
White-browed Sparrow-weaver Zlatan Celebic 1 1 White-browed Sparrow-weaver
Song Thrush Marek Koszorek 1 0 Song Thrush
Northern Masked Weaver KarenSaxton 2 0 Northern Masked Weaver
Convergent lady beetle Saturniidae27 1 0 Convergent lady beetle
Ostrich Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Ostrich
Bent lined carpet moth ornithoptera80 1 0 Bent lined carpet moth
African Hoopoe Zlatan Celebic 1 0 African Hoopoe
Stonechat Marek Koszorek 0 0 Stonechat
Wood pigeon Marek Koszorek 0 0 Wood pigeon
Common brimstone Marek Koszorek 0 0 Common brimstone
Silver long jawed orbweaver eating a long legged fly ornithoptera80 1 0 Silver long jawed orbweaver eating a long legged fly
Rock Martin Zlatan Celebic 4 2 Rock Martin
Wallengren's Emperor Zlatan Celebic 3 2 Wallengren's Emperor
Namaqua sandgrouse Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Namaqua sandgrouse
Flapneck chameleon KarenSaxton 9 2 Flapneck chameleon
Red-eyed Leaf Frog dandoucette 10 0 Red-eyed Leaf Frog
Blue Jeans Poison Dart Frog dandoucette 8 1 Blue Jeans Poison Dart Frog
Willow warbler Zlatan Celebic 2 1 Willow warbler
Pearl Crescent Saturniidae27 1 0 Pearl Crescent
Pathogen Fungi Saturniidae27 1 0 Pathogen Fungi
Dusky Sunbird Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Dusky Sunbird
Camberwell beauty Marek Koszorek 1 0 Camberwell beauty

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KarenSaxton Mel11 Tukup Earthling
arne.roysland Muckpuk Malcolm Wilton-Jones Marek Koszorek
Saturniidae27 zlizzyv Cláudio Marques james.b.howell
ornithoptera80 EvaMartínTaberna dandoucette Zlatan Celebic
jilljackson Tania17 bob5 Neil Ross
sunnyjosef Chris Taklis triggsturner Michael Sarill
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