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Snakes of the Southeast U.S.

Snakes of the Southeast U.S.

For spottings of snake species in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia! Please only post photographs of wild snakes and also include the date and location of your observations. Any descriptive notes you can provide (such as whether your snake is venomous or not) can be useful to others. Sign in to join mission

Snakes of the Southeast U.S.
255 participants 710 spottings

For spottings of snake species in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. If you spot a snake in the wild, post and submit your observation here!

Snakes of the Southeast U.S.

Lat: 28.78 Long: -81.27

Recent Spottings

Grey Rat Snake tomk3886 1 1 Grey Rat Snake
Dusky pigmy rattlesnake JansonJones 2 0 Dusky pigmy rattlesnake
Spotting Georgina3 0 0 Spotting
Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake BradyMcGowan 2 1 Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake
Brown Snake zlizzyv 1 1 Brown Snake
Eastern Indigo Snake Eggs Machi 4 3 Eastern Indigo Snake Eggs
Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake BradyMcGowan 8 3 Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake
Eastern Gray Ratsnake BradyMcGowan 1 0 Eastern Gray Ratsnake
Northern Copperhead LisaPowers 19 11 Northern Copperhead
Eastern Grey Ratsnake BradyMcGowan 2 1 Eastern Grey Ratsnake
Black Racer BradyMcGowan 1 1 Black Racer
Eastern Garter Snake Matthew Hammond 6 2 Eastern Garter Snake
Tufted titmouse Maria dB 14 17 Tufted titmouse
Black Racer LivanEscudero 8 1 Black Racer
Eastern Ratsnake ForestDragon 1 0 Eastern Ratsnake
Eastern Copperhead ForestDragon 3 1 Eastern Copperhead
Spotting momsavang 0 0 Spotting
Grey Rat Snake momsavang 1 0 Grey Rat Snake
Gray Rat Snake robert emond 1 0 Gray Rat Snake
Gray Ratsnake LisaPowers 9 2 Gray Ratsnake
Timber Rattlesnake LisaPowers 11 2 Timber Rattlesnake
Copperhead LisaPowers 19 14 Copperhead
Florida Crowned Snake Machi 2 1 Florida Crowned Snake
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake LivanEscudero 11 1 Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Florida Green Water Snake robert emond 3 0 Florida Green Water Snake
Eastern Black Kingsnake LisaPowers 4 0 Eastern Black Kingsnake
Ringneck Snake flowntheloop 11 4 Ringneck Snake
Gray Rat Snake flowntheloop 3 0 Gray Rat Snake
Western Cottonmouth LisaPowers 24 15 Western Cottonmouth
Dekay's Brownsnake LisaPowers 3 0 Dekay's Brownsnake
Brown watersnake JansonJones 10 1 Brown watersnake
Banded Watersnake dragonflygrit 1 0 Banded Watersnake
Grey Rat Snake jodydf 1 2 Grey Rat Snake
Brown Water Snake pevans01 4 1 Brown Water Snake
Eastern Coral Snake RickBohler 17 10 Eastern Coral Snake
Brown Snake cowfolks2001 0 0 Brown Snake
Mole Kingsnake cowfolks2001 3 4 Mole Kingsnake
Corn Snake JeffreyDuby 2 0 Corn Snake
Broad-banded watersnake Cameron Young-CSC Snake 3 0 Broad-banded watersnake
Eastern Worm Snake PucaK 4 0 Eastern Worm Snake
Pygmy Rattlesnake Ric3 3 0 Pygmy Rattlesnake
Banded Water snake Ric3 2 0 Banded Water snake
Southern Black Racer? dcslaugh 3 7 Southern Black Racer?
Corn Snake OR REd Rat Snake JOHN2 1 0 Corn Snake OR REd Rat Snake
Eastern Kingsnake PucaK 1 0 Eastern Kingsnake
Rat snake Maria dB 1 0 Rat snake
Black racer Maria dB 3 3 Black racer
Southern Black Racer Machi 1 0 Southern Black Racer
Garter snake Maria dB 2 0 Garter snake
Northern Black Racer ForestDragon 1 5 Northern Black Racer

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Life Is Like a Lime momsavang robert emond flowntheloop
staccyh dragonflygrit jodydf cowfolks2001
LisaPowers ForestDragon KristinBrunoAtkinson PucaK
RachelRemington RuthBPatterson snakes are cool Adn Ann
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