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Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

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Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

Project Noah is teaming up with the National Environmental Education Foundation and National Geographic Education to launch the Global Schoolyard Bioblitz mission. We're collecting and sharing wildlife observations from schoolyards around the world in an effort to get kids outside and exploring nature. Help us spread the word and let's see how many students we can reach! Sign in to join mission

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!
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Teachers and students, start documenting and sharing the wildlife you encounter in and around your school sites! This mission is open to students and teachers from around the world. At this time, for classrooms with students under the age of 13, we recommend having the teacher or a parent create a classroom account for contributing to this mission. For details about Project Noah's upcoming tools for teachers, visit the Project Noah Education page. For more information on BioBlitz, head to the National Geographic Education page. To learn more about the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) and the nation's largest environmental education event, be sure to visit the EE Week page.

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

Lat: 40.79 Long: -73.97

Recent Spottings

Eastern Comma hope.martin 1 0 Eastern Comma
Promethea Moth - Hodges#7764 dazynay 2 1 Promethea Moth - Hodges#7764
Bull head ANTONI HAUPT 1 1 Bull head
Ethilia longwing(mating) BrunoMoller 2 0 Ethilia longwing(mating)
Orange-barred sulphur BrunoMoller 1 0 Orange-barred sulphur
Gray Tree Frog Student 2 1 Gray Tree Frog
Unknown spotting Diddlebop 1 0 Unknown spotting
eastern box turtle Diddlebop 2 0 eastern box turtle
Camel Treehopper Student 2 1 Camel Treehopper
Bess beetle scjohnson 0 1 Bess beetle
eastern box turtle Diddlebop 1 0 eastern box turtle
Green Lynx Spider Hope Family 1 2 Green Lynx Spider
Southern Toad stephanieamarinelli 1 0 Southern Toad
Groundhog K WJ 1 0 Groundhog
Common Myna Diddlebop 3 0 Common Myna
Unknown spotting Oneka School Forest 0 0 Unknown spotting
Dame's rocket Student 1 0 Dame's rocket
Arapaçu-de-cerrado(Narrow-billed Woodcreeper) Jardel Prado 10 0 Arapaçu-de-cerrado(Narrow-billed Woodcreeper)
Pacific rhododendron Bryson Williams 1 0 Pacific rhododendron
'Pouch' Leaf-Gall On Elm Leaf Student 0 3 'Pouch' Leaf-Gall On Elm Leaf
Acauã(Laughing Falcon) Jardel Prado 9 1 Acauã(Laughing Falcon)
Asa-de-telha(Bay-winged Cowbird) Jardel Prado 4 0 Asa-de-telha(Bay-winged Cowbird)
Unknown spotting dbrooks_HI 2 2 Unknown spotting
Arara-vermelha-grande(Red-and-green Macaw) Jardel Prado 4 0 Arara-vermelha-grande(Red-and-green Macaw)
Bico-de-lacre(Common Waxbill) Jardel Prado 2 1 Bico-de-lacre(Common Waxbill)
Unknown spotting Biologia Florencia 2 2 Unknown spotting
Ariramba-de-cauda-ruiva(Rufous-tailed Jacamar) Jardel Prado 2 0 Ariramba-de-cauda-ruiva(Rufous-tailed Jacamar)
Bem-te-vi-rajado(Streaked Flycatcher) Jardel Prado 1 0 Bem-te-vi-rajado(Streaked Flycatcher)
Baiano(Yellow-bellied Seedeater) Jardel Prado 1 0 Baiano(Yellow-bellied Seedeater)
Arara-canindé(Blue-and-yellow Macaw) Jardel Prado 1 0 Arara-canindé(Blue-and-yellow Macaw)
Asa-branca(Black-bellied Whistling-Duck) Jardel Prado 1 0 Asa-branca(Black-bellied Whistling-Duck)
Andorinha-serradora(Southern Rough-winged Swallow) Jardel Prado 1 0 Andorinha-serradora(Southern Rough-winged Swallow)
Andorinha-do-rio(White-winged Swallow) Jardel Prado 1 0 Andorinha-do-rio(White-winged Swallow)
Águia-chilena(Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle) Jardel Prado 1 0 Águia-chilena(Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle)
Southern Toad Dex Bean 0 2 Southern Toad
Eastern Carpenter Bee dmpitcher 1 0 Eastern Carpenter Bee
Insect gull Oneka School Forest 0 0 Insect gull
Northern Cardinal stephanieamarinelli 1 1 Northern Cardinal
Pearl Crescent stephanieamarinelli 1 0 Pearl Crescent
Southern Toad stephanieamarinelli 1 0 Southern Toad
Unknown spotting stephanieamarinelli 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting mnsk206 3 0 Unknown spotting
Clover Oneka School Forest 0 0 Clover
Clovers Oneka School Forest 0 0 Clovers
Red wing black bird Oneka School Forest 0 0 Red wing black bird
Bighorn Sheep terranaut 1 0 Bighorn Sheep
Woodpecker IdisGarcia2 0 1 Woodpecker
Unknown spotting BrunoMoller 5 2 Unknown spotting
Spotted Salamander K WJ 1 0 Spotted Salamander
Red-bellied Woodpecker K WJ 1 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker

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