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Project Noah is a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

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Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

Project Noah is teaming up with the National Environmental Education Foundation and National Geographic Education to launch the Global Schoolyard Bioblitz mission. We're collecting and sharing wildlife observations from schoolyards around the world in an effort to get kids outside and exploring nature. Help us spread the word and let's see how many students we can reach! Sign in to join mission

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!
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Teachers and students, start documenting and sharing the wildlife you encounter in and around your school sites! This mission is open to students and teachers from around the world. At this time, for classrooms with students under the age of 13, we recommend having the teacher or a parent create a classroom account for contributing to this mission. For details about Project Noah's upcoming tools for teachers, visit the Project Noah Education page. For more information on BioBlitz, head to the National Geographic Education page. To learn more about the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) and the nation's largest environmental education event, be sure to visit the EE Week page.

Global Schoolyard Bioblitz!

Lat: 40.79 Long: -73.97

Recent Spottings

Gazania JORGE LOPEZ CORDERO 1 0 Gazania
honey bee HalleyRai 1 1 honey bee
Rose-breasted Grosbeak Marshall2 1 0 Rose-breasted Grosbeak
butterfly HalleyRai 0 1 butterfly
Finely-lined Carpet Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Finely-lined Carpet
Geometrid Moth ♀ Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Geometrid Moth ♀
Indian Paintbrush gatorfellows 2 0 Indian Paintbrush
Proteuxoa tortisigna (♀) Mark Ridgway 2 0 Proteuxoa tortisigna (♀)
Western White Honeysuckle gatorfellows 1 0 Western White Honeysuckle
Eucalyptus leaf beetle Mark Ridgway 14 7 Eucalyptus leaf beetle
Engelmann Daisy, Cutleaf Daisy gatorfellows 1 0 Engelmann Daisy, Cutleaf Daisy
Goat Moth (larva) PrincessPeach21 1 2 Goat Moth (larva)
Wingia moth Leuba Ridgway 3 3 Wingia moth
Pergid wasp Mark Ridgway 6 7 Pergid wasp
Ophrys cenary JORGE LOPEZ CORDERO 4 0 Ophrys cenary
Pholcid spider Mark Ridgway 2 0 Pholcid spider
Callistemon sawfly (2) Mark Ridgway 9 5 Callistemon sawfly (2)
Unknown spotting Feche 1 0 Unknown spotting
Pantydia sparsa Mark Ridgway 1 1 Pantydia sparsa
Unknown spotting Feche 1 2 Unknown spotting
Green Looper Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Green Looper
Velvet Eucalyptus Longhorn Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Velvet Eucalyptus Longhorn
Proteuxoa cinereicollis Mark Ridgway 3 0 Proteuxoa cinereicollis
Snout Moth Leuba Ridgway 4 1 Snout Moth
Small moth Mark Ridgway 0 2 Small moth
Periwinkle or Blue Myrtle JimJohnson2 0 2 Periwinkle or Blue Myrtle
Callistemon sawfly (1) Mark Ridgway 40 35 Callistemon sawfly (1)
Unknown moth (♀) Mark Ridgway 2 0 Unknown moth (♀)
White-lined sphinx Adrián Encontrado 0 0 White-lined sphinx
Tree Lucerne Moth Mark Ridgway 1 2 Tree Lucerne Moth
Gum-leaf Skeletoniser - female Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Gum-leaf Skeletoniser - female
Unknown spotting Dilan Chathuranga 3 0 Unknown spotting
Mimaglossa nauplialis Mark Ridgway 1 0 Mimaglossa nauplialis
Gum-leaf Skeletoniser - male Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Gum-leaf Skeletoniser - male
False Blister Beetle Mark Ridgway 0 3 False Blister Beetle
False Garden Mantid - young female Leuba Ridgway 1 0 False Garden Mantid - young female
Speckled wood Jopy 5 0 Speckled wood
Enicospilus sausi Mark Ridgway 13 2 Enicospilus sausi
Crocus ClarissaJeannette 1 0 Crocus
White throated kingfisher Dilan Chathuranga 14 6 White throated kingfisher
Southern Australian Rhinoceros beetle BrendanNicholls 0 2 Southern Australian Rhinoceros beetle
? Comb-clawed Beetle Leuba Ridgway 1 0 ? Comb-clawed Beetle
mudlark Student 0 3 mudlark
Lady Fern koharjo19943 2 0 Lady Fern
Orange Leafhopper or Black Tipped Sharpshooter Student 1 2 Orange Leafhopper or Black Tipped Sharpshooter
Bluish Darkling beetle Mark Ridgway 3 3 Bluish Darkling beetle
Seeder tree Student 0 0 Seeder tree
Unknown spotting linxu8891 1 0 Unknown spotting
Eucalyptus Shield Bug BarbaraSing 1 2 Eucalyptus Shield Bug

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