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Mushrooms of Appalachia

Mushrooms of Appalachia

If you see a mushroom in the Appalachian Region of the United States, take a picture of it and include critical data such as habitat description and applicable notes on nearby forest types/tree species, odor, size of cap, length of stipe, and spore print color. Spore prints are easy to obtain by placing the cap on a sheet of paper for several hours and then noting the color of spores left on the paper for identification purposes. Sign in to join mission

Mushrooms of Appalachia
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To help identify and locate different types of species of fungi in the Appalachian Region of the United States of America. Appalachia is a cultural region in the eastern United States that stretches from the Southern Tier of New York state to northern Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. It includes counties in West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and in Mississippi.

Mushrooms of Appalachia

Lat: 37.52 Long: -82.81

Recent Spottings

Herald of Winter flowntheloop 5 3 Herald of Winter
Unknown Resupinate Polypore flowntheloop 3 3 Unknown Resupinate Polypore
Yellow-Staining Knight flowntheloop 2 4 Yellow-Staining Knight
Jelly Roll Fungi flowntheloop 3 2 Jelly Roll Fungi
Meadow Waxcap flowntheloop 2 0 Meadow Waxcap
Parasitic Tolypocladium flowntheloop 10 12 Parasitic Tolypocladium
Witch's Butter flowntheloop 4 2 Witch's Butter
Jelly Drops flowntheloop 3 0 Jelly Drops
Waxy Caps flowntheloop 4 3 Waxy Caps
Saffron Milk Cap flowntheloop 3 0 Saffron Milk Cap
Yellow Knight flowntheloop 4 0 Yellow Knight
Hedgehog Mushrooms flowntheloop 7 2 Hedgehog Mushrooms
Brick Caps flowntheloop 2 2 Brick Caps
Stump Puffballs flowntheloop 3 0 Stump Puffballs
Milk-white Toothed Polypore flowntheloop 3 1 Milk-white Toothed Polypore
Blue Cheese Polypore flowntheloop 2 0 Blue Cheese Polypore
Pinkgill flowntheloop 3 0 Pinkgill
Pine Spike flowntheloop 3 4 Pine Spike
Yellow Fairy Cups flowntheloop 2 0 Yellow Fairy Cups
Waxy Cap flowntheloop 4 3 Waxy Cap
Bonnet Mushroom flowntheloop 2 2 Bonnet Mushroom
Bulbous Honey Fungus flowntheloop 2 0 Bulbous Honey Fungus
Bulbous Honey Fungus flowntheloop 1 0 Bulbous Honey Fungus
Pale Blue Crust flowntheloop 4 0 Pale Blue Crust
Ceramic Tile Fungus flowntheloop 4 2 Ceramic Tile Fungus
Pine Spike flowntheloop 3 4 Pine Spike
Common Tarcrust flowntheloop 2 0 Common Tarcrust
Golden Waxycap flowntheloop 9 1 Golden Waxycap
Luminescent Panellus flowntheloop 15 12 Luminescent Panellus
Gliophorus minutulus flowntheloop 4 3 Gliophorus minutulus
Psathyrella flowntheloop 2 0 Psathyrella
Mock Oyster Mushrooms flowntheloop 2 0 Mock Oyster Mushrooms
Parrot Waxcap flowntheloop 3 4 Parrot Waxcap
Calostoma lutescens flowntheloop 5 4 Calostoma lutescens
Peach-Colored Fly Agaric flowntheloop 13 13 Peach-Colored Fly Agaric
Reishi flowntheloop 2 0 Reishi
Zoned Hairy Parachute flowntheloop 3 0 Zoned Hairy Parachute
Unknown spotting flowntheloop 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting flowntheloop 1 0 Unknown spotting
Stump Puffballs flowntheloop 4 0 Stump Puffballs
Trametopsis cervina flowntheloop 8 2 Trametopsis cervina
Rooting Polypore flowntheloop 7 6 Rooting Polypore
Lactarius paradoxus flowntheloop 1 0 Lactarius paradoxus
Truncated Club Mushroom flowntheloop 1 0 Truncated Club Mushroom
Peach-Colored Fly Agaric flowntheloop 4 2 Peach-Colored Fly Agaric
Russula flowntheloop 2 0 Russula
Unknown Bolete flowntheloop 4 2 Unknown Bolete
Golden Trumpets flowntheloop 9 3 Golden Trumpets
Wood Blewit flowntheloop 5 0 Wood Blewit
Purple-Spored Puffball (aged) flowntheloop 1 2 Purple-Spored Puffball (aged)

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