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Birds of the World

Birds of the World

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Birds of the World
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There are over 10,000 living species of birds on the planet. They can be found in ecosystems across the globe, from the arctic to the antarctic. Help us document the beautiful diversity of birds from around the world.

Birds of the World

Recent Spottings

Great Horned Owl Stephanie R. 16 2 Great Horned Owl
North Island Kaka remkinloch 8 2 North Island Kaka
Great Crested Grebe KostasZontanos 8 1 Great Crested Grebe
Eastern Screech Owl MartaPoludnik 12 0 Eastern Screech Owl
Hill Blue Flycatcher Paul Davis 5 1 Hill Blue Flycatcher
Woodchat Shrike KostasZontanos 9 0 Woodchat Shrike
Scaly-breasted Munia Paul Davis 4 0 Scaly-breasted Munia
Kestrel; Cernícalo Real Malcolm Wilton-Jones 5 1 Kestrel; Cernícalo Real
Short-toed Snake Eagle; Aguila Culebrera Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Short-toed Snake Eagle; Aguila Culebrera
Turkey Vulture Stephanie R. 3 4 Turkey Vulture
Hoopoe; Abubilla Malcolm Wilton-Jones 3 0 Hoopoe; Abubilla
Lava heron AdamBT 3 0 Lava heron
barbet Joseph CHIEF REDEARTH 1 0 barbet
Hoopoe; Abubilla Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Hoopoe; Abubilla
White-capped Redstart Paul Davis 1 0 White-capped Redstart
Ashy Woodswallow Paul Davis 1 0 Ashy Woodswallow
Hummingbird AdamBT 1 0 Hummingbird
Green-crowned woodnymph AdamBT 1 0 Green-crowned woodnymph
Corn Bunting KostasZontanos 2 0 Corn Bunting
Magpie; Urraca Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Magpie; Urraca
Pied kingfisher Nidhin Basheer 8 3 Pied kingfisher
Kestrel; Cernícalo Real Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Kestrel; Cernícalo Real
Buzzard; Ratonero Común Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Buzzard; Ratonero Común
Tropical kingbird AdamBT 0 2 Tropical kingbird
Churrete acanelado josecardenasvejar 1 0 Churrete acanelado
American White Pelican Joseph R. Godreau 1 0 American White Pelican
Mute Swan (Cygnets and Parents) Joseph R. Godreau 1 0 Mute Swan (Cygnets and Parents)
Short-toed Snake Eagle; Aguila Culebrera Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Short-toed Snake Eagle; Aguila Culebrera
Kestrel; Cernícalo Real Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Kestrel; Cernícalo Real
Hooded Crow KostasZontanos 1 0 Hooded Crow
Common Tailorbird Paul Davis 1 0 Common Tailorbird
Owl - Indian Scops Owl Karan Raghwa 5 0 Owl  -  Indian Scops Owl
Cormorant - Indian Cormorant or Indian Shag Karan Raghwa 1 0 Cormorant  -  Indian Cormorant or Indian Shag
House Sparrow KostasZontanos 1 0 House Sparrow
Eyebrowed Thrush Paul Davis 1 0 Eyebrowed Thrush
Plain Prinia Paul Davis 1 0 Plain Prinia
Buff-breasted Babbler Paul Davis 1 0 Buff-breasted Babbler
Grey Bush Chat Paul Davis 1 0 Grey Bush Chat
Sooty-headed Bulbul Paul Davis 1 0 Sooty-headed Bulbul
Allen's Hummingbird Jellis 1 0 Allen's Hummingbird
Kestrel; Cernícalo Real Malcolm Wilton-Jones 2 0 Kestrel; Cernícalo Real
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher AlbertKang 1 0 Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher
Babbler - Jungle Babbler Karan Raghwa 1 0 Babbler  -  Jungle Babbler
Parakeet - Rose-ringed Parakeet Karan Raghwa 1 0 Parakeet  -  Rose-ringed Parakeet
Serin; Verdecillo Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Serin; Verdecillo
Coot - Common Coot Karan Raghwa 1 0 Coot  -  Common Coot
Rufous Hummingbird Jellis 10 2 Rufous Hummingbird
Red-winged Blackbird Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Red-winged Blackbird
American Goldfinch Christine Y. 1 0 American Goldfinch
Parina chica JuanContardo 1 0 Parina chica

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