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Birds of the World

Birds of the World

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Birds of the World
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There are over 10,000 living species of birds on the planet. They can be found in ecosystems across the globe, from the arctic to the antarctic. Help us document the beautiful diversity of birds from around the world.

Birds of the World

Recent Spottings

Rivoli's Hummingbird Jim Nelson 6 3 Rivoli's Hummingbird
Buitre leonado (Griffon vulture) kozoga 4 1 Buitre leonado (Griffon vulture)
blue-faced malkoha / small green-billed malkoha Arun 19 16 blue-faced malkoha / small green-billed malkoha
Canada Jay Greg Shchepanek 4 0 Canada Jay
African Pygmy Kingfisher Zlatan Celebic 1 1 African Pygmy Kingfisher
Yellow Thornbill JamesPriest2 1 0 Yellow Thornbill
Sardinian Warbler; Curruca Cabicinegra Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Sardinian Warbler; Curruca Cabicinegra
Buitre leonado (Griffon vulture) kozoga 2 0 Buitre leonado (Griffon vulture)
Ruby-throated hummingbird (female) Brian38 5 0 Ruby-throated hummingbird (female)
Buitre leonado (Griffon vulture) kozoga 9 2 Buitre leonado (Griffon vulture)
Avocet; Avoceta Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Avocet; Avoceta
Maroon-bellied Parakeet DiegoAlfonsoRosa 11 1 Maroon-bellied Parakeet
Cape Canary Michael Strydom 4 0 Cape Canary
European Shag Morton1905 2 0 European Shag
Common house martins (Σπιτοχελίδονα) DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Common house martins (Σπιτοχελίδονα)
Cape Sugar Bird Michael Strydom 2 0 Cape Sugar Bird
Unknown spotting DrNamgyalT.Sherpa 0 0 Unknown spotting
Red-Vented Bulbul AlbertKang 1 0 Red-Vented Bulbul
Piapiac Zlatan Celebic 16 4 Piapiac
Yellow-billed Shrike Zlatan Celebic 3 1 Yellow-billed Shrike
Long-tailed Glossy Starling Zlatan Celebic 1 0 Long-tailed Glossy Starling
Pied Avocet Karan Raghwa 8 1 Pied Avocet
Duck - White-faced Whistling Duck Karan Raghwa 8 4 Duck  - White-faced Whistling Duck
Purple Starling Zlatan Celebic 3 0 Purple Starling
Red-breasted Nuthatch Greg Shchepanek 5 2 Red-breasted Nuthatch
Dove - Dusky Turtle Dove Karan Raghwa 5 0 Dove  -  Dusky Turtle Dove
Blue Jay Greg Shchepanek 4 0 Blue Jay
Northern Red Bishop Zlatan Celebic 3 0 Northern Red Bishop
Great egret Brian38 2 0 Great egret
Red-bellied woodpecker Brian38 3 0 Red-bellied woodpecker
Black-winged Stilt; Cigüeñuela Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Black-winged Stilt; Cigüeñuela
Tufted titmouse Brian38 9 2 Tufted titmouse
Crow Honeyeater triggsturner 14 12 Crow Honeyeater
Downy woodpecker (male) Brian38 1 0 Downy woodpecker (male)
Lark - Red-capped Lark Karan Raghwa 1 0 Lark  -  Red-capped Lark
Icterine warbler Marek Koszorek 4 0 Icterine warbler
Black Phoebe DiegoAlfonsoRosa 2 0 Black Phoebe
Orange fronted Parakeet Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 1 1 Orange fronted Parakeet
Little owl Marek Koszorek 2 2 Little owl
Carolina wren Brian38 1 0 Carolina wren
American cliff swallow (nest) Brian38 3 0 American cliff swallow (nest)
Lavadeira-Mascarada / Masked Water-Tyrant Oscar Neto 2 0 Lavadeira-Mascarada / Masked Water-Tyrant
Treecreeper Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Treecreeper
Willow tit Zlatan Celebic 2 0 Willow tit
White-throated Sparrow Greg Shchepanek 3 0 White-throated Sparrow
Black-bellied whistling duck Brian38 6 2 Black-bellied whistling duck
Grey Heron Zlatan Celebic 3 1 Grey Heron
Barn Swallow; Golondrina Común Malcolm Wilton-Jones 5 0 Barn Swallow; Golondrina Común
White Storks Bernadette S 7 10 White Storks
Swainson's Thrush Greg Shchepanek 2 0 Swainson's Thrush

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