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Wildlife of the Sinai Peninsula

Wildlife of the Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai desert, at first glance, may seem pretty barren, but with closer inspection, visitors can see a variety of desert wildlife! Plants, insects, mammals, reptiles, and more. Join us on this mission to document these amazing desert species.
Please only wild native or migratory species. No marine life, just terrestrial plants and animals, and no captive animals. Please provide as much information as possible on location, time of spotting, animal behavior and interactions, and weather conditions. Please include any information about local (Bedouin) traditional uses (medicinal, practical, edible). Sign in to join mission

Wildlife of the Sinai Peninsula
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Bernadette S

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The purpose of this mission is to document all native wildlife found in the deserts of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Sinai is located in a unique position - a land bridge between Africa and Asia - covering some 61,000 km in total area, with a variety of geographic features - limestone hills, a sandstone belt, gravel plains, magmatic & metaphoric rocks, extreme deserts, coastal plains, and high mountains. Regarding the flora, three geographical regions are found here - Saharo-Arabian, Sudanian, and Irano-Turanian.

Wildlife of the Sinai Peninsula

Lat: 29.72 Long: 33.86

Recent Spottings

Red Dwarf Honey Bee Bernadette S 6 0 Red Dwarf Honey Bee
Laughing Dove Nest with Eggs Bernadette S 1 0 Laughing Dove Nest with Eggs
Kentish Plover Bernadette S 3 0 Kentish Plover
Nubian Ibex Scat Bernadette S 1 0 Nubian Ibex Scat
Schokari Sand Racer Bernadette S 9 16 Schokari Sand Racer
Green Lynx Spider w/ Prey Bernadette S 1 0 Green Lynx Spider w/ Prey
Beetle Bernadette S 1 0 Beetle
Banded Black Carpet Beetle Bernadette S 1 2 Banded Black Carpet Beetle
White Storks Bernadette S 7 10 White Storks
Giant African Mantis Nymph Bernadette S 1 2 Giant African Mantis Nymph
White Storks Bernadette S 12 8 White Storks
♀ Flower Crab Spider with Prey Bernadette S 2 2 ♀ Flower Crab Spider with Prey
Flower Crab Spider Bernadette S 2 0 Flower Crab Spider
Flower Crab Spider ♀ and ♂ Bernadette S 6 2 Flower Crab Spider ♀ and ♂
Unknown spotting Bernadette S 1 6 Unknown spotting
Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard Bernadette S 5 0 Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard
Giant African Mantis Nymph Bernadette S 2 0 Giant African Mantis Nymph
Bees Bernadette S 4 1 Bees
Nubian Ibex Bernadette S 9 14 Nubian Ibex
Common Black Scorpion Bernadette S 3 3 Common Black Scorpion
Egyptian Fan-toed Gecko Bernadette S 2 0 Egyptian Fan-toed Gecko
Unknown spotting Bernadette S 3 3 Unknown spotting
Moth Bernadette S 1 2 Moth
Caterpillar Bernadette S 1 0 Caterpillar
Velvet Spider Bernadette S 1 0 Velvet Spider
Marsh fleabane Bernadette S 1 1 Marsh fleabane
Egyptian Red Fox Bernadette S 19 13 Egyptian Red Fox
Golden Spiny Mouse Bernadette S 12 6 Golden Spiny Mouse
Mudskipper Bernadette S 6 0 Mudskipper
Looper Moth Pupa and Larva Bernadette S 3 1 Looper Moth Pupa and Larva
Sinai Agama Bernadette S 5 0 Sinai Agama
African Monarchs Mating Bernadette S 4 0 African Monarchs Mating
Spider Flower Bernadette S 1 2 Spider Flower
Convolvulus Hawkmoth Bernadette S 9 4 Convolvulus Hawkmoth
Burton's Carpet Viper Bernadette S 6 7 Burton's Carpet Viper
Blepharis Bernadette S 1 6 Blepharis
Convolvulus Hawkmoth Pupa Bernadette S 8 2 Convolvulus Hawkmoth Pupa
Convolvulus Hawkmoth Caterpillar Bernadette S 3 4 Convolvulus Hawkmoth Caterpillar
Acacia Bernadette S 4 5 Acacia
Eggs Bernadette S 2 2 Eggs
African Monarch ~ Chrysalis and Adult Bernadette S 2 1 African Monarch ~ Chrysalis and Adult
Arabian Primrose Bernadette S 3 2 Arabian Primrose
Sand Wasp Bernadette S 3 0 Sand Wasp
Mediterranean Tiger Blues Bernadette S 7 0 Mediterranean Tiger Blues
Black Watermelon Bug Bernadette S 2 3 Black Watermelon Bug
Red Palm Weevil Bernadette S 5 0 Red Palm Weevil
Egyptian Rattlepod Bernadette S 0 1 Egyptian Rattlepod
Common Reaumuria Bernadette S 0 1 Common Reaumuria
Thorny Saltwart Bernadette S 0 0 Thorny Saltwart
Ifloga Bernadette S 0 1 Ifloga

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