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Help document the incredible diversity of beetles on the planet. Try to include as much detail as possible including approximate size, habitat and any interesting behavior. Sign in to join mission

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Beetles are the most diverse group of organisms on Earth. They are found on six continents in almost every habitat. The purpose of this mission is to catalog the remarkable diversity of beetles.


Lat: 41.22 Long: -95.96

Recent Spottings

Winged Darkling Beetle Brian38 1 0 Winged Darkling Beetle
Patent-leather beetle Brian38 3 1 Patent-leather beetle
Transverse Ladybird Raksha 4 0 Transverse Ladybird
Wasp mimic longhorn beetle Mark Ridgway 3 0 Wasp mimic longhorn beetle
Black-spotted longhorn beetle Jae 2 0 Black-spotted longhorn beetle
Green June beetle Brian38 1 0 Green June beetle
Weevil with mite SukanyaDatta 1 0 Weevil with mite
Longhorn beetle Brian38 0 1 Longhorn beetle
Flat-faced Longhorn Beetle ForestDragon 1 0 Flat-faced Longhorn Beetle
Two-banded longhorn beetle Jae 2 0 Two-banded longhorn beetle
Adonis Ladybird IvanPancic 2 0 Adonis Ladybird
Paropsine leaf beetle Mark Ridgway 2 1 Paropsine leaf beetle
Checkered Beetle; Escarabajo Ajedrezado de las Abejas arlanda 3 0 Checkered Beetle; Escarabajo Ajedrezado de las Abejas
Jewel beetle; Carcoma metálica arlanda 1 0 Jewel beetle; Carcoma metálica
Lateral Ladybug Mark51 1 0 Lateral Ladybug
Blister beetle arlanda 1 0 Blister beetle
Spotted Cucumber Beetle Matthew Hammond 1 0 Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Patent-leather beetle Brian38 1 0 Patent-leather beetle
Six-spotted Zigzag Ladybird Beetle Richard Ong 3 0 Six-spotted Zigzag Ladybird Beetle
Devil's coach horse beetle Brian38 14 9 Devil's coach horse beetle
Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle Matthew Hammond 2 0 Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle
Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle Pupa Matthew Hammond 1 0 Twice-Stabbed Lady Beetle Pupa
Grape Colaspis Matthew Hammond 1 0 Grape Colaspis
Snail-killer Carabid Brian38 13 13 Snail-killer Carabid
Lumpy weevil Sergio Monteiro 5 5 Lumpy weevil
Green Tortoise Beetle Richard Ong 5 2 Green Tortoise Beetle
Mango tree Longhorn beetle Raksha 0 1 Mango tree Longhorn beetle
Lady Beetle Richard Ong 1 0 Lady Beetle
Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle Matthew Hammond 4 0 Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle
Green shieldbug arne.roysland 1 0 Green shieldbug
Hadda Beetle Richard Ong 1 0 Hadda Beetle
Net-winged Beetle Richard Ong 6 0 Net-winged Beetle
Tortoise Beetle Richard Ong 4 1 Tortoise Beetle
Callirhipid Cedar Beetle Richard Ong 4 0 Callirhipid Cedar Beetle
Darkling Beetle CindyBinghamKeiser 1 2 Darkling Beetle
Bronze Dung Beetle CindyBinghamKeiser 1 0 Bronze Dung Beetle
Chafer Beetle Richard Ong 4 1 Chafer Beetle
13 spotted Lady Bug Mark51 2 0 13 spotted Lady Bug
Leaf Beetle Richard Ong 3 0 Leaf Beetle
Lady Beetle Richard Ong 14 3 Lady Beetle
Spotting Raksha 1 0 Spotting
Goldenrod Soldier Beetle Matthew Hammond 1 0 Goldenrod Soldier Beetle
Mealybug Destroyer Matthew Hammond 1 0 Mealybug Destroyer
Spotting Raksha 2 1 Spotting
Six-spotted Zigzag Ladybird Beetle Richard Ong 1 0 Six-spotted Zigzag Ladybird Beetle
Leaf-rolling Weevil Richard Ong 16 4 Leaf-rolling Weevil
Variable Lady Beetle Richard Ong 1 0 Variable Lady Beetle
Rose Chafer Beetle Richard Ong 6 0 Rose Chafer Beetle
Tumbling flower beetle Raksha 2 5 Tumbling flower beetle
Sri Lankan weevil Raksha 1 1 Sri Lankan weevil

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