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Italy's flora and fauna

Italy's flora and fauna

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Italy's flora and fauna
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Help share italy’s diverse 'Flora & Fauna' which create many photographic opportunities for residents and tourists alike and bring awareness to Italy’s common sights and the long list of threatened and endangered species and wildlife.

Italy's flora and fauna

Lat: 41.87 Long: 12.57

Recent Spottings

Triturus cristatus Larvae valentinezza 1 0 Triturus cristatus Larvae
fringed water lily valentinezza 0 1 fringed water lily
Orb Web Spider valentinezza 0 3 Orb Web Spider
Atropa belladonna MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Atropa belladonna
Spotting Marianna Di Santo 1 0 Spotting
Trifolium glomeratum L. MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Trifolium glomeratum L.
Lumaca MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Lumaca
Parnassius apollo ssp siciliae MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Parnassius apollo ssp siciliae
Sedum aetnense MicheleTorrisi 4 0 Sedum aetnense
Ranunculus aquatilis L. MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Ranunculus aquatilis L.
Natrice dal collare MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Natrice dal collare
Ophrys tenthredinifera MicheleTorrisi 5 0 Ophrys tenthredinifera
Ophrys bertolonii MicheleTorrisi 4 0 Ophrys bertolonii
Empusa pennata MicheleTorrisi 2 0 Empusa pennata
Anacamptis collina MicheleTorrisi 8 2 Anacamptis collina
Ophrys tenthredinifera MicheleTorrisi 7 5 Ophrys tenthredinifera
Tulipa raddii Reboul MicheleTorrisi 2 1 Tulipa raddii Reboul
Spotting valentinezza 2 1 Spotting
Mandragora autmnalis MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Mandragora autmnalis
Dianthus gasparrinii Guss. MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Dianthus gasparrinii Guss.
Phoenicopterus roseus MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Phoenicopterus roseus
Jumping spider, female Marianna Di Santo 2 0 Jumping spider, female
Mantide religiosa femmina - Praying mantis female Marianna Di Santo 1 0 Mantide religiosa femmina - Praying mantis female
Epipactis meridionalis MicheleTorrisi 2 1 Epipactis meridionalis
Spotting Marianna Di Santo 2 0 Spotting
Podarcis siculum MicheleTorrisi 8 0 Podarcis siculum
Cardamine glauca Spreng. ex DC MicheleTorrisi 1 2 Cardamine glauca Spreng. ex DC
Stregonia italiana MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Stregonia italiana
Fagus sylvatica “Aspleniifolia” (Faggio a foglia di felce)? valentinezza 1 1 Fagus sylvatica “Aspleniifolia” (Faggio a foglia di felce)?
Spotting valentinezza 1 1 Spotting
Maravilla Dani1907 1 0 Maravilla
Giglio di mare Marianna Di Santo 3 0 Giglio di mare
Farfalla prete Fegea Marianna Di Santo 1 0 Farfalla prete Fegea
Parnassius apollo ssp. siciliae MicheleTorrisi 3 0 Parnassius apollo ssp. siciliae
Ochlodes sylvanus MicheleTorrisi 3 0 Ochlodes sylvanus
Hippotion celerio MicheleTorrisi 5 0 Hippotion celerio
Holotrichapion pisi Marianna Di Santo 1 0 Holotrichapion pisi
Large White caterpillars valentinezza 1 3 Large White caterpillars
Euphorbia myrsinites L. MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Euphorbia myrsinites L.
Anacamptis coriophora (L.) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase (Apocromatica) MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Anacamptis coriophora (L.) R.M.Bateman, Pridgeon & M.W.Chase (Apocromatica)
Common Blackbird valentinezza 1 0 Common Blackbird
Papilio machaon MicheleTorrisi 4 1 Papilio machaon
Oncostema sicula MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Oncostema sicula
Scrophularia peregrina MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Scrophularia peregrina
Orbettino Marianna Di Santo 4 0 Orbettino
Scutigera Marianna Di Santo 2 0 Scutigera
Scopula ornata MicheleTorrisi 4 1 Scopula ornata
Romulea bulbocodium (L.) Sebast. & Mauri MicheleTorrisi 3 0 Romulea bulbocodium (L.) Sebast. & Mauri
Limonium sinuatum (L.) Mill. MicheleTorrisi 2 0 Limonium sinuatum (L.) Mill.
Ischnura genei, maschio MicheleTorrisi 1 0 Ischnura genei, maschio

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