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Moths Of Sri Lanka

Moths Of Sri Lanka

Try to give much detail about the habitat the moth was seen and if a caterpillar was spotted the food plant if possible. Feel free to add any type of moth seen in Sri Lanka ! Happy Spottings to Every one ! Sign in to join mission

Moths Of Sri Lanka
Created by

Saumya Wanniarachchi

24 participants 273 spottings

This is a Mission to arrange all the observed Moth beauties in Sri Lanka in to one place . Moths are one of the most important insects ecologically as well as economically (as some are agriculture pests ) , and the diversity among each species are countless , so if you have spotted a moth or a moth caterpillar in Sri Lanka , pleas consider adding it to this mission !

Moths Of Sri Lanka

Lat: 7.89 Long: 80.73

Recent Spottings

Micronia aculeata i_munasinghe 3 2 Micronia aculeata
Lymantriid moth caterpillar i_munasinghe 1 0 Lymantriid moth caterpillar
Moth Saumya Wanniarachchi 3 1 Moth
Geometrid Moth NuwanChathuranga 4 0 Geometrid Moth
Lichen moth NuwanChathuranga 13 2 Lichen moth
Marbled White moth Lakkana 4 4 Marbled White moth
Indian Wasp Moth Paul Davis 4 0 Indian Wasp Moth
Noctuid Moth Chathura Udayanga 5 1 Noctuid Moth
Lichen Moth Laknath Bandaranaike 2 2 Lichen Moth
Brown Tussock Moth NuwanChathuranga 3 0 Brown Tussock Moth
Crotalaria Pod Borer NuwanChathuranga 19 1 Crotalaria Pod Borer
Oleander Hawk-moth Saumya Wanniarachchi 9 2 Oleander Hawk-moth
Blue day-moth caterpillar Dilan Chathuranga 6 1 Blue day-moth caterpillar
Green pergesa hawkmoth NuwanChathuranga 15 4 Green pergesa hawkmoth
Elephant hawkmoth SachindraUmesh 3 0 Elephant hawkmoth
Crambid Moth NuwanChathuranga 3 0 Crambid Moth
Crambid moth NuwanChathuranga 1 2 Crambid moth
Limacodid Moths NuwanChathuranga 16 4 Limacodid Moths
Spotting SanjayaDeshapriya 0 2 Spotting
Blue day-moth caterpillar Dilan Chathuranga 10 3 Blue day-moth caterpillar
Erebid Moth NuwanChathuranga 1 0 Erebid Moth
Metalmark Moth NuwanChathuranga 25 10 Metalmark Moth
Moth Caterpillar NuwanChathuranga 1 1 Moth Caterpillar
Lily Moth NuwanChathuranga 1 0 Lily Moth
Greater Death's Head Hawkmoth Laknath Bandaranaike 1 8 Greater Death's Head Hawkmoth
Lobster Moth caterpillar Chathura Udayanga 25 14 Lobster Moth caterpillar
Tortrix Moth NuwanChathuranga 11 4 Tortrix Moth
Erebid Moth NuwanChathuranga 13 2 Erebid Moth
Lobster Moth caterpillar Chathura Udayanga 16 2 Lobster Moth caterpillar
Serrodes campana Moth Caterpillar Chathura Udayanga 5 2 Serrodes campana Moth Caterpillar
Noctuid moth NuwanChathuranga 1 0 Noctuid moth
Geometrid moth NuwanChathuranga 12 0 Geometrid moth
Erebid Moth Dilan Chathuranga 1 3 Erebid Moth
Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth NuwanChathuranga 21 9 Humming-Bird Hawk-Moth
Moth Saumya Wanniarachchi 1 1 Moth
Lobster Moth Caterpillar SachindraUmesh 11 2 Lobster Moth Caterpillar
geometrid moth Chamalka Dulmini 2 0 geometrid moth
Atlas Moth NuwanChathuranga 9 1 Atlas Moth
Morning-glory Plume Moth Chathura Udayanga 1 5 Morning-glory Plume Moth
Moth Chamalka Dulmini 2 0 Moth
Blue day moth caterpillar Chathura Udayanga 6 1 Blue day moth caterpillar
death's head hawk moth caterpillar Chathura Udayanga 5 4 death's head hawk moth caterpillar
Plume Moth Saumya Wanniarachchi 3 0 Plume Moth
Geometrid Moth Chathura Udayanga 7 2 Geometrid Moth
Footman Moth NuwanChathuranga 3 1 Footman Moth
Moth NuwanChathuranga 1 1 Moth
Spotting Chathura Udayanga 1 0 Spotting
Plume moth NuwanChathuranga 1 0 Plume moth
Humming-bird Hawk-moth NuwanChathuranga 2 0 Humming-bird Hawk-moth
Spotting Chathura Udayanga 1 0 Spotting

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Chathura Udayanga Paul Davis Lakkana induruh
Sew SachindraUmesh Dilan Chathuranga NuwanChathuranga
Adarsha B S Bhagya Herath Chamalka Dulmini Saumya Wanniarachchi
isurubhagya Dulmi Dave19 Laknath Bandaranaike
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