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Bat Monitoring Project

Bat Monitoring Project

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Bat Monitoring Project
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The Bat Conservancy is an international non-profit organization dedicated to protecting biological diversity through the conservation of fruit bats. We focus our efforts on plant-visiting fruit and nectar bats because they are vulnerable to extinction yet vital to the world's rainforests and deserts and to the economies of developing countries. By protecting these bats we are working to conserve the more than 145 genera of plants that depend on them for pollination and seed dispersal.

Bat Monitoring Project

Recent Spottings

Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox KdonGalay 5 2 Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Fox
Lesser short-nosed fruit bat Dr_Stephen 1 0 Lesser short-nosed fruit bat
The Indian flying fox (Mother and child) VincentVanur 1 0 The Indian flying fox (Mother and child)
Honduran White Bat triggsturner 44 19 Honduran White Bat
Sunda Flying Fox JordiPrats 2 0 Sunda Flying Fox
Great Wooly Horseshoe Bat AlbertKang 6 3 Great Wooly Horseshoe Bat
Fawn-coloured Leaf-nosed Bat AlbertKang 9 7 Fawn-coloured Leaf-nosed Bat
Nepalese Whiskered Bat/Wall-roosting Mouse-eared Bat AlbertKang 8 0 Nepalese Whiskered Bat/Wall-roosting Mouse-eared Bat
Dayak Leaf-nosed Bat AlbertKang 9 7 Dayak Leaf-nosed Bat
Geoffroy's Myotis FredericoHintze 2 0 Geoffroy's Myotis
European free-tailed bat FredericoHintze 1 0 European free-tailed bat
Myotis bat FredericoHintze 1 0 Myotis bat
Western barbastelle FredericoHintze 1 0 Western barbastelle
Lesser false vampire bat Marek Koszorek 20 14 Lesser false vampire bat
Short-nosed fruitbat Denciopterus 1 0 Short-nosed fruitbat
Daubenton's bat Marta RubioTexeira 6 0 Daubenton's bat
Spotting Salticus 0 2 Spotting
Lesser sheath-tailed bat Marek Koszorek 9 4 Lesser sheath-tailed bat
Bat SukanyaDatta 1 0 Bat
Mouse-tailed Bat SukanyaDatta 3 4 Mouse-tailed Bat
Black flying fox MarkBolnik 5 0 Black flying fox
Big-Eared Bat LeonardoMB 14 11 Big-Eared Bat
Lined Bat LeonardoMB 4 2 Lined Bat
Francis' Wooly Horseshoe Bat AlbertKang 10 5 Francis' Wooly Horseshoe Bat
Fruit bats CassieJadeHolmes-Brown 1 0 Fruit bats
Nectar Bat rubens.luciano 5 0 Nectar Bat
Grey Headed Flying Fox ChloDawgg 2 1 Grey Headed Flying Fox
Grey-headed Flying Fox (colony July 2016) Neil Ross 9 7 Grey-headed Flying Fox (colony July 2016)
Black Flying Fox oznaturepix 3 0 Black Flying Fox
Brown Bat LeonardoMB 1 0 Brown Bat
Lesser Bulldog bat LeonardoMB 1 0 Lesser Bulldog bat
Tailed Tailless Bat LeonardoMB 1 2 Tailed Tailless Bat
White-Lined Broad-Nosed Bat LeonardoMB 1 0 White-Lined Broad-Nosed Bat
Black Myotis LeonardoMB 1 0 Black Myotis
Little Brown Bat JoAnneDavis 4 1 Little Brown Bat
Big Brown Bat JoAnneDavis 1 0 Big Brown Bat
Greater Horseshoe Bat FredericoHintze 3 1 Greater Horseshoe Bat
Spectacled Flying Fox BenAbramovitz 1 0 Spectacled Flying Fox
Small Forest Bat ChunXingWong 1 0 Small Forest Bat
Woolly Bat AlbertKang 6 0 Woolly Bat
Spotting RonaldOrosz 4 0 Spotting
Wrinkle-lipped Free-tailed Bat BenAbramovitz 3 0 Wrinkle-lipped Free-tailed Bat
Tri-colored bat Missy 4 0 Tri-colored bat
Townsend's big-eared bat Missy 1 0 Townsend's big-eared bat
Cave Myotis Missy 1 0 Cave Myotis
Lesser long eared bat TriciaStewart 1 0 Lesser long eared bat
Bat AlbertKang 14 4 Bat
Mouse-tailed bat Dr.Abdulhadi Aloufi 1 0 Mouse-tailed bat
golden-crowned flying fox Alan Cajes 3 2 golden-crowned flying fox
Spotting LeonardoMB 2 2 Spotting

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