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Pollinating Insects of the World

Pollinating Insects of the World

Help us to collect pictures of insects pollinating flowers: bees, flies, mosquitos, beetles, weevils, etc. Share also all the information you have of the insects and flowers been pollinated. Remember Arthropods like spiders, caterpillars, dragonflies, and predator bugs ARE NOT considered pollinators. Sign in to join mission

Pollinating Insects of the World
Created by

Juan DiTrani

Website 1,400 participants 10,965 spottings

Insects are the most important pollinators of flowering plants (Angiosperms). They are very valuable for humans, pollinating more than on third of the plants used for food, most of the medicinal plants and timber trees (specially in the tropics). Of course, pollinators are also incredibly valuable for flowering plants on the wild, where many species depends totally or at least partially on insects for their reproduction.

Pollinating Insects of the World

Lat: 8.82 Long: -81.70

Recent Spottings

Common Paper Wasp Neil Ross 5 4 Common Paper Wasp
Oriental fruit fly arne.roysland 1 0 Oriental fruit fly
Melon fruit fly arne.roysland 1 0 Melon fruit fly
Tiger-Mimic Queen LilianaCampozano 1 0 Tiger-Mimic Queen
Carrion Flower, Black Bells, Maroon Cup Starfish, Rugose Cup Starfish, Starflower, Bell Stapelia, Tulp Aasblom Muckpuk 2 0 Carrion Flower, Black Bells, Maroon Cup Starfish, Rugose Cup Starfish, Starflower, Bell Stapelia, Tulp Aasblom
Great Southern White LilianaCampozano 0 0 Great Southern White
Black-bordered Crescent LilianaCampozano 1 0 Black-bordered Crescent
Hoverfly Neil Ross 1 0 Hoverfly
Bordered Patch LilianaCampozano 3 0 Bordered Patch
Tufted Moth Richard Ong 1 0 Tufted Moth
Great Southern White LilianaCampozano 0 0 Great Southern White
King Swallow Tail LilianaCampozano 0 0 King Swallow Tail
Yellow Shouldered Hover Fly twolittletoddies 1 0 Yellow Shouldered Hover Fly
Monarch Butterfly Life Is Like a Lime 6 1 Monarch Butterfly
Tiger-Striped Longwing LilianaCampozano 7 2 Tiger-Striped Longwing
Lichen Moth Richard Ong 2 0 Lichen Moth
Insect SukanyaDatta 1 0 Insect
Oleander Hawkmoth Richard Ong 5 1 Oleander Hawkmoth
Potter Wasp SukanyaDatta 1 3 Potter Wasp
Texan Crescent robert emond 1 0 Texan Crescent
Mariposa colorada GeorgeNthr 1 0 Mariposa colorada
Wood leopard moth Jae 4 0 Wood leopard moth
Eastern Giant Swallowtail Dawn Lopez-Garanzuay 6 1 Eastern Giant Swallowtail
Paper Wasp Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Paper Wasp
Tricolored Bumble Bee Brian38 3 0 Tricolored Bumble Bee
Paper Wasp Richard Ong 2 1 Paper Wasp
Globe mallow bee Brian38 1 0 Globe mallow bee
Old World swallowtail (Μαχάωνας) DespinaTsafetopoulou 6 0 Old World swallowtail (Μαχάωνας)
Clouded Yellow Gaia80 1 0 Clouded Yellow
Dwarf Carpenter Bee arne.roysland 1 0 Dwarf Carpenter Bee
Oleander Hawkmoth Richard Ong 6 0 Oleander Hawkmoth
Metricus paper wasp Brian38 2 0 Metricus paper wasp
Mint Moth Paul Davis 3 0 Mint Moth
Plain Tiger Richard Ong 1 0 Plain Tiger
The Spotted Oleander Caterpillar Moth Muckpuk 4 0 The Spotted Oleander Caterpillar Moth
Wasp mimic longhorn beetle Mark Ridgway 6 0 Wasp mimic longhorn beetle
Bordered patch Brian38 1 0 Bordered patch
Jersey Tiger Paul Davis 3 0 Jersey Tiger
Ceraunus blue okiegirl85 1 3 Ceraunus blue
Fire-tailed Scoliid Wasp Brian38 2 0 Fire-tailed Scoliid Wasp
Silver lined hawk moth KarenSaxton 0 0 Silver lined hawk moth
American bumblebee ornithoptera80 3 0 American bumblebee
Eastern carpenter bee Brian38 1 0 Eastern carpenter bee
Painted Lady Muckpuk 1 0 Painted Lady
Monarch Greg Shchepanek 3 0 Monarch
pink spotted hawkmoth ornithoptera80 1 1 pink spotted hawkmoth
Purple Sapphire Manoj Samuel Grg 9 4 Purple Sapphire
Speckled Wood Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 0 Speckled Wood
Tropical checkered skipper Brian38 2 0 Tropical checkered skipper
Native bee Mark Ridgway 1 0 Native bee

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