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Biodiversity in Egypt

Biodiversity in Egypt

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Biodiversity in Egypt
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38 participants 907 spottings

For all nature and wildlife found in Egypt

Biodiversity in Egypt

Lat: 27.09 Long: 30.85

Recent Spottings

Blackstart Senda Kala 3 2 Blackstart
Laughing dove nest Senda Kala 1 0 Laughing dove nest
Rüppell's warbler Senda Kala 3 0 Rüppell's warbler
Palestine sunbird Senda Kala 1 0 Palestine sunbird
Desert Locust Senda Kala 3 0 Desert Locust
Heliotropes Senda Kala 1 0 Heliotropes
Dwarf honey bee Senda Kala 1 2 Dwarf honey bee
Carpenter Bee Senda Kala 1 2 Carpenter Bee
Aphid Senda Kala 1 2 Aphid
Unknown spotting Senda Kala 1 0 Unknown spotting
Giant African Mantis Senda Kala 3 0 Giant African Mantis
Mantis Ootheca Bernadette S 7 9 Mantis Ootheca
Desert Locust Bernadette S 1 0 Desert Locust
Grasshopper Bernadette S 3 2 Grasshopper
House Mouse Senda Kala 4 9 House Mouse
Milk Broom Bernadette S 1 0 Milk Broom
Egyptian Pygmy Mantis SendaKala 3 1 Egyptian Pygmy Mantis
Vine Hawk-moth or Silver-striped Hawk-moth Senda Kala 1 0 Vine Hawk-moth or Silver-striped Hawk-moth
Praying Mantis Egg Case Senda Kala 0 3 Praying Mantis Egg Case
Eastern Bordered Straw Moth SendaKala 2 1 Eastern Bordered Straw Moth
Hairy Rose Beetle Senda Kala 1 0 Hairy Rose Beetle
Band-winged Grasshopper Bernadette S 0 2 Band-winged Grasshopper
Beetle Larva Senda Kala 0 2 Beetle Larva
Red Dwarf Honey Bee Bernadette S 6 1 Red Dwarf Honey Bee
Schokari Sand Racer Bernadette S 12 16 Schokari Sand Racer
Laughing Dove Nest with Eggs Bernadette S 1 0 Laughing Dove Nest with Eggs
Kentish Plover Bernadette S 3 0 Kentish Plover
Nubian Ibex Scat Bernadette S 1 0 Nubian Ibex Scat
Green Lynx Spider w/ Prey Bernadette S 1 0 Green Lynx Spider w/ Prey
Beetle Bernadette S 1 0 Beetle
Banded Black Carpet Beetle Bernadette S 1 2 Banded Black Carpet Beetle
White Storks Bernadette S 7 10 White Storks
Giant African Mantis Nymph Bernadette S 1 2 Giant African Mantis Nymph
White Storks Bernadette S 12 8 White Storks
♀ Flower Crab Spider with Prey Bernadette S 2 2 ♀ Flower Crab Spider with Prey
Flower Crab Spider Bernadette S 2 0 Flower Crab Spider
Flower Crab Spider ♀ and ♂ Bernadette S 6 2 Flower Crab Spider ♀ and ♂
Unknown spotting Bernadette S 1 6 Unknown spotting
Nubian Ibex Bernadette S 13 24 Nubian Ibex
Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard Bernadette S 5 0 Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard
Giant African Mantis Nymph Bernadette S 2 0 Giant African Mantis Nymph
Bees Bernadette S 4 1 Bees
Red Sea Moses sole Mohammed Al-Saleh 12 5 Red Sea Moses sole
Common Black Scorpion Bernadette S 3 3 Common Black Scorpion
Egyptian Fan-toed Gecko Bernadette S 2 0 Egyptian Fan-toed Gecko
Egyptian Red Fox Bernadette S 23 13 Egyptian Red Fox
Unknown spotting Bernadette S 3 3 Unknown spotting
Bottlebrush Bernadette S 1 2 Bottlebrush
Moth Bernadette S 1 2 Moth
Caterpillar Bernadette S 1 0 Caterpillar

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