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Biodiversity in Germany

Biodiversity in Germany

To show the diversity in Germany's nature - no captive animals or garden plants please Sign in to join mission

Biodiversity in Germany
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All things in the natural world are welcome

Biodiversity in Germany

Lat: 50.72 Long: 10.54

Recent Spottings

Unknown spotting Jopy 1 0 Unknown spotting
Red kite, Rotmilan Jopy 2 3 Red kite, Rotmilan
Red squirrel, Eichhörnchen Jopy 7 1 Red squirrel, Eichhörnchen
Common merganser, Gänsesäger Jopy 0 1 Common merganser, Gänsesäger
Eurasian siskin, Erlenzeisig Jopy 2 0 Eurasian siskin, Erlenzeisig
Yellowhammer, Goldammer Jopy 0 0 Yellowhammer, Goldammer
Small Heath, Kleines Wiesenvögelchen Jopy 3 0 Small Heath, Kleines Wiesenvögelchen
Unknown spotting Jopy 4 0 Unknown spotting
Marbled white mating Jopy 3 2 Marbled white mating
Pearly heath, Weißbindiges Wiesenvögelchen Jopy 1 0 Pearly heath, Weißbindiges Wiesenvögelchen
Southern Darter, Südliche Heidelibelle Jopy 1 2 Southern Darter, Südliche Heidelibelle
Common blue, Hauhechel-Bläuling Jopy 3 0 Common blue, Hauhechel-Bläuling
Winter aconite, Winterling Jopy 5 0 Winter aconite, Winterling
False Aster, Alpenmaßliebchen Jopy 3 0 False Aster, Alpenmaßliebchen
Burnt orchid, Brand Knabenkraut Jopy 2 0 Burnt orchid, Brand Knabenkraut
Fly orchid Jopy 2 0 Fly orchid
Common Blackbird tmvdh 2 0 Common Blackbird
Chequered skipper, Gelbwürfelige Dickkopffalter Jopy 6 1 Chequered skipper, Gelbwürfelige Dickkopffalter
Unnamed spotting Jopy 1 1 Unnamed spotting
Unknown spotting Jopy 1 0 Unknown spotting
Common Twayblade, Grosses Zweiblatt Jopy 3 0 Common Twayblade, Grosses Zweiblatt
Lesser butterfly-orchid, Zweiblättrige Waldhyazinthe Jopy 3 0 Lesser butterfly-orchid, Zweiblättrige Waldhyazinthe
Bird's-nest orchid, Nestwurz Jopy 2 0 Bird's-nest orchid, Nestwurz
Mute swan, juvenile Jopy 4 0 Mute swan, juvenile
White Helleborine, Waldvoegelein Jopy 1 0 White Helleborine, Waldvoegelein
Spring snowflake, Maerzenbecher Jopy 7 2 Spring snowflake, Maerzenbecher
Lady’s slipper orchid, Frauenschuh Jopy 9 9 Lady’s slipper orchid, Frauenschuh
Military orchid, Helm-Knabenkraut Jopy 7 0 Military orchid, Helm-Knabenkraut
White stork Jopy 3 0 White stork
Dipper, Wasseramseln Jopy 2 0 Dipper, Wasseramseln
Common chaffinch Jopy 0 2 Common chaffinch
Snowdrop Jopy 4 1 Snowdrop
Unknown spotting Jopy 1 1 Unknown spotting
Common hepatica Jopy 3 3 Common hepatica
Red squirrel Jopy 2 1 Red squirrel
Common chaffinch, Buchfink Jopy 3 0 Common chaffinch, Buchfink
Goosander Jopy 2 1 Goosander
Eurasian blue tit Jopy 2 0 Eurasian blue tit
Eurasian nuthatch Jopy 2 0 Eurasian nuthatch
Unknown spotting Jopy 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Jopy 3 1 Unknown spotting
Common blackbird Jopy 2 0 Common blackbird
Mild milkcap Jopy 5 0 Mild milkcap
Eurasian Coot, Blässhuhn Jopy 1 1 Eurasian Coot, Blässhuhn
Beautiful Demoiselle tmvdh 6 0 Beautiful Demoiselle
Marsh tit Jopy 3 1 Marsh tit
22-spot ladybird, Zweiundzwanzigpunkt-Marienkäfer Jopy 5 0 22-spot ladybird, Zweiundzwanzigpunkt-Marienkäfer
True fly Jopy 3 0 True fly
Greater death's head hawkmoth Jopy 5 0 Greater death's head hawkmoth
White stork, Weißstorch Jopy 1 1 White stork, Weißstorch

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