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Texas Wildlife Photographers

Texas Wildlife Photographers

We encourage you to get out of the house and enjoy what nature has to offer. Please follow a few simple rules and your photos will be welcome here. The photograph must be your own and must have been taken in Texas. The wildlife or plant must be found naturally in Texas. Please no pictures taken at zoos. Wildlife refuges are ok as long as they are free range and not animals confined in cages. Please identify where the photo was taken so others wishing to see and photograph what you saw will know where to go. Sign in to join mission

Texas Wildlife Photographers
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The mission of Texas Nature and Wildlife Photographers is to hunt down and capture nature and wildlife in Texas. Our method of capture is on film, digital media or canvas only. We respect all nature and wildlife and realize that we are partners in the world we live in. Our goal is to bring appreciation of Texas Wildlife and Nature to the world, but especially to urban Texians who rarely get out of the concrete jungle they live it, nor do they realize the beauty that abounds just beyond the concrete. Our hope is to encourage people to get off of the couch, out of the house, and to start enjoying nature.

Texas Wildlife Photographers

Lat: 31.63 Long: -98.62

Recent Spottings

Arizona sister Brian38 6 0 Arizona sister
Black stink bug ornithoptera80 4 2 Black stink bug
Red-bordered pixie Brian38 10 3 Red-bordered pixie
Roseate skimmer (male) Brian38 6 1 Roseate skimmer (male)
Tersa sphinx moth ornithoptera80 1 0 Tersa sphinx moth
Western kingbird Brian38 1 0 Western kingbird
Little metalmark Brian38 2 0 Little metalmark
Arrowhead Flatworm Tukup 3 0 Arrowhead Flatworm
Eastern Harvest Mouse Tukup 1 0 Eastern Harvest Mouse
Red-headed Woodpecker Tukup 5 2 Red-headed Woodpecker
Gray fox pup GhostBurglar 3 0 Gray fox pup
Bold jumping spider GhostBurglar 1 0 Bold jumping spider
Texas toad GhostBurglar 2 0 Texas toad
Black Swallowtail Caterpillars aswedishelf 1 0 Black Swallowtail Caterpillars
Painted bunting KatCuff 3 0 Painted bunting
Antlion Tamir 4 0 Antlion
Desert Millipede GhostBurglar 1 0 Desert Millipede
Unknown Lizard GhostBurglar 1 0 Unknown Lizard
Fringed Puccoon GhostBurglar 1 0 Fringed Puccoon
Mourning Cloak Phantom2002 2 0 Mourning Cloak
Diamondback water snake GhostBurglar 1 0 Diamondback water snake
Southern Flannel Moth Tamir 2 0 Southern Flannel Moth
Common Porecrust Phantom2002 2 0 Common Porecrust
Spotting Tamir 2 0 Spotting
Green Soldier Fly Phantom2002 1 0 Green Soldier Fly
Eastern Pondhawk Phantom2002 1 0 Eastern Pondhawk
Indian mealmoth Phantom2002 2 0 Indian mealmoth
Long-horned Beetle Phantom2002 2 0 Long-horned Beetle
American Kestrel AshleyT 26 9 American Kestrel
Monarch butterfly Phantom2002 1 0 Monarch butterfly
Texas Rat Snake SanciaMatthyssen 4 1 Texas Rat Snake
Greenhouse Millipede Phantom2002 1 0 Greenhouse Millipede
Swift River Cruiser ronfellows2020 1 0 Swift River Cruiser
White-dotted Groundling Phantom2002 1 1 White-dotted Groundling
Silver-spotted Skipper Phantom2002 1 1 Silver-spotted Skipper
White-Lined Sphinx or Hummingbird Moth SanciaMatthyssen 1 0 White-Lined Sphinx or Hummingbird Moth
Screech Owl SanciaMatthyssen 3 1 Screech Owl
Pill Bug aswedishelf 1 0 Pill Bug
Flat backed Millipede Phantom2002 4 1 Flat backed Millipede
Giant Leopard Moth Elizabeth Kucera 6 0 Giant Leopard Moth
Spotting aswedishelf 1 1 Spotting
Spotting emt595 1 0 Spotting
Unknown Crab Phantom2002 2 0 Unknown Crab
Spotting David46 1 0 Spotting
Gulf Coast Toad Kit B. 0 0 Gulf Coast Toad
Cicada Killer Wasp (Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp) dghoudek 1 0 Cicada Killer Wasp (Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp)
Leaf-footed Bug joanbstanley 2 0 Leaf-footed Bug
Virginian Tiger Moth Phantom2002 2 1 Virginian Tiger Moth
Javelina AshleyT 37 21 Javelina
Traingulate cobweb spider Phantom2002 4 0 Traingulate cobweb spider

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