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Creatures of Pennsylvania

Creatures of Pennsylvania

Anything found in the state of Pennsylvania is applicable. Sign in to join mission

Creatures of Pennsylvania
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Pennsylvania has a very varied climate full of fascinating wildlife; yet the variety is not well known to even the inhabitants of this state. The mission is pretty simple; tag anything you find in Pennsylvania, and this mission will catalog the variety of life and allow us to truly respect our state.

Creatures of Pennsylvania

Lat: 40.84 Long: -78.03

Recent Spottings

Banded Tussock Moth caterpillar JimJohnson2 1 5 Banded Tussock Moth caterpillar
Unknown spotting JimJohnson2 2 2 Unknown spotting
Red-spotted Purple JimJohnson2 4 1 Red-spotted Purple
Unknown spotting JimJohnson2 1 0 Unknown spotting
Hickory Tussock Moth JimJohnson2 3 3 Hickory Tussock Moth
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail JimJohnson2 2 2 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Virginia Ctenucha Moth JimJohnson2 1 1 Virginia Ctenucha Moth
Unknown spotting JimJohnson2 2 0 Unknown spotting
Skipper JimJohnson2 2 2 Skipper
Monarch butterfly JimJohnson2 1 3 Monarch butterfly
Unknown spotting JimJohnson2 1 0 Unknown spotting
Great Spangled Fritillary? JimJohnson2 1 0 Great Spangled Fritillary?
Red Spotted Purple JimJohnson2 1 1 Red Spotted Purple
Polyphemus Moth JimJohnson2 2 1 Polyphemus Moth
Dragonfly Larva JimJohnson2 1 0 Dragonfly Larva
Leech JimJohnson2 1 0 Leech
Minnow JimJohnson2 0 1 Minnow
Spotted Salamander JimJohnson2 4 1 Spotted Salamander
Eastern swallow tail JimJohnson2 1 3 Eastern swallow tail
Bee Like Tachinid JimJohnson2 2 2 Bee Like Tachinid
Small Tolype JimJohnson2 1 2 Small Tolype
Hickory Tussock Moth JimJohnson2 1 5 Hickory Tussock Moth
Orb Weaver Web JimJohnson2 2 0 Orb Weaver Web
Spotted Salamander JimJohnson2 2 1 Spotted Salamander
Boxelder Bug JimJohnson2 2 0 Boxelder Bug
Pale Beauty JimJohnson2 2 0 Pale Beauty
Great Black Wasp Lauren H. 1 1 Great Black Wasp
Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillar JimJohnson2 1 7 Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillar
Praying Mantis Lauren H. 1 0 Praying Mantis
Monarch butterfly caterpillar JimJohnson2 2 0 Monarch butterfly caterpillar
Orb Weaver JimJohnson2 1 2 Orb Weaver
Midland Painted Turtle JimJohnson2 2 1 Midland Painted Turtle
Ailanthus Webworm Moth Lauren H. 1 0 Ailanthus Webworm Moth
Perlodid stonefly JimJohnson2 1 1 Perlodid stonefly
Hickory Tussock Moth or Hickory Tiger Moth JimJohnson2 2 1 Hickory Tussock Moth or Hickory Tiger Moth
Western Honey Bee JimJohnson2 5 1 Western Honey Bee
Vertical Diving Beetle JimJohnson2 1 3 Vertical Diving Beetle
Mayfly JimJohnson2 1 1 Mayfly
Unknown spotting JimJohnson2 1 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting JimJohnson2 2 0 Unknown spotting
Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk JimJohnson2 2 0 Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk
Unknown spotting Lauren H. 2 0 Unknown spotting
Black Bear JimJohnson2 1 2 Black Bear
Unknown spotting JimJohnson2 1 2 Unknown spotting
American Dagger Moth Lauren H. 1 0 American Dagger Moth
Canada Goose JimJohnson2 1 0 Canada Goose
Small Milkweed Bug JimJohnson2 1 0 Small Milkweed Bug
Baby Black Bear Footprints? JimJohnson2 1 2 Baby Black Bear Footprints?
Hickory Tussock Moth JimJohnson2 1 1 Hickory Tussock Moth
Banded Tussock Moth (larva) JimJohnson2 2 3 Banded Tussock Moth (larva)

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