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New Jersey Flora and Fauna

New Jersey Flora and Fauna

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New Jersey Flora and Fauna
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Although highly urbanized, New Jersey still provides a diversity of natural regions, including a shady coastal zone, the hilly and wooded Allegheny zone, and the Pine Barrens in the south. Birch, beech, hickory, and elm all grow in the state, along with black locust, red maple, and 20 varieties of oak; common shrubs include the spicebush, staggerbush, and mountain laurel. Vast stretches beneath pine trees are covered with pyxie, a small creeping evergreen shrub. Common wild flowers include meadow rue, butterflyweed, black-eyed Susan, and the ubiquitous eastern (common) dandelion. Among rare plants are Candy's lobelia, floating heart, and pennywort. Six plant species were listed as threatened or endangered in 2003, including the American chaffseed and small whorled pogonia. Among mammals indigenous to New Jersey are the whitetailed deer, black bear, gray and red foxes, raccoon, woodchuck, opossum, striped skunk, eastern gray squirrel, eastern chipmunk, and common cottontail. The herring gull, sandpiper, and little green and night herons are common shore birds, while the red-eyed vireo, hermit thrush, English sparrow, robin, cardinal, and Baltimore oriole are frequently sighted inland. Anglers prize the northern pike, chain pickerel, and various species of bass, trout, and perch. Declining or rare animals include the whippoorwill, hooded warbler, eastern hognose snake, northern red salamander, and northern kingfish. Seventeen animal species were listed as threatened or endangered in 2003, including four species of turtle, the Indiana bat, bald eagle, shortnose sturgeon, roseate tern, and three species of whale.

New Jersey Flora and Fauna

Lat: 40.64 Long: -74.50

Recent Spottings

Northern Flatid Planthopper BugEric 2 0 Northern Flatid Planthopper
Juniper Stink Bug BugEric 2 0 Juniper Stink Bug
Diamondback Moth BugEric 1 0 Diamondback Moth
Dirt-colored seed bug BugEric 2 0 Dirt-colored seed bug
American Kestrel BugEric 1 0 American Kestrel
Alder Spittlebug BugEric 1 0 Alder Spittlebug
Leafhopper BugEric 1 0 Leafhopper
Leucospid wasp BugEric 1 0 Leucospid wasp
Azalea Sphinx empidonax 1 0 Azalea Sphinx
Walnut Sphinx empidonax 1 0 Walnut Sphinx
The Hebrew empidonax 1 0 The Hebrew
Delicate Cycnia empidonax 2 0 Delicate Cycnia
Snowberry Clearwing empidonax 1 0 Snowberry Clearwing
Sunfish empidonax 0 2 Sunfish
Simple Wave empidonax 2 0 Simple Wave
Lark Sparrow empidonax 1 0 Lark Sparrow
American Bullfrog LauraCushing 1 1 American Bullfrog
Osprey empidonax 2 0 Osprey
Osprey empidonax 2 0 Osprey
Oriental Bittersweet empidonax 1 0 Oriental Bittersweet
Groundhog empidonax 1 0 Groundhog
Spotted Lady Beetle empidonax 1 0 Spotted Lady Beetle
White-tailed deer empidonax 1 0 White-tailed deer
Downy Woodpecker empidonax 1 0 Downy Woodpecker
Northern Cardinal empidonax 1 0 Northern Cardinal
Eastern Painted Turtle empidonax 5 0 Eastern Painted Turtle
Red-eared Slider empidonax 1 0 Red-eared Slider
Eastern Garter Snake empidonax 1 0 Eastern Garter Snake
Zabulon Skipper empidonax 1 0 Zabulon Skipper
Northern Red-bellied Turtle empidonax 1 0 Northern Red-bellied Turtle
Grasshopper Sparrow empidonax 1 0 Grasshopper Sparrow
Black Diabrotica empidonax 1 1 Black Diabrotica
Eastern Cottontail empidonax 1 0 Eastern Cottontail
Crested Caracara empidonax 3 1 Crested Caracara
Ruddy Duck empidonax 3 0 Ruddy Duck
Eastern Gray Squirrel empidonax 4 2 Eastern Gray Squirrel
White-tailed Deer empidonax 1 0 White-tailed Deer
Merlin empidonax 4 1 Merlin
Groundnut empidonax 2 0 Groundnut
Red-bellied Woodpecker empidonax 3 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker
Fowler's Toad empidonax 2 0 Fowler's Toad
Northern Water Snake empidonax 3 0 Northern Water Snake
Field Sparrow empidonax 2 0 Field Sparrow
Eastern Garter Snake empidonax 2 0 Eastern Garter Snake
Great Horned Owl empidonax 2 0 Great Horned Owl
Eastern Garter Snake empidonax 2 0 Eastern Garter Snake
Eastern Garter Snake empidonax 2 1 Eastern Garter Snake
Red-winged Blackbird empidonax 2 0 Red-winged Blackbird
Leaf beetle empidonax 1 1 Leaf beetle
Black-bordered Lemon Moth empidonax 2 1 Black-bordered Lemon Moth

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