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Insects of Florida

Insects of Florida

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Insects of Florida
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This mission is designated to the 6-legged creatures of Florida and all they entail. Submit your Floridian insect today!

Insects of Florida

Lat: 27.48 Long: -84.66

Recent Spottings

Moth Fly Machi 1 0 Moth Fly
Tubeworm Moth Machi 2 0 Tubeworm Moth
Cloudless Sulphur Machi 1 0 Cloudless Sulphur
Leaf-footed Bug Machi 1 0 Leaf-footed Bug
Unknown spotting David rodriguez-roth 1 1 Unknown spotting
Picture-winged Fly Machi 1 0 Picture-winged Fly
Tiphiid wasp David rodriguez-roth 2 0 Tiphiid wasp
Millipede David rodriguez-roth 1 0 Millipede
Leaf-footed bug David rodriguez-roth 2 0 Leaf-footed bug
Common barklice David rodriguez-roth 2 2 Common barklice
Polyphemus moth David rodriguez-roth 1 0 Polyphemus moth
Eastern Lubber Grasshopper robert emond 1 0 Eastern Lubber Grasshopper
Halloween pennant robert emond 1 0 Halloween pennant
Bee Fly Machi 5 1 Bee Fly
Horsefly David rodriguez-roth 1 0 Horsefly
Checkered white caterpillar David rodriguez-roth 1 0 Checkered white caterpillar
Sleepy Orange robert emond 2 1 Sleepy Orange
Milkweed Assassin Bug Laying Eggs Machi 5 2 Milkweed Assassin Bug Laying Eggs
Wolf spider David rodriguez-roth 1 0 Wolf spider
Silverfish David rodriguez-roth 1 0 Silverfish
Flatties David rodriguez-roth 1 0 Flatties
Unknown spotting Machi 4 1 Unknown spotting
Milkweed Assassin Bug Machi 5 0 Milkweed Assassin Bug
Erebid Moth Machi 1 0 Erebid Moth
Unknown spotting Machi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Spotted-winged Grasshopper Machi 1 0 Spotted-winged Grasshopper
Wax Scale Machi 3 0 Wax Scale
Asian Citrus Psyllid Machi 1 0 Asian Citrus Psyllid
Bagworm Moth Machi 9 4 Bagworm Moth
Six-spotted Flower Strangalia Machi 8 0 Six-spotted Flower Strangalia
Acrobat Ants Machi 4 0 Acrobat Ants
Painted Lady Machi 6 0 Painted Lady
Orange-barred Sulphur Eggs Machi 4 4 Orange-barred Sulphur Eggs
Syrphid Pupa Machi 3 5 Syrphid Pupa
Slant-faced Grasshopper Machi 2 0 Slant-faced Grasshopper
Skimmer Naiad Machi 4 0 Skimmer Naiad
Soldier Fly Machi 1 0 Soldier Fly
Keeler's Spur-throat Grasshopper Machi 2 0 Keeler's Spur-throat Grasshopper
Water Scorpion Machi 3 0 Water Scorpion
Water Strider Machi 2 0 Water Strider
Bird Grasshoppers Machi 2 0 Bird Grasshoppers
Syrphid Fly Machi 1 0 Syrphid Fly
Leafhopper Machi 1 0 Leafhopper
Aquatic Leaf Beetle Machi 1 1 Aquatic Leaf Beetle
Aquatic Leaf Beetle Machi 1 0 Aquatic Leaf Beetle
Unknown spotting Machi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Blister Beetle Machi 2 0 Blister Beetle
Shield-backed Bug Machi 2 0 Shield-backed Bug
Damselfly Machi 1 1 Damselfly
Ruddy Virbia Machi 7 0 Ruddy Virbia

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