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Outdoor School in the Pacific Northwest

Outdoor School in the Pacific Northwest

Please post all sightings collected while participating in an outdoor environmental education program within 300 miles of Portland Oregon, either as a youth participant or as an educator. Sign in to join mission

Outdoor School in the Pacific Northwest
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Outdoor environmental education programs develop appreciation for the natural world through environmental literacy, and promote responsible citizenship. Hands-on learning experiences, which include collection and analysis of data and natural resource management, provide a connection to the ecosystem and place-based education for the hundreds of thousands of citizen scientists who have participated in these programs in the Pacific Northwest.

Outdoor School in the Pacific Northwest

Lat: 45.52 Long: -122.68

Recent Spottings

Yew acebennyb 1 1 Yew
Large Tolype Moth AdrenaMohtadi 1 0 Large Tolype Moth
Painted lady butterfly AdrenaMohtadi 1 0 Painted lady butterfly
Cabbage white butterfly AdrenaMohtadi 1 0 Cabbage white butterfly
Siberian miners lettuce acebennyb 2 1 Siberian miners lettuce
Violet acebennyb 3 0 Violet
Hoary marmot acebennyb 4 1 Hoary marmot
Cliff penstemon acebennyb 1 0 Cliff penstemon
Pasqueflower acebennyb 1 0 Pasqueflower
Subalpine daisy acebennyb 1 0 Subalpine daisy
Magenta paintbrush acebennyb 1 0 Magenta paintbrush
Beargrass acebennyb 1 0 Beargrass
Gray jay acebennyb 2 0 Gray jay
Oxeye Daisy Lafcadio 1 0 Oxeye Daisy
Evergreen huckleberry acebennyb 1 0 Evergreen huckleberry
Birds nest fungus AdrenaMohtadi 5 1 Birds nest fungus
Rough-Skinned Newt Lafcadio 4 0 Rough-Skinned Newt
Northern Scorpion Lafcadio 2 0 Northern Scorpion
Garden Cross Spider Lafcadio 1 1 Garden Cross Spider
Pacific Wren Lafcadio 2 1 Pacific Wren
Unknown spotting Lafcadio 1 1 Unknown spotting
Rough stink bug AdrenaMohtadi 0 1 Rough stink bug
March fly AdrenaMohtadi 1 1 March fly
Rough-skinned Newt AdrenaMohtadi 0 0 Rough-skinned Newt
Jumping spider AdrenaMohtadi 1 0 Jumping spider
Jumping spider AdrenaMohtadi 1 0 Jumping spider
Stinging nettle acebennyb 5 2 Stinging nettle
Liverwort wilkie 3 1 Liverwort
Unknown spotting acebennyb 2 0 Unknown spotting
Mountain goat acebennyb 1 0 Mountain goat
Unknown spotting mckennarinta 1 12 Unknown spotting
Oregon grape acebennyb 2 0 Oregon grape
Pacific fairyslipper acebennyb 1 2 Pacific fairyslipper
Pacific Chorus Frog Lafcadio 2 0 Pacific Chorus Frog
Unknown spotting TrishTurner 0 3 Unknown spotting
Lung Oyster Lafcadio 1 2 Lung Oyster
Lupine mckennarinta 0 0 Lupine
Wisteria mckennarinta 0 3 Wisteria
Wild rose mckennarinta 0 1 Wild rose
Red-Spotted Garter Snake Lafcadio 3 1 Red-Spotted Garter Snake
Fragrant Fringecups mckennarinta 1 1 Fragrant Fringecups
Cross Orbweaver Lafcadio 2 0 Cross Orbweaver
Unknown spotting LisaVieno 0 2 Unknown spotting
Aleutian Maidenhair Lafcadio 1 0 Aleutian Maidenhair
Rubber Boa Lafcadio 7 2 Rubber Boa
Polyphemus Moth Lafcadio 3 3 Polyphemus Moth
Unknown spotting Lafcadio 1 2 Unknown spotting
Bobcat Lafcadio 3 4 Bobcat
Mule Deer Lafcadio 4 1 Mule Deer
Northern Alligator Lizard Lafcadio 3 0 Northern Alligator Lizard

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