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Wild Arkansas

Wild Arkansas

If it creeps, crawls, flies, swims, slithers, scampers, or grows in the Natural State, include it here. Sign in to join mission

Wild Arkansas
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If it creeps, crawls, flies, swims, slithers, scampers, or grows in the Natural State, include it here.

Wild Arkansas

Lat: 35.00 Long: -92.55

Recent Spottings

Common Eastern Bumblebee Matthew Hammond 2 0 Common Eastern Bumblebee
Zelia Vertebrata Matthew Hammond 4 2 Zelia Vertebrata
Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar Matthew Hammond 1 0 Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar
Blue Mistflower Matthew Hammond 2 0 Blue Mistflower
Variegated Fritillary Matthew Hammond 2 0 Variegated Fritillary
Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle Matthew Hammond 4 0 Reddish-Brown Stag Beetle
Mantis Eggs Matthew Hammond 2 0 Mantis Eggs
Spined Micrathena Matthew Hammond 2 0 Spined Micrathena
Powdered Dancer (Male) Matthew Hammond 6 0 Powdered Dancer (Male)
Differential Grasshopper Matthew Hammond 3 0 Differential Grasshopper
Four-Toothed Mason Wasp Matthew Hammond 2 0 Four-Toothed Mason Wasp
Assassin Bug (Eggs) Matthew Hammond 1 0 Assassin Bug (Eggs)
Spotting Matthew Hammond 1 0 Spotting
Mud Daubers Matthew Hammond 2 0 Mud Daubers
Gulf Fritillary (Caterpillar) Matthew Hammond 3 1 Gulf Fritillary (Caterpillar)
Goldenrod Soldier Beetle Matthew Hammond 1 0 Goldenrod Soldier Beetle
Mealybug Destroyer Matthew Hammond 1 0 Mealybug Destroyer
Ailanthus Webworm Moth Matthew Hammond 1 0 Ailanthus Webworm Moth
Five-Lined Skink Matthew Hammond 2 0 Five-Lined Skink
Spotting Matthew Hammond 0 0 Spotting
Wheel Bug (Assassin Bug) Matthew Hammond 2 0 Wheel Bug (Assassin Bug)
Carolina wren Brian38 2 0 Carolina wren
Turkey tail fungus Brian38 3 0 Turkey tail fungus
Leaf-Footed Bug (male) Brian38 2 0 Leaf-Footed Bug (male)
Oyster mushroom Brian38 1 0 Oyster mushroom
Parasol mushroom Brian38 1 1 Parasol mushroom
Whiskered Shadow Lichen Brian38 1 0 Whiskered Shadow Lichen
False turkey-tail Brian38 1 0 False turkey-tail
Common buckeye Brian38 6 2 Common buckeye
Common Buckeye Caterpillar Brian38 3 0 Common Buckeye Caterpillar
Old man of the woods Brian38 2 2 Old man of the woods
Bald cypress Brian38 16 23 Bald cypress
Gilled bolete Brian38 2 0 Gilled bolete
Fowler's toad Brian38 2 0 Fowler's toad
False turkey-tail fungus Brian38 2 0 False turkey-tail fungus
Ruby-throated hummingbird (female) Brian38 6 0 Ruby-throated hummingbird (female)
Violet-toothed Polypore Brian38 2 0 Violet-toothed Polypore
Birch Mazegill Brian38 2 0 Birch Mazegill
Bracket Fungus Brian38 2 0 Bracket Fungus
Pickerel frog Brian38 4 2 Pickerel frog
Purple-Gilled Laccaria Brian38 6 2 Purple-Gilled Laccaria
Northern mockingbird Brian38 4 0 Northern mockingbird
Water tupelo Brian38 2 0 Water tupelo
Tobacco budworm moth Brian38 1 0 Tobacco budworm moth
Red admiral Brian38 5 0 Red admiral
Blue waterleaf Brian38 1 0 Blue waterleaf
Bald cypress Brian38 9 2 Bald cypress
Crayfish Chimney Brian38 3 0 Crayfish Chimney
Trumpet creeper Brian38 1 0 Trumpet creeper
Dion skipper Brian38 3 0 Dion skipper

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