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Louisiana Wild!

Louisiana Wild!

Upload any photos you take of animals in their Louisiana habitats. Give the location where the photo was taken and a brief story of how you came to take the picture. Sign in to join mission

Louisiana Wild!
Created by

anne n

188 participants 1,616 spottings

We are trying to collect photos of any and all Louisiana animals. Can be mammal, reptile, insect fish, bird, whatever. The more the better!

Louisiana Wild!

Lat: 31.06 Long: -91.95

Recent Spottings

Column Stinkhorn jodydf 2 3 Column Stinkhorn
Red Spotted Ant Mimic Spider Joey Howard 1 0 Red Spotted Ant Mimic Spider
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail jodydf 2 0 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Signate Lady Beetle jodydf 1 0 Signate Lady Beetle
Great Black Wasp jodydf 1 0 Great Black Wasp
Red wasp jodydf 1 1 Red wasp
Four-Toothed Mason Wasp jodydf 1 0 Four-Toothed Mason Wasp
Christmas Lichen jodydf 1 0 Christmas Lichen
Crane Fly jodydf 1 0 Crane Fly
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle jodydf 1 2 Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
Albino Luna Moth jodydf 1 2 Albino Luna Moth
Grey Rat Snake jodydf 1 2 Grey Rat Snake
Milkweed Assassin Bug jodydf 2 0 Milkweed Assassin Bug
Broad-faced Sac Spider jodydf 1 0 Broad-faced Sac Spider
Silvery Checkered Spot jodydf 1 1 Silvery Checkered Spot
Honey bee jodydf 2 0 Honey bee
Common Checkered-Skipper jodydf 1 2 Common Checkered-Skipper
Common Henbit jodydf 0 1 Common Henbit
Tersa Sphinx Moth jodydf 1 0 Tersa Sphinx Moth
Witch's Butter/Orange Jelly Fungus jodydf 2 2 Witch's Butter/Orange Jelly Fungus
Columned Stinkhorn jodydf 2 2 Columned Stinkhorn
Gulf Fritillary jodydf 1 0 Gulf Fritillary
Blue Orchard Mason Bee jodydf 1 0 Blue Orchard Mason Bee
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail jodydf 1 0 Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Mayfly KimChampagne 1 1 Mayfly
red-spotted clover 6 35 red-spotted clover
Great Purple Hairstreak Joey Howard 18 5 Great Purple Hairstreak
Unknown spotting Elizabth_dt 1 1 Unknown spotting
Brown Snake Elizabth_dt 1 1 Brown Snake
Unknown spotting EmilyKraus 0 0 Unknown spotting
Green Anole Cameron Young-CSC Snake 1 0 Green Anole
Five-lined Skink Cameron Young-CSC Snake 1 0 Five-lined Skink
Fence Lizard Cameron Young-CSC Snake 1 0 Fence Lizard
American Alligator ronfellows2020 2 0 American Alligator
Spicebush Swallowtail Elizabth_dt 2 0 Spicebush Swallowtail
Unknown spotting KimChampagne 1 1 Unknown spotting
Garden Spider Elizabth_dt 1 0 Garden Spider
Prothonotary Warbler Elizabth_dt 2 0 Prothonotary Warbler
Black Swallowtail caterpillar HannahBergeron 1 0 Black Swallowtail caterpillar
Leaf-Footed Bug Elizabth_dt 4 1 Leaf-Footed Bug
Large Milkweed Bug Elizabth_dt 2 0 Large Milkweed Bug
Unknown spotting Elizabth_dt 2 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Elizabth_dt 2 0 Unknown spotting
American Robin Elizabth_dt 2 0 American Robin
Unknown spotting HannahBergeron 1 0 Unknown spotting
Northern Mockingbird Elizabth_dt 1 1 Northern Mockingbird
Cedar Waxwing Elizabth_dt 0 0 Cedar Waxwing
Long neck turtle AyaanKhan 1 0 Long neck turtle
Sandwich Tern annorion 2 0 Sandwich Tern
Flock of Wood Stork KimChampagne 1 0 Flock of Wood Stork

Recently joined

Staci Nicole jodydf Brandon DiMarco Cameron Young-CSC Snake
crystal.demars LowellDoney AliciaWalker Elizabth_dt
AyaanKhan metulippatch HannahBergeron LyndaBallard
Lauren Brooke Wadlington jeciesemerci ChaseLandry EllieCheeta
Dixie Joey Howard mishmao14 jordan44j
sunswimer02 secondlinegrips JasonCoursey chrisgaspard6
Megan A KevinPucheu MichaelHam CaiteHumphrey
AmyOuchley KylyanBiggBossVillermin LennieHsiao jausten1775
swift1482 kittymomma333 jja2003 Cheryl l
JulieAndrea40 OkieHerper chrsmoreau toutestlie1
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