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2 1 Spotting


by StavrosApostolouΑποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Αττικής, Greece

Archaeognatha ?

0 0 jumping bristletail

jumping bristletail

by GeorgHaindrichGemeinde Breitenfurt bei Wien, Niederösterreich, Austria

Archaeognatha - Machilidae

0 0 Jumping Bristletail

Jumping Bristletail

by GC GanGeorge Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Order: Archaeognatha; Family: Machilidae

1 0 Archaeognatha species

Archaeognatha species

by HenkWallaysAuvergne, Tromelin Island

This species was kind of a surprise to me , never been in touch with any ...

1 6 Bristletail


by asergioMorretes, Paraná, Brazil

Archaeognatha is an order of wingless ...

2 1 Jumping bristletails

Jumping bristletails

by JellisPortola Valley, California, USA

Family of wingless insects. Related to the Silverfish. They can use their tails ...

0 0 Jumping bristletail

Jumping bristletail

by DespinaTsafetopoulouΔήμος Νοτίου Πηλίου, Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας, Greece

A Jumping bristletail (Machilidae), spotted in Vizitsa, Pelion mountain, Greece.

2 4 Jumping Bristle Tail

Jumping Bristle Tail

by JemmaConcord, California, USA

initially I thought ti was a silverfish. But it had a prominent tail and was ...

2 0 Jumping Bristletail

Jumping Bristletail

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

. It is also humpbacked over the thorax. This makes it a member of the Order ...

0 0 Jumping Bristletail

Jumping Bristletail

Monroe, North Carolina, USA

Jumping bristletails are mostly grey in color and are usually no longer than ...

1 2 Unkwn Earwig

Unkwn Earwig

by TukupShell, Pastaza, Ecuador

This insect was about 1.3 cm long and reddish brown in color. It has ...

1 3 Fishmoth


by SckelCariacica, ES, Brazil

de cercos laterais. Antigamente estavam juntos com os insetos da Ordem