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6 4 Male African Lion

Male African Lion

by hernandez.jasonWinston, Oregon, USA

1 1 Lion


by CortneyCincinnati, Ohio, USA

White lion,

8 3 Majestic lion

Majestic lion

by lmdangMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

3 0 León (Lion)

León (Lion)

by kozogaMara, Tanzania

male and female

7 3 Lion (male)

Lion (male)

by david.sprawlsArusha, Tanzania

1 1 Lion


by DonnaPomeroySan Francisco, California, USA

Young male

2 2 Lion


by CindyCorNarok, Kenya


0 0 Lion


by TvylorYABishSt. Paul, Minnesota, USA

3 0 Masai (East African) Lion

Masai (East African) Lion

by Mary Alliston ButtSamburu, Kenya

Female lion and her 3(?) cubs in Namunyak ...

1 0 Lion


by MaureenKeaneNorth-West District, Botswana

Pregnant female lion, young

1 1 African Lion

African Lion

South Africa


1 2 African Lion (Male)

African Lion (Male)

by YorkieSutaryo日野市 (Hino), 関東 (Kanto Region), Japan

One of the "big cats" and the tallest of all living cats. What distinguishes ...

0 0 Male and Female Lion

Male and Female Lion

by KatieCouzzourtFort Worth, Texas, USA

0 3 Lion


by FlopsyTitanSurt سرت, Libya

Male, loud roar, big mane

1 0 Male Lion

Male Lion

by KatieCouzzourtAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USA

2 0 Male Lion

Male Lion

by JimenaPazMayorgaPalmaMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

0 0 Galapagos Sea Lion (male)

Galapagos Sea Lion (male)

by pamsaiEcuador

Espanola Island, Galapagos

0 0 Lion (Male)

Lion (Male)

by James A McNairTampa, Florida, USA


2 1 Lions


by LorenScottUganda

Male and Female

0 0 African lion male

African lion male

by AlexBoyettePueblo, Colorado, USA

5 0 Lion


by CaseyBarryWashington, District of Columbia, USA

The male

0 0 Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion

by chinmay.achillies.kulkarniDadra and Nagar Haveli, India

A male Asiatic

0 0 Lion


by Christian9Ontario, Canada

Large, males have manes, yellow

1 0 Lion


by Noah CitizenRamotshere Moiloa Local Municipality, North West, South Africa

Young male.

6 0 Lion


by JenniferYoungArusha, Tanzania

An older male

1 1 White African Lion

White African Lion

by Mari du PreezRandburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Male, female and cub

6 3 Northern (Steller) Sea Lions

Northern (Steller) Sea Lions

by Tom15Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

The male sea

2 1 African lion

African lion

by Adam15Narok, Kenya

Large adult male and his two female ...

3 0 African Lion

African Lion

by redandsilverfoxHouston, Texas, USA

A male, called Jonathan at the Houston Zoo. ...

10 9 lion


by KarenSaxtonMatabeleland North, Zimbabwe


0 0 African Lion (Male)

African Lion (Male)

by Steven SheppardLA, California, USA

Native Range: East Africa

0 0 Lion (Female)

Lion (Female)

by MeredithNudoHouston, Texas, USA

Threatened big cat, sometimes referred to as the African

1 4 Lion (lioness)

Lion (lioness)

by travelingdivaMara, Tanzania

We were so lucky to find an entire pride of

3 1 African Lion

African Lion

by JenniferRogeFlorida, USA

This is of a 3 or 5 year old male

2 0 African lion

African lion

by, Maryland, USA

miles away. Zoo lions can live into their ...

1 0 Lion


by flybeasley

The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the four ...

5 0 Lion


by NayNaySydney, New South Wales, Australia

Close up of a lion. Some

3 0 Lion


by Rustic 41Rustenburg Local Municipality, North West, South Africa

The male

2 4 Lion (Male)

Lion (Male)

by MeredithNudoHouston, Texas, USA

Huge, lazy big cat also known as the African

2 1 Adult male Asiatic lion

Adult male Asiatic lion

by DeepakKumarOjhaMahesana, Gujarāt, India

1 0 Male Lion

Male Lion

by klmoore21Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

Exotic Feline Rescue Center, IN

7 12 Lion


by KarenLoughreyRichardMara, Tanzania

We spotted these 2 young lions on an ...

1 0 Lion


by Smith ZooBa-Phalaborwa Local Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa

Pride of lions consisting of two females, ...

10 7 Lion


by AdamRileyMara, Tanzania

the Lion King's Pride Rock. This ...

1 0 Lion


by LindsyGhanzi District, Botswana

It had just started raining in Piper Pan, and this pride of 8 females and young ...

0 0 California Sea Lion     male

California Sea Lion male

by joanbstanleySan Diego, California, USA

Male scratching its head. Sea

1 0 Lion


by JillyEnFuegoFlorida, USA

Lions live for 10–14 years in the wild, ...

1 0 Lion


by Smith ZooDrakenstein Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

Two white lions,