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0 0 Scorpionfly (Mecoptera)

Scorpionfly (Mecoptera)

by Joseph R. GodreauMichigan, USA

Woodland (Near Creek)

1 0 Scorpion fly

Scorpion fly

by NicoleBCsokonyavisonta, Dunántúl, Hungary


1 1 Scorpionfly


by DianneFrostGeorgia, USA

Spotted on Panther Creek Trail, GA Unknown flower.

0 2 Scorpion Fly

Scorpion Fly

by ecoherenceBouyon, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, Tromelin Island

0 1 Scorpionfly


by bealeidermanVirginia, USA


1 0 Scorpion fly

Scorpion fly

by MauronRepublika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

0 0 Scorpion Fly - male

Scorpion Fly - male

by berjammarEngland, United Kingdom

Flying insect with a scorpion looking tail. Male. Most feed on vegetation or ...

0 0 Scoriponfly


by MartinUrbanGemeinde Wien, Wien, Austria

Mecoptera / Panorpidae

4 2 Scorpion Fly

Scorpion Fly

by LisaPowersTennessee, USA

Female. Clear wings with black banding.

4 2 Scorpionfly


by RobThackerจังหวัดเชียงใหม่, Thailand

Family Panorpidae, Approx 25 mm

1 0 Scorpionfly


by mdwildlifeMaryland, USA

Orange body, turned snout, clear wings with black stripe.

0 0 Scorpionfly -Family Panorpidae-female

Scorpionfly -Family Panorpidae-female

by RickLampmanBattle Creek, Michigan, USA

Scorpionflies have been known to scavenge dead insects from Spider webs as seen ...

2 3 scorpionfly


by JordiPratsJawa Barat, Indonesia

Body is about 20mm large, white-yellowish in colour, black at back, transparent ...

6 5 Scorpion fly

Scorpion fly

by AdamBTระยอง, จังหวัดระยอง, Thailand

Predatory insect. Called scorpionflies because the males have enlarged genitals ...

0 0 Scorpionfly


by sttweetsOlst-Wijhe, Overijssel, Netherlands

Mecoptera (from the Greek: meco- = "long", ...

1 0 Scorpionfly


by Gordon DietzmanGrantsburg, Wisconsin, USA

These are smallish insects about 3/8 in. long. Males hold their abdomen ...

1 0 Common scorpionfly

Common scorpionfly

by LatimeriaOhio, USA

Tan insect with an elongated rostrum, wings held horizontally against the body ...

0 5 scorpion-fly


by AlexKonigKerkrade, Limburg, Netherlands

:Insecta Order:

1 11 Scorpionfly


by KarenLFranklin, Tennessee, USA

Mecoptera are small to medium insects with ...

0 0 Scorpion Fly

Scorpion Fly

by joanbstanleyDenton, Texas, USA

These unusual insects have four similar long, narrow, membranous yellow wings ...

12 19 scorpionflies (male)

scorpionflies (male)

by RiekoSNew York, USA

Panorpa claripennis is an insect of the order of the scorpion flies (

0 0 Scorpionfly - male

Scorpionfly - male

by LisaPowersTennessee, USA

~1.25 cm long flying insect with a long snout and a scorpion-like tail. The tip ...

5 3 Male Hanging Fly with offering

Male Hanging Fly with offering

by Leuba RidgwayVictoria, Australia

This ferocious looking mosquito-like insect, which is often mistaken for a ...

2 0 Common scorpionfly; Mosca escorpión

Common scorpionfly; Mosca escorpión

by arlandaSan Tirso de Abres, Asturias, Spain

Female. The Common Scorpion fly (Panorpa communis) is an insect that belongs to ...

5 10 Harpobittacus australis

Harpobittacus australis

by Argy BeeVictoria, Australia

A large and dramatic looking, long-bodied insect with striking colours of black ...