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1 0 Eastern American Toad

Eastern American Toad

by Dawn SVirginia, USA

Captured and released.

2 3 Northern Ringneck Snake

Northern Ringneck Snake

by Dawn SVirginia, USA

Juvenile red-bellied snake with evidence of a prior scuffle.

0 0 Spotted salamander

Spotted salamander

by KristaWeatherford

I think it is a spotted salamander. Found in a vernal pool.

5 1 red eft

red eft

by Dawn SVirginia, USA

A little red spotted newt in the juvenile terrestrial phase. He was rescued ...

0 0 Red-tail, leucistic

Red-tail, leucistic

by KristaWeatherford

This red-tail was sighted and identified by Richmond Audubon Society members in ...

1 0 Raccoon


by sjbryantbirdgirlCalifornia, USA

Rather large raccoon at another trap cam location outside our garbage cans. ...

0 0 Persimmon(柿子)


by Ketze惠州市, 广东, Paracel Islands

Its fruits are sweet, and slightly tangy with a soft to occasionally fibrous ...

0 1 Hickory Tree

Hickory Tree

by LaurieVirginia, USA

the Powhatan language of Virginia. The ...

0 0 Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry

by KenCheeksNorth Augusta, South Carolina, USA

Red Mulberry is a deciduous tree, growing to 10-15 m tall, rarely 20 m, with a ...

3 10 Hachiya' (ja: 蜂屋)

Hachiya' (ja: 蜂屋)

by Emma Fresno, California, USA

Powhatan, an Algonquian language of the ...